What’s Your Grandma or Grandpa Name?

Do you like old timey and grandparent names? I am a big fan of them, and it’s so sweet how old fashioned names come back in style over time. I once read that the best way to find an up and coming name is to look at what your grandparents were named, and I think it’s totally true. I love cute old names that have stood the test of time. So if you’re looking for a new name for a baby, pet, or character in a story, I think grandparent names are a good place to look.

If you just look at the most popular names this year, so many of them qualify as grandma and grandpa names. I’m seeing for Posie, Cora, Amelia, and Charlotte for grandmas and for Atticus, Theodore, Jack, and Henry for grandpas. See! Grandparent inspired names are so fun and cool. I also like how these grandparent name trends change as generations of grandparents change.

The trouble with grandparent names, however, is not every grandparent name stands the test of time. You don’t necessarily want the exact name your grandparent had for you or your kids! And that’s where my latest name generator comes in. It gives you many options for a grandma or grandma name. If you don’t like what you get, you can just take the quiz again.

If you were a grandma or grandpa these days, what would your name be? Take this fun quiz to find out! What’s Your Grandma or Grandpa Name? Let me know what you get on this quiz for your Grandma or Grandpa name. Do you like it? What other old timey names do you like? Do you think Blogthings should have a name generator from a particular decade in the past? Let me know, and I’ll hook you up!

Quiz: What Kind of First Name Do You Have?


What does your name say about you? Have you figured it out yet? It may not be fair or right, but people judge you when they learn your name. You name tells strangers a lot about you, and these impressions are sometimes hard to shake.

I hate to admit it, but I have judged people on their names before. This has happened, in particular, when someone had a name that was associated with someone I didn’t like in my past. It’s not fair, but it happens. Luckily, I think we can all get past these name judgments over time, but they really shouldn’t happen in the first place ūüôā

And on the other hand, I do think people have judged me based on my unusual name. I’m not a “Carrie,” and I don’t think some people know what to do with how I pronounce my name. I do correct them (nicely), and I can’t help but wonder if it starts us off on the wrong foot.

Have you ever wondered what your name is telling people? Well, don’t count on your friends to tell you the truth. After all, they are used to your name by now! If you want to know how your name seems to strangers – prospective friends, dates, and employers – then read on. I’ll give you the scoop.

If you want to know what people really think of your name, then take my quiz: What Kind of First Name Do You Have? You may be surprised to find out some secrets about your name, but at least you’ll know the truth!

Give What Kind of First Name Do You Have? a go, and let me know what you think of your result. Does it match your first name? How do you think people judge your name? Comment below and let me know.

What Does Your Name Mean? Take This Quick Quiz Right Now to Find Out!

a pen signing a name
What is uniquely you about your name?

It’s hard to understate how important your name is. After all, your parents carefully chose your name – possibly even months or years before you were born. Your name is often the first impression others have of you, and often it’s an impression that’s hard to shake. Your name is who you are – one of the few things that truly makes you uniquely you. In this day and age, many people opt not to change their names when they get married… holding on to the same name for their entire lives.

There are so many studies that link name with personality, it’s hard to know which way the correlation goes. No matter what, people think of you a certain way when they only know your name. A name is your calling card, literally. I am sure that you have had the same experience as I have in meeting people before knowing their names, only to form a new impression once you know what they go by. What is your name telling the world?

I have been interested in the psychology and perception of names for sometime now. There is just so much to absorb with each name: its uniqueness or commonness, the first letter, the last letter, its origin, famous people with the same name… For a quiz that tells everyone something about their names, I didn’t know where to start. The number of names in this world is technically finate, but there’s so many of them that the possibilities seem infinite. Then it hit me. Just think about the letters. Each letter means something.

So I wrote¬†What Does Your Name Mean?¬†with the letters of your name in mind. What do they each stand for? This quiz will give you an adjective for each letter in your name. It’s a very simple idea, but it’s also a very profound one. Many people have taken this quiz and found a lot of truth in it. The letters in your name often contradict one another, just like our personalities have their own conflicting layers. This is the most popular quiz I have ever written for Blogthings.

Take What Does Your Name Mean?¬†to find out what your name truly stands for, and comment below to let me know what you get. I’m genuinely curious to see how your first name makes you uniquely you. If you have a nickname or two, don’t forget to plug it in as well. And if you are naming a pet, character, or baby, make sure to throw all of your name ideas through this quiz to see which one resonates with your intentions the most.

If you’re anything like those who have taken¬†What Does Your Name Mean?¬†before you, I think you’ll be delighted by your result. At first, the words representing your name may seem discordant, but I promise you they will make sense if you think about them for a while. What do you think? What word in your outcome best represents you? And what word in your outcome may be a bit of a surprise?

Comment below with what your name means. Which of the adjectives in your name best represents you? Which one least represents you?