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Do you love Twilight? Take some Blogthings quizzes if you do.

Who’s excited for Breaking Dawn Part 2? Who’s over Twilight? Who wasn’t into it to begin with? Comment below to speak your mind on the Twilight series.

I read all of the books, but I’ve only seen the first two movies. Should I watch the rest of them?

If you like Twilight, make sure and take the two Twilight quizzes I’ve written: What Twilight Girl Are You? and Who’s Your Dream Guy: Jacob or Edward?

Are You A Vampire?

areyousecretlyavampireIs it easy for you to sleep during the day but impossible to sleep at night? Do you feel like you have sharper senses than most people? Are you extremely intuitive?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you’ve probably wondered if you were a vampire. It’s perfectly natural to wonder, and I’m here to tell you the truth.

Take my latest quiz Are You Secretly a Vampire?, and find out if you should be sleeping in graveyards and sucking down blood smoothies. Your outcome may surprise you!

Want a Vampire Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

couldyoudateavampireAre vampires sexy or scary? Maybe a little of both! These creatures of the night certainly seem to have an appeal. Do you agree? Are you attracted to vampires?

So many people tell me on my blog that they want a vampire lover, but I’m not sure that they’re ready. Not everyone can handle a vampire boyfriend or girlfriend. Do you have what it takes?

When it came down to it, would you really want to have a romantic relationship with a vampire? Being with a vampire takes a certain skill set. You have to be tough yet innocent. Not everyone gets to have a vampire boyfriend or girlfriend, even if we all want one.

What about you? Should a vampire date you? My quiz will tell you if you’re ready to take a vampire or not! Don’t get mad if me if it says you can’t… I only speak the bloodcurdling truth 🙂 Take my latest quiz, Could You Date a Vampire? to find out if you’re vampire dating.

Who knows? Your next love could be a vampire! Or maybe you’d be better off with a ring of garlic around your neck. Let me know what you think of this quiz and what you get as your result. Do you agree with your quiz outcome?

Discussion questions:

  1. Would you love to be bitten by your vampire? Or would it get annoying after a while?
  2. What would make you a good girlfriend or boyfriend for a vampire?
  3. What famous vampire would you most like to date?
  4. Why would you like a vampire boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you hoping to be turned into a vampire?

P.S. Do you want a vampire boyfriend for real? Let the world know with a Vampire Boyfriend shirt!

I Want a Vampire Boyfriend
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If You Were a Vampire, What Sort of Vampire Would You Be?

whatfamousvampireareyouThis week is a very exiciting week for those of us who love vampires. I think you know what I’m talking about! *wink*

I know that not everyone is a Twilight fan (I’m a Buffy gal myself), so I decided to focus on the theme of vampires for a few quizzes.

My first vampire themed quiz of the bunch is: What Famous Vampire Are You?

If you’re a fan of vampire books or movies, you’ll love this quiz. Find out which vampire is most like you!