New Quiz: Do you See the World as Just or Unjust?

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Do you think the world is a fair place?

The more I learn about personal psychology, the more I learn we all don’t see the world the same way. I think this can account for a lot of differences and misunderstandings, especially in politics. One concept I was recently introduced to is the idea of a just world. Some people buy into it, and some people don’t. What about you? Do you think the world is a fair place?

Do you believe in a just world? Take my latest quiz to find out: Do You See the World as Just or Unjust? Let me know what you get and what you think of your result. When has the world been fair or unfair to you?


Happy Election Day! Get Your Political Name :)

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Find out your Republican and / or Democrat name for election day!

Happy election day! Whew! We all made it 🙂 Or at least we will have after tonight.

I wanted to do something special for the election, but like many of you, I am so sick of politics. So what I did this year was write a couple political name generators. If you’re more of a Republican type, check out:What’s Your Republican Name? Consider yourself a Democrat? Then I’ve got: What’s Your Democrat Name?

Or of course, what I recommend is taking both of these quizzes, just for fun.

In case you were wondering where I got the Republican and Democrat names from, I took them from this nifty infographic summing up some research 🙂

Comment and let me know what you got. And let me know if you already voted this year! I voted early hoping to avoid the lines, but I got stuck in a line anyway.


Have You Already Voted? Then Take These 5 Quizzes

Have you already voted? I voted early this year, but now I’m not sure what to do with all of that election energy 😉 Are you in the same boat? Quizzes to the rescue!

How Liberal Or Conservative Are You? – Where do you fall on the liberal / conservative spectrum? This test will rate you in five dimensions. Fun fact about this quiz… it’s been featured in many civics and political science classes!

What’s Your Political Persuasion? – How would people describe your politics? Take this fun quiz to go beyond the normal Republican vs Democrat and Conservative vs Liberal labels!

Should You Vote Republican or Democrat? –  At this point, you probably already know who you voted (or will vote) for, but it’s always fun to confirm it. Who knows? This quiz may surprise you!

Are You Conservative, Liberal, or Moderate? – Where do you fall on the traditional political spectrum? Take this quiz to find out.

Are You Progressive, Conservative, or Libertarian? – Are you annoyed by quizzes that don’t consider the libertarian perspective? Then I wrote this quiz for you (although the What’s Your Political Persuasion? quiz has a libertarian option as well)


What Kind of Voter Are You?

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Did you vote recently? If you are like me and some Americans, you voted in today’s election – either today or early like I did. I enjoy voting and educating myself on the various issues, but I know voting isn’t everyone’s favorite activity.

I wrote a quiz today to determine what kind of voter you are, and unlike most voting quizzes, this one is not exactly ideology based. Take my latest quiz to find out what type of voter you are… even if you don’t vote regularly: What Kind of Voter Are You? Let me know what you get and how true you think your result is.

Discussion question: When was the last time you voted? (You don’t have to say who you voted for!)


What Are Your Attitudes Toward Women?

Gender, feminism, women’s issues… they’re all pretty loaded topics, right? Well, I decided to stir up a little controversy with my latest quiz: What Are Your Attitudes Toward Women?

I’ll let the quiz speak for itself for now, but come back after you take it and let me know what you think of your result. I’m really curious to hear your feedback on this one.


Do You Eat Like a Liberal or a Conservative?

You may be surprised to hear that there’s a strong link between political affiliation and the type of food people eat. It’s really true that some people eat like liberals and some people eat like conservatives. I based my latest test, Do You Eat Like a Liberal or a Conservative?, on psychological research. So don’t come crying to me if you don’t like your result 😉

Speaking of results, let me know what you got on this one in the comments below. And let me know what you think of this quiz topic.