What Australian City Are You?


Have you ever dreamed of visiting Australia? I think it seems like such an interesting country to visit, and I’d like to see more of it. I have only been to Sydney, but that was enough of a taste to make me want to go to every city. They seem cool and cultured but also very laid back. And I’d like to go to every Australian beach. And the outback 🙂

I think I had Australia on the brain this week because I’m really excited about a new movie coming out called Tracks. It is about a woman who travels across the outback by herself, and it looks so beautiful and compelling. But I’m not really an outdoors person, not that big of one… so I decided to focus on Australian cities instead with today’s quiz!

Want to know where you should begin your Australian journey? Take my latest quiz: What Australian City Are You? Let me know what you get as your result. Would you like to visit the city you got? Why or why not?

Today isn’t Friday, but I have five questions to answer anyway! Answer them below or link to your answers on your own blog 🙂

  1. Have you ever been to Australia? Where? If not, what’s the closest you’ve been?
  2. What would you like best about an Australian vacation?
  3. Would you prefer to be on the populated eastern coast with Sydney or the western unpopulated coast with Perth?
  4. Take the quiz: What Australian Animal Are You? What do you get?
  5. Also take What Australian Food Are You? What’s your result?

Are You an Anglophile or a Francophile?

british lady

Do you consider yourself a fan of British or French culture? I like a both British and French things, and I was trying to decide recently which country was closest to my heart. It’s a tough call! I traveled to France many years ago and loved it, and I’ve even gone through the trouble of learning un peu de français. However, there is nothing I like more than a good modern British television show like Doctor Who or Downton Abbey.

Let’s see… what else? When it comes to fashion, I’ve got to give France the edge. It may surprise you to hear I’m going to pick British food over French food. What can I say? I prefer a late night curry to cow’s head! Music? Definitely British… I think most American would agree. After all, we’re raised on Bowie and the Beatles. But when it comes to film, I’m going to have to say French. French New Wave cinema is my jam.

Instead of staying confused about where my loyalties lie, I decided to write a quiz to sort things out. I know there are many cultures that we all are fans of, but traditionally, Francophilia and Anglophilia are the most common. So no worried if you prefer Japan, Mexico, Italy, or one of many other cool countries. Those may be in a future quiz! Today is all about exploring the basics though… so just France and England.

To see which of these two cultural powerhouses you belong in, take my latest quiz: Are You an Anglophile or a Francophile? Let me know what you get and what you think of your result. Do you identify with being either an Anglophile or Francophile? How come? Would you like to live in either France or the UK one day?

Discussion question: What country’s culture (besides your own) are you an enthusiast of?


What Kind of Jetsetter Are You?

woman shopping travel

Do you have a jetsetting lifestyle? I’m the first to admit that I definitely don’t… but it’s fun to dream about. I think some international travel could be really awesome, especially if you can go like a VIP 🙂

Of course, there are many different types of jetsetters, and today’s quiz will help you determine which type you should be: What Kind of Jetsetter Are You? Let me know what you think of this quiz and what your result is. Did I get your jetsetting style right?

Discussion question: Where would you like to jetset off to today?


What City Should You Eat Your Way Through?

croissants france

Do you like to eat local food when you travel? It’s one of my favorite things about going on vacation, and I love to try some new dishes each time I visit a place. Some cities have such amazing food that they would be worth visiting just for the dining alone 🙂

Ready for a foodie adventure? My latest quiz is all about food and travel: What City Should You Eat Your Way Through? Let me know what you get on this one!

Discussion: What city would you like to visit just for the food?


What Dream Event Should You Attend?

burning man

Have you ever been to a dream event? Did it live up to the hype? I have been to a couple, but I think that they were more once in a lifetime experiences.

Today’s quiz will tell you which dream event you might enjoy the most: What Dream Event Should You Attend? Let me know what your result is and if you might like that event! And since today’s friday, I have some Friday Five questions you can answer here or over at your own blog 🙂

  1. Have you been to a dream event? Did it live up to its hype?
  2. What is your current dream event that you’d like to attend?
  3. What big event do you like to watch on television?
  4. Would you rather go to one big dream event or many little fun but ordinary events?
  5. After a big day, how do you usually feel? Happy? Exhausted? Inspired? Let down?

How Should You See the World?

caravan and bike

Would you like to travel the world? I would – if I won the lottery 🙂 I’ve done a bit of of dreaming about an around the world trip, and of course, the issue of transportation comes up.

If you had your choice, how should you travel the world? Take my quiz to find out! How Should You See the World? Let me know what your outcome is, and maybe even what your dreams for traveling the world are.

Discussion question: What is your ideal mode of vacation travel if money was not a factor?


New Quiz: What Continent Should You Visit?

What continent should you visit? Take my latest quiz to see which continent suits you best!
What continent should you visit? Take my latest quiz to see which continent suits you best!

Do you have a hankering to travel the world? I do! I definitely don’t have the money to travel to all the places I’d like to see, so for now, I just like to plan and dream. I often wonder which continent I’d spend the most time on. Europe seems like the obvious answer, but I think it may really be some place like South America. What about you? What continent would you like to visit most?

