Three Quizzes for International Cat Day

ragdoll cat
Celebrate International Cat Day with these quizzes!

Happy International Cat Day! I will admit that I have traditionally been more of a dog person than a cat person, although I enjoy visiting with neighborhood cats these days. I appreciate how independent and wacky cats can be. Do you agree? If so, here are a few quizzes to celebrate International Cat Day with.

What Big Cat Are You? – I have always been fascinated by big cats like panthers and tigers. This quiz will tell you which big cat you are most like.

What Breed of Cat Are You? – What breed of cat do you most connect with? Take this quiz to learn what cat breed is for you.

Are You More Cat or Dog? – Are you more like a cat or dog? I believe that everyone leans one way or the other. Take this fun personality quiz to find out!


Do You React Like a Cat or a Dog?

I love cats and dogs, but I am definitely a dog person. What about you? Do you think your pet preferences mirror your personality? I think dog people are more like dogs and cat people are more like cats. This belief inspired my latest quiz: Do You React Like a Cat or a Dog?

Let me know what you think of your result. Does it match up to being a cat person or dog person?