What’s Your Strongest Sense?

woman smelling rose

Have you felt in tune with your senses lately? I sure have. The holiday season awakens all five senses for me, usually starting with smell – as I get my Christmas tree every weekend after Thanksgiving. I realize that it may seem a bit seasonally inappropriate to include a woman smelling a rose for a sense quiz this time of year, but December is the month for roses here in Austin. I love to go through my neighborhood checking out holiday decorations and smelling roses!

When it comes to my senses, it’s hard to pick just one that I use the most. I feel like I’m pretty sensitive to all five senses… too sensitive some would say. It’s very painful for me to go out on a bright day without sunglasses or to have to listen to a quiet but annoying noise. Luckily, I do think this sensitivity can be a gift – as long as I can take a deep breath, relax, and observe. It’s hard to be bored in life if you can really tap into your senses. Just a smell, sound, or feel of the air can transport you to another place. It’s pretty cool!

What about you? Do you have a particular sense that overwhelms you? Or are all of them quite strong? Find out with my latest quiz: What’s Your Strongest Sense? Let me know what you get for your result, and if you think it fits.

Discussion questions: What sense do you tap into most during the holidays? Take What’s Your Autumn Sense? and / or What’s Your Winter Sense? (depending on what season you feel like it is). What’s your result?

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