Quiz: The Sugar Test

box of six different types of sugar including brown and white sugar
What makes you sweet?

Who doesn’t love a little sugar now and then? Yes, it’s not the healthiest choice, but I can’t help but get excited even when I see it all on its own. I try to limit my sugar intake, but I also love to have something sweet. One thing I do to get my fix is avoid putting much sugar in things like baked goods, but then I sprinkle a bit on top so that my taste buds won’t miss it. Makes a world of difference.

Even though this quiz is about sugar, it’s also about something much more important… sweetness. I love sweet people, and I’m a big fan of being as sweet as I can to others. It’s not the easiest to maintain kindness and compassion when things are tough, but I try. I believe if I can be as sweet as possible, I can make others see what is sweet about life.

I also appreciate sweet people more and more as I get older. When I was younger, I valued hanging around people who were smart, different, and edgy … even if they weren’t the nicest people around. These days, kindness is much more important to me. Intelligence and being weird is still cool, but I am not so fond of that bitter edge anymore. I guess I’m just mellowing out.

Are you like me and also like sugar? Or are you simply a sweet person? If so, you’ll love my latest quiz: The Sugar Test It’s the type of image quiz you know and love – just one click to get your personality result. I shook things up for this one a bit, and your result will tell you what you find sweet. I can’t imagine anything more relevant to pictures of sugar.

What do you think of this one? Let me know what your result on The Sugar Test was and how well it fits you. What do you do to bring a little sweetness into this world?

The Over the Rainbow Test

What would you find at the end of the rainbow?

Do you love rainbows? Do you see many of them in your neck of the woods? Growing up in the mountains, I saw so many rainbows in the summer. Huge, vivid ones… and even full ones from time to time. I also saw the infamous “double rainbow” quite often. I love my memories of seeing rainbows as a kid. They were so magical to me, and I still remember how amazing the air smelled when a fresh rainstorm mixed with sunshine.

I love any sort of image that incorporates rainbows. When I was a little girl, I begged my mom for years to let me have rainbow themed wallpaper. She resisted for a long time, but eventually she caved and let me have it. I still miss that rainbow wallpaper 🙂 Since rainbows contain so many colors, there’s many ways to do a variation on one of my favorite things. When I stumbled upon nine pictures using the rainbow in very different ways, a new quiz idea was born.

Do you like rainbows as much as I do? Take my latest quiz: The Over the Rainbow Test I think you’ll love the quick fix of an image quiz and the insight of the results. I had a lot of fun writing this up, looking at all the different rainbow pictures and imagining how others would react to them. I figured that all the images were different enough that liking one over the other would say something about someone.

Comment and let me know what you got on  The Over the Rainbow Test. Why did you choose the rainbow image that you chose? What do you think of your result? Does it describe you perfectly, somewhat well, or not at all?

The Craving Test

What does your craving say about you?

I think that the food you’re craving at any moment says a lot about your emotional state. Or maybe even your emotional craving. I know that my food cravings tend to vary with my mood. When I’m emotionally exhausted, I crave fatty food – especially chocolate. When I’m more energetic and amped up, I crave salty food. When I’m physically spent, I crave sweet foods. And when I’m bored, I crave spicy foods.

Some psychological studies back up my intuition about cravings. Chocolate is seen as the ultimate reward food. People who have been working too hard or who have experienced an emotional setback tend to want chocolate. We tend to crave salt when we are dehydrated, and it makes sense that I would crave it when I’m energetic, as I might be more active than usual. Craving spicy food is said to be linked craving excitement. There’s definitely a reason we call it “spicing things up.”

According to research, chocolate is the top reported food craving. I know that’s very true for me… (In fact, it may or may not be true right now!) I also learned that food cravings can be conquered without always partaking. Imagining the smell of eucalyptus or a rainbow is said to cut down on cravings. I don’t know if I believe it, and to be honest, I think I rather just eat the chocolate!

Are you fascinated by the link between food cravings and psychology? Take my latest quiz to discover what your current food craving says about what you’re *really* craving: The Craving Test I hope it doesn’t make you too hungry to take this test, and that you get more insights than stomach rumbles from it 🙂

Comment below and let me know what you get on The Craving Test. Does it fit your current state? Do you agree with my theories about food cravings? And what food are you craving right now?

The Diagonal Test

What do your favorite diagonal lines say about you?

I get a kick out of diagonal lines. I prefer diagonals to regular horizontal or vertical stripes. Diagonal lines definitely funky and even a little mind bending. (I love it when they veer into the territory of optical illusions.) I don’t think they’re personally flattering, but I like them in design and decor. And since diagonal lines can be so overwhelming, I like them in small doses. Diagonal accessories and accents, yes. All over prints? Not so much.

I think one of the coolest things about diagonal patterns is how they’re so simple yet complex. The infinite combinations of line widths and colors mean that diagonal patterns can be conservative or wild, subdued or bold. The possibilities are endless! And of course, the diagonal patterns that you prefer has to say something about you, right? I thought it would be fun to base an entire image quiz on diagonal images, and luckily, I found a talented artist that had made nine amazing images to use.

So of course, it was time for an image test: The Diagonal Test – I loved all of the bold and bright images in this collection. I had a lot of fun writing the results using a little color theory and a lot of intuition. These images just spoke to me, so I found it easy to imagine which each one could represent personality-wise.

The Diagonal Test has nine possible results. Which one do you get? Does it describe you? Comment and let me know. If you feel up to it, try looking at your second favorite image and maybe even your least favorite. They might give you insight into your secondary personality characteristics  and your polar opposites. Let me know 🙂 How do you feel about diagonal patterns?

The Bridge Test

I love bridges. They remind me of road trips, possibilities, and new beginnings! Do you agree? Take my latest quiz to find out what you serve as a bridge to: The Bridge Test

Comment below and let me know what your result was. How accurate is it? Hope you like this one 🙂

The Abstract Rose Test

Why are roses so universally popular? I think their appeal is more complex than we realize. I also believe that your taste in roses reveals a lot about your personality. Take my latest quiz to see if you agree: The Abstract Rose Test

What did you get on this quiz? Does it match your personality? Let me know!

The Crayon Test

Do you love coloring with crayons, even as an adult? They’re so fun and inspiring! My newest quiz is dedicated to my love of crayons: The Crayon Test

Simply pick the crayon you would start coloring with, and learn a little something about your personality. I know some of you love quizzes like this, and guess what? I *love* writing them.

Comment below and let me know what you thought of this one 🙂  I’d love to see what you got as a result.

The View Test

Very little inspires the way a beautiful view can. So it makes sense to me that your favorite view would say a lot about you. Do you agree? Take my latest quiz: The View Test

Let me know what you thought of this one. Was it accurate for you?

What Does Your Toast Say About You?

Toast is one of my top comfort breakfasts, especially when the weather is cool. I like it almost all ways, but with a little jam is my favorite. Add a warm cup of black tea, and I’m in heaven 🙂 In fact, I think that the smell of toast toasting is my favorite morning smell. What about you?

I wrote this quiz before artisanal toast became I thing. And before avocado toast became a thing. I guess I was just ahead of my time… as well as anyone who took the quiz 🙂 Luckily, toast trends may come and go, but toast never really goes out of style.

Take my quiz: What Does Your Toast Say About You? Let me know what you got on this one, and if you think your result fits. Are you sick of trendy toast? Or is there no such thing as too much toast?