I think I would be happy visiting any continent for a while, even exploring more of North America … I’d love to spend more time in Canada and Mexico. I know I’d have fun in Asia (especially in Tokyo), and I really want to get back down to South America. And Europe, well, I’d like to see all of Europe. That could take years! I think I’ll go relax on the beach in Australia when I’m all finished!

Where do you want to go? Take my latest quiz to find out which continent you should visit: What Continent Should You Visit? Comment below to let me know what you think of your result and where you’d like to visit eventually.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What Continent Should You Visit? Is it true for you?
  2. What continent do you most want to visit? What countries, cities, and / or sights draw you there?
  3. How many continents have you been to so far? Which ones?
  4. Can you identify the continent featured in the photo at the beginning of this blog post?
  5. Take What Continent Are You? What do you think of your result?

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New Quiz: Where Should You Send a Postcard From?

postcard of moscow
Are you the type to send a postcard from Moscow?

When was the last time you sent a postcard from a trip? I admit, it’s been a while for me, but it’s a habit I’d like to get back into. In this very digital age, I’m sort of obsessed with print mementos – as silly as they might be. I love the idea of a friend or family member having a collection of postcards from my trips… and having my own collection from theirs.

When I was younger, postcard shopping and sending was a part of every vacation. And I miss that routine. Usually I would do it on the last day I was on a trip, as things were winding down. Or I’d pick an especially rainy or dreary afternoon to write out my cards. I liked the chance each postcard gave me to reflect on the trip and my relationship to the recipient.

I also enjoyed the process of postcard shopping. It took me into stores I would have otherwise not entered, and it made me consider more aspects of the place I was visiting. I even sometimes ended up changing my itinerary based on what I saw on various postcards. There was inevitably some interesting monument or park I hadn’t yet visited.

Take my latest quiz  Where Should You Send a Postcard From? to find out what postcard worthy spot you should visit. As always, I’d love to hear about your outcome and comments below 🙂

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on Where Should You Send a Postcard From? Is it true for you?
  2. When was the last time you sent a postcard?
  3. Do you still like to send postcards, or do you do something a little more modern?
  4. Is there anywhere in the world you’ve seen on a postcard and would like to visit? Where?

New Quiz: The Beach Postcard Test

six different beach postcards
What beach postcard would you send?

Do you love the beach? I do. I will admit that I’m a bit of a weirdo when it comes to my beach preferences. I like gray and cold over sunny and warm. (Though sunny and warm is quite nice as well!) I love to walk along the ocean, stare out at the waves, and just contemplate things. My favorite beach is an isolated beach – like the ones you get in New England during the winter.

I was thinking about the beach recently and missing it, since I haven’t been in a few months. Yup, the last time I went to the beach was in winter. I’m just crazy that way! Anyway, I don’t know about you, but there’s only so much time I can go without my beach time. I feel a bit landlocked without seeing the ocean. It’s not surprising that beach destinations are some of the most popular in the world.

Even though I only live a half day’s drive from the beach here in Texas, I don’t have time to get away right now. So I decided to do the next best thing – write myself a quiz. And of course share it with you all. If you’re missing the beach as much as I am, you may really enjoy The Beach Postcard Test. Pick the postcard of your ideal beach vacation, and see what it says about you. And please comment below to discuss your result.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on The Beach Postcard Test? Is it true for you?
  2. Have you been to the beach before? When was the last time you went to the beach?
  3. What’s your favorite beach activity? Are you more of an active or a relaxation type?
  4. If you could visit any beach in the world, which one would you choose?

Quiz: The Train Oracle

woman in skirt waiting for train at station
What does your train ride say about you?

Do you like to travel by train? I’m a big fan of train travel, even if I don’t do it as much as I’d like. I don’t really live in a train friendly part of the world, although that is starting to change. My city recently got rail service a few years ago, and there is talk of a stop eventually closer to my house. If that happened, I could imagine taking the train a lot more.

I may not live in a train friendly place, but my history with trains is dear to me. I love to be on a train – especially if it’s not going underground. (Though subways are cool too.) I love to relax with a book or magazine and just stare out the window. The longest I’ve traveled on a train was 12 hours in Europe, and I loved it. If I could travel by train instead of by car inside my own city, I’d be quite happy.

When I think about riding a train, it makes me think of the different types of people I encounter. The business people who have made taking the train routine in their lives. Tourists who are soaking in the novelty of being on a train. People from the suburbs coming in to the city for some fun.

And of course, how each person acts on a train reveals his or her personality traits. We introverts like to have our headphones in and books out. Extroverts are more likely to talk – or at least take in all the extra stimulation. Thinking of these differences led me to write The Train Oracle. Give it a go, and let me know what you get!

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on The Train Oracle? Is it true for you?
  2. What is your favorite way to travel?
  3. Have you ever regularly traveled by train?
  4. What’s your best train memory?