Quiz: What Perfume is Right for Your Body Chemistry?

Does a fruity perfume, fresh perfume, or spicy perfume smell best on you? Take my latest quiz to find out!

Have you ever noticed that no one perfume smells the same on everyone? It can be a pretty extreme difference! Some scents that I love on other people, I just can’t stand on myself. And like many of you, I have trouble finding the perfect scent for myself sometimes.

I recently learned that there is a bit of an art to selecting a perfume, and a lot of this comes down to our individual body chemistries. It makes sense if you think about it! Those of us who have drier and colder skin react completely differently to fragrances than those of us with oilier and warmer skin. Once I started reading up on body chemistry and perfume, it was a real epiphany for me! No wonder some perfumes haven’t worked out for me in the past.

Many of you have been searching for a quiz to tell you the right perfume for your body chemistry, and I have finally developed one that I am confident in. A lot of research when in to my latest quiz, because I really want to help you all be able to pick out a fragrance right now. Not many of us can get to the store to try new fragrances, and I hope this helps you experiment from home a bit!

Take my latest quiz: What Perfume is Right for Your Body Chemistry? and see what perfume types will smell best on you. This quiz considers your body chemistry in general as well as your current lifestyle. You will get a fragrance family as your result as well as specific perfumes. Some of these perfumes are quite pricey, but you can just use them as a jumping off point!

Let me know what you get on What Perfume is Right for Your Body Chemistry? Do you feel like your result is accurate? What kind of perfume smells best on you? Comment below and let me know.