Quiz: What Kind of Christmas Card Are You?


Are you the type of person who sends out Chirstmas cards every year? I like to keep this tradition alive every year, even though it’s a lot of work. I think it’s so nice both to receive and send hand written cards. I love to take a moment to write out a message and address a card to someone I care about each holiday year. And I love receiving cards from my friends and family.

I get that Christmas cards are super old school, and maybe it’s more environmentally friendly to do something digital instead. However, I keep the paper cards I receive forever. So I really do think that paper Christmas cards are worth the extra effort and cost. At least, I always appreciate when people I know take the time to send them.

If you haven’t done so already, you’re probably getting ready to mail out your holiday cards. This is definitely the week to do it (although I do love the people in my life who send New Years and even Valentines cards instead). And if you’re anything like me, you agonize over what cards to send. Funny? Sentimental? Spiritual? The cards you send say a lot about you.

Unsure what your holiday card personality is? Take my latest quiz: What Kind of Christmas Card Are You? You’ll find out what kind of holiday card you should be sending this year. And for you creative types, you can simply make the type of card instead of buy it. (And if it’s too late to send out cards to match your personality, there’s always next year!)

Give What Kind of Christmas Card Are You? a try, and let me know what you think of it. Does your outcome match your personality? Comment below and let me know. Are you sending out cards this year? If so, what are they like?

Quiz: The Christmas Tree Test


Merry (one week before) Christmas Eve! Are you feeling the Christmas spirt yet? I am a little more every day, and writing lots of Christmas quizzes with hot beverages is definitely helping. I love how the Christmas season builds as the holiday nears, and if all goes well, we get in the holiday spirt more each day.

One thing that has been getting me in the Christmas spirit this week is all the light up Christmas trees I’ve been seeing through windows in my neighborhood. There’s nothing that makes me feel more Christmas-y than  lit up, fully decorated Christmas trees. Whether it’s my own tree, a neighbor’s tree, or even outdoor trees! I love Christmas trees, and I especially am fond of how unique each one is.

I love getting a Christmas tree from the same lot here in the city every year. I don’t get a super big tree, because I have a tiny car. In fact, I often end up with the smallest tree on the lot. Then when I get the Christmas tree home, I love to put on some Christmas music and decorate it with all of the ornaments I’ve collected over the years. And then I top the tradition off with a brand new ornament.

My love for Christmas trees drove me to write my latest quiz: The Christmas Tree Test – simply pick your favorite Christmas tree, and learn what it says about you! It doesn’t get any easier than this when it comes to Christmas personality quizzes. I get it; you’re busy during the holidays but still need a quiz break.

Give The Christmas Tree Test a go, and let me know what you think of it. Do you think the Christmas tree result you got reflects you? Comment below and tell me! Are you going to have a Christmas tree this year? If so, what will it look like?

Quiz: The Hand Drawn Heart Test


What kind of heart do you have? I love this question because depending on the day, month, or year, you may have a different answer. Our hearts grow, change, break, and heal throughout our lives. So while I do think we need to accept whatever state our hearts are in today, we don’t have to live with those hearts forever. Our hearts will evolve over time; it’s practically guaranteed.

Is your heart intense? Idealistic? Content? I’m curious about the emotional state of your heart today and today only. At some point we all have intense, idealistic, or content hearts. In my mind, it is all a cycle. Hearts start out strong, they get broken, they heal, and then eventually – if all goes well – hearts are stronger than ever. So it all really depends on where you are in the process.

It is sometimes difficult for us to see the own state of our hearts, but I think it’s so important for managing our relationships effectively. For example, if you have an intense heart right now, maybe it’s time to simmer down those passionate feelings! But if your heart is idealistic, then it may be time to give someone a second chance.

It’s actually really easy for you to find out the state of your heart. No open heart surgery required 😉 Just take my latest quiz, The Hand Drawn Heart Test Pick the hand drawn heart you like best, and you’ll learn all about that heart of yours! I’d like to think it’s a very simple quiz with a very deep result.

Give The Hand Drawn Heart Test a go, and let me know what you think. Does your result reflect the state of your heart? Comment below and let me know. what you think of this heart quiz. Can you picture your heart in your head? What does it look like?

Quiz: The Mustache Test

themustachetestAre mustaches creepy or cool? I feel like that’s a perennial fashion question! I will say that I am generally pro-mustache. Especially for men who find it easy to grow a mustache… no thin mustaches please! So, I guess it depends on the mustache and the mustache wearer. Some people can pull a mustache off really well, but for others – well, it just ends up looking off putting.

I think the most interesting thing about mustaches is how they tend to go in and out of style pretty quickly. So quickly in fact that in the time it takes to grow a mustache, it may already have gone out of style! I joke, but I have noticed that mustaches are pretty polarizing. I do think that Movember has made mustaches a lot cooler, but I also wonder if mustaches have reached a saturation point for now.

Luckily, you don’t have to have an opinion on mustaches to take my newest quiz… or even the ability to grow a ‘stache. This mustache quiz is just for fun – and developed for mustache lovers, mustache haters, and the mustache ambivalent. It’s a celebration of everything we love about mustaches. Or everything we hate. It all depends on your perspective. And it’s very quick to take!

Ready to get a little ‘stachey? Just head over to The Mustache Test, and pick the funky mustache you like the best. And presto! You’ll find out what your selection says about you. Who knows? This quiz may inspire you to grow your own mustache – or sport a fake one!

Comment below and let me know what you get on The Mustache Test! How do you feel about your result and mustaches in general? Would you like even more mustache quizzes – or have you had enough of this trend?

What Do You Find Glamorous?


Do you love glamour? I am a big fan of glamour, although I am by no means a glamorous person. I’d like to be, but it’s not well suited to my lifestyle. Maybe in another life? I do know that glamour is one of those things that’s hard to define. You know glamour it when you see it, but it’s hard to describe it fully.

What do you think? What does glamour mean to you? Do you see glamour as something unattainable like a celebrity lifestyle? Or do you focus on everyday glamour?

I think that both ways of looking at glamour are equally valid. When I was younger, I definitely thought of glamour as unattainable and larger than life. It was something celebrities and only the ultra rich had. As I’ve grown up, though, I’ve tried to incorporate more everyday glamour into my life. It’s not easy (especially on a normal person’s budget), but I think it’s a worthwhile goal.

The elusive nature of glamour is exactly why I decided to make my latest quiz, The Glamour Test, an image quiz. Instead of having you describe glamour, I thought it would be better to have you select your own vision of glamor.

Quick, easy, and hopefully accurate. So go on and find out what glamour means to you! Comment below and let me know what you get on this quiz. Does it accurately reflect your take on glamour?

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