The Swimming Pool Test

feet over the side of a swimming pool
What does your time at the swimming pool say about you? Take this quiz to find out!

Do you love to swim? It’s one of my absolute favorite things, especially if I’m so lucky to get a pool to myself. Alone in a pool, I just feel so at peace and totally lose track of time. It’s such a nice thing 🙂

Go for a virtual swim and find out what it says about you. The Swimming Pool Test

The Desert Test

beautiful desert
What does the desert reveal about you?

Do you love the desert? I haven’t been to much desert in my life, but it seems like such a beautiful place to me. I love the feeling of crisp desert air at night, and the landscapes are unparalleled. I imagine that you could live a very peaceful (and solitary) life out there.

What does a journey through the desert tell you about your personality? This scenario quiz has you imagine a trip through the desert, and the choices you may reflect your personality. Give it a go, and let me know what you think: The Desert Test