New Quiz: The Vintage Card Test

four different vintage cards each with flowers
What vintage card best represents your personality? Take my image quiz to find out.

Do you like vintage things? I definitely do, although I’m more of a vintage window shopper than a vintage collector at this point. I’d like to change that one day, but for now, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to have nice things! I do buy some vintage inspired stuff, and I especially love vintage inspired clothes. If I had my druthers, I’d like to collect vintage art and furniture – but it’s not practical for me right now. I’m not sure it goes well with having a rowdy dog and hectic life 🙂

My love of vintage things is not the only thing I love about the past. I love old literature, movies, manners, recipes, and customs. Were there some sociological things about the past that I wouldn’t want now? Of course! But I feel like history can be a fun escape, and it’s one that I enjoy. From watching Mad Men to Downton Abbey, I like imaging what life was like for the people who came before me.

One of the things from the past that I like to incorporate in my life is cards and stationary. I try to send a hand written note or letter whenever I can. So when I came across a few gorgeous vintage card illustrations, I knew I wanted to do a quiz with them. The Vintage Card Test not only tells you about your personality – it also tells you how you’re polite and old fashioned. Let me know what you get on this one… and if anyone’s curious, I based it on the classic four temperaments but made them a bit more genteel 😉

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on The Vintage Card Test? Is it true for you?
  2. Do you like vintage things? What kinds?
  3. What era of vintage do you like the best?
  4. When was the last time you sent someone a card?
  5. Take The Card Test What do you think of your result?



New Quiz: What’s Your 90s High School Stereotype? Take This Totally 90s Personality Quiz to Find Out!

cast of clueless
If you were a high schooler in the 90s, what clique would you belong to?

Did your high school have cliques? Mine definitely did. There were preppy kids, jocks, arty kids, punks, goths, hippies, skaters… well, you get the picture. I’m not sure what it is about high school that makes people all divide up into subcultures, but it seems to be one of the first times that self-identification is important. And I know for me, years later, I still have tons in common with the people who traveled in the same (alternative / geeky) circles that I traveled in.

I sort of feel like high school cliques are a universal thing, at least for public high schools in the US. (If you went to school outside of the US or private / parochial school, let me know if your experience was the same or different.) I’m not basing this on any sort of study I’ve read but just on movies and TV in a high school setting. From Grease to My So-Called Life to Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Pretty Little Liars, every school has its subcultures.

Of course, Blogthings has done the high school clique quiz before (Who Were You In High School?), but rewatching one of my favorite movies, Clueless, made me want to do a spin on it… 90s style! Even if you didn’t go to high school in the 90s, you probably remember the 90s quite well. I thought it would be fun to see who we all would have been back then: What’s Your 90s High School Stereotype?

  1. What do you get on  What’s Your 90s High School Stereotype?
  2. What decade did you go to high school in? What were some of the cliques at your school?
  3. If you could have gone to high school during any other decade, which one would you have chosen?
  4. What do you miss the most about high school? The least?
  5. Are there any tv shows or movies set at high school that you love? Which ones?

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Are You a Lava Lamp or a Disco Ball?

Do you love to party or love to relax? I think there are two types of people: disco balls and lava lamps. Which one are you?

Take my latest quiz: Are You a Lava Lamp or a Disco Ball?


Are You More Audrey or Marilyn?

marilyn monroe and audrey hepburn

Are you a fan of either Marylin Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? I’m such a huge fan of both of them. Even though they were somewhat two sides of a coin with very different appeal, they were both such amazing talents. I loved Marylin Monroe especially in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and How to Marry a Millionaire. My favorite Audrey Hepburn movie is actually Roman Holiday but of course I love Breakfast at Tiffany’s as well.

Of course, when we think about Marylin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn one of their greatest influences was their style choices. I love both of their styles so much! Marylin Monroe’s style is that sexy yet tasteful 1940s / 1950s feminine look we all still love so much. I don’t know how much it can be carried out today, but I do love it. Audrey’s style was a lot more timeless and a lot more subtle. We still wear her little black dresses and cigarette pants today.

Marilyn Monroe. Audrey Hepburn. Two classic Hollywood icons that were so different. So which one are you like? Are you the sexy, unattainable woman? Or are you the girl next door? Of course, you can have elements from both of these lovely ladies, but with this quiz, you’ll get a definite result.  And yes, I go beyond whether you’re a blonde or brunette.

Find out once and for all if you are a Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn type.Take my latest quiz: Are You More Marilyn or Audrey? It’s the only way to know for sure!

Comment below and let me know what you think of this quiz. Did you get Marilyn or Audrey? Was it accurate? Do you have a favorite Marilyn Monroe movie or photo? What is your favorite movie or photo for Audrey Hepburn? Definitely let me know if you’re a fan of either of these ladies.


What Madonna Song Are You?

Who doesn’t love Madonna? She’s gone through so many phases in her life, there’s got to be something you love about her?

Which Madonna song best fits your personality? Take my latest quiz to know: What Madonna Song Are You?