Happy Buy Nothing Day / Black Friday!


If you haven’t noticed, it’s sort of a confusing day today. It’s both Buy Nothing Day and Black Friday. The whole idea behind Buy Nothing Day is that you don’t buy anything today as a protest against commercialization and capitalism. Black Friday, on the other hand, is when most retail establishments have their biggest and best sales.

So what are you to do? First of all, take my new quiz – Should You Celebrate Buy Nothing Day? You’ll learn whether you should shop til you drop today!

What’s Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food?

whatdoesyourfavoritethanksgivingdishsayHave you ever noticed that each person at the dinner table has their own favorite Thanksgiving food. Isn’t that interesting? What makes a turkey person different from a stuffing person? What makes a cranberry sauce person different from a gravy person?

Take my newest quiz, What Does Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Say About You? to find out. And of course, Happy Thanksgiving from Bill and I, the dynamic duo behind Blogthings!

Forget the Turkey… Thanksgiving is All About Sides!

whatthanksgivingsidedishareyouquizAs a non-turkey eater, I may be a bit biased, but I love Thanksgiving sides. Bring on the mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, rolls, and sweet potatoes. I’ll have seconds of all of them.

If you love sides as much as I do, then you’ve got to take my latest quiz: What Thanksgiving Side Dish Are You?

It may seem very small in the scheme of things to be more like mashed potatoes or cornbread, but Blogthings is all about your little quirks!

Are You Craving Turkey or Christmas Cookies?

areyouchristmasorthanksgivingAnother year of holidays, another chance for debate… What’s better, Christmas or Thanksgiving?

Some people prefer Thanksgiving because it’s a short holiday centered around eating. Not much stress is involved, and at least you’re full at the end.

Some people prefer Christmas because of Santa, presents, and sweets. Christmas seems to get longer every year, and true fans love it that way.

So what about you? Take my quiz Are You Christmas or Thanksgiving?, to find out! And happy holidays either way.