Happy Go Caroling Day

holiday scene with drink
What Christmas carol should you be singing today?

I can really feel the holidays in the air lately – mostly because the air is so darn cold! I learned that today is officially Go Caroling Day – which sounds about right to me time wise. Don’t worry – I’ll be sparing the world from my renditions of Christmas carols. But I will celebrate with a quiz!

Are you also a fan of holiday music? Then check out this quiz:

What Christmas Carol Are You?

Let me know what Christmas carol you get, and if it suits you. I’m also looking to write more quizzes about Christmas and holiday music. So if you have any ideas for that, please let me know 🙂


What’s Your 80s Dance Song?

80s girls

Do you like 80s dance music? I grew up listening to it, and I still think it’s a ton of fun. I was probably first introduced to 80s dance music via MTV, and later on they played it a lot on the radio in my hometown… even when it wasn’t the 80s any longer. I think it’s fun that some clubs still do 80s nights. There’s so much good 80s dance music – from glam to gothy to R&B. (Hmmm, I think I may have stumbled upon another little quiz idea.)

I was having a major case of the winter blahs, so I decided to write about 80s music because it always makes me smile. And while dance music doesn’t always make me dance, it certainly has been known to on occasion 😉 Between cold fronts and tax season, I feel like we could all use a little extra happiness this week. So join me in a virtual 80s dance party… or actually get your groove on. No one will be the wiser!

Want to know which 80s dance song should start your playlist? Take my latest quiz: What’s Your 80s Dance Song? Let me know what you get on this one and if you think it describes you. And if you really do want to get some 80s dancing on, I suggest that you plug your song into a service like YouTube which will give you a customized playlist based on a song you choose. This is how I setup some music for every Blogthings quiz that I write 🙂

Discussion questions: Do you like dance music? What kinds? Do you have any favorite 80s artists that you love? Who are they?

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What’s Your Happy Song?

woman on hammock

Does music make you happy? The right song can put a spring in my step, and I often listen to music to get in the right headspace. I think music can have really powerful cognitive effects.

What happy song best describes your outlook? Take my latest quiz to find out: What’s Your Happy Song? Comment to share your result, and what you think of it 🙂

Discussion question: What is your goto happy song?


New Quiz: What Orchestra Section Should You Play In?

string instrument
What section of the orchestra best suits you? Take my latest quiz to find out!

Have you ever played in an orchestra? A symphony maybe even? School band? None of the above for me, but I know which section I would play in if ever given the chance … percussion. And no triangles! I’m talking big loud drums that I could bang on with pride. (I’m sure Mr. Blogthings is laughing right now knowing my terrible sense of rhythm.) I have the energy and forcefulness to be a drum player, and I’m probably too much of a bull in a china shop for any other instrument. And hey, I did play the xylophone in elementary school for one performance… and I think I did okay.

I know Blogthings has a couple musical instrument quizzes already, but I thought it would be fun to do one considering more of how we act in groups. While we all need to play instruments that fit our individual needs, we can’t dismiss how those instruments will interact with others. For example, I do feel like I’m a drummer at heart, but I wonder if I have the leadership abilities to be the drummer for a whole big band!

Anyway, I devised my latest quiz, What Orchestra Section Should You Play In?, with a bit more of group dynamics in mind. How you act in a group should have some bearing on what orchestral section is best for you, right? Take the quiz, and let me know what you get! I’m especially interested to hear about any links you’ve drawn between personality type and instrument choice

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What Orchestra Section Should You Play In? Is it true for you?
  2. Have you ever played in a band? What did you play?
  3. Have you noticed a correlation between the types of instruments people play and personality traits? What have you noticed?
  4. Take What Classical Instrument Should You Play? What do you think of your result?

New Quiz: The Guitar Test

3 electric guitars
What does the guitar you like best say about you? Take this quick quiz to find out.

Have you ever dreamed of playing guitar? I have! My dream of playing guitar came a bit late in life, after meeting Mr. Blogthings – who happens to be an amazing guitarist. I totally got the guitar bug from him, but I haven’t had time to learn much yet. (I do bang on the drums on occasion though.) I hope that at least one day I can become a decent guitarist. I love the idea of being able to make great music with just my voice and guitar. Of course, I’d have to have a good singing voice too… that’s another story for another quiz 😉

I love the way that guitar sounds, especially heavy metal guitar – something I never thought I would develop a taste for. I also like heavier power pop type guitar sounds. Classical guitar is nice too, although I’m still learning to develop a deeper appreciation for that. As someone who grew up playing piano, I was a little slow to appreciate how talented guitarists can be and how great guitar music is. I’m sad it took me a while, but now I’m hooked!

When I came across a collection of cool guitar pictures, I knew I was going to have to base a quiz around them. Here it is: The Guitar Test! I think you’ll like this one whether you’re a musician or not. It tells you why you rock 🙂

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on The Guitar Test? Is it true for you?
  2. Do you play guitar? If not, have you ever wanted to learn guitar?
  3. What kind of guitar music do you prefer? Electric guitar? Acoustic guitar? Classical guitar?
  4. Who are some of your favorite guitarists?
  5. Take What Kind of Rocker Are You? What do you think of your result?

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Quiz: What’s Your Music Personality?

brunette woman leaning against a wall and listening to music with headphones
What does your music reveal about you?

Do you think people who listen to different types of music have different personalities? I think they do! And it seems like there is a fair amount of research supporting this – most of it done down the road from Blogthings HQ at the University of Texas – Austin by the psychology department down there.

In 2003, some psychologists from UT published a study where they came up with four different types of music listeners. Going into the study, they had no set ideas of how they would cluster music preferences together, and they came away with some clusters that make a lot of sense to me. There seems to be intuitive overlaps with different music types. After all, there’s a lot of similar music played on NPR, but there’s also stuff you’d never hear there. Same thing for a Top 40 station.

The first type is Reflective and Complex, describing music that is complicated in structure and worth reflecting on. This includes blues, jazz, classical, and folk music. The second type is Intense and Rebellious, for music that is energetic and counter to the mainstream. This can include rock, alternative, and metal. The third type is upbeat and conventional, and that includes mainstream genres like pop, country, and soundtracks. The final type is Energetic and Rhythmic – covering music that is lively and beat centric. This can include hip-hop, soul, and dance music.

These musical taste dimensions are fascinating, but of course, we really want to know if they link up with personality characteristics. Well, they do. Quite a few studies have been run with interesting results. For example, people who like Energetic and Rhythmic music tend to be more extroverted while those listening to Reflective and Complex music tend to be more open. Cool stuff – check out The do re mi’s of everyday life: The structure and personality correlates of music preferences for the complete info.

By this point, you’re probably wondering what your music personality is and what it says about you. Of course, I quizzed this up and added a little flair: What’s Your Music Personality? I hope you’ll enjoy taking this quiz well grounded in psychological research 🙂

What do you get on What’s Your Music Personality? Does it fit your taste in music and your personality? If not, is there a result that suits you better?


Quiz: What Percussion Instrument Are You?

teenage girl playing the drums in garage
What percussion instrument should you play?

I have a terrible sense of rhythm, but I still feel like I was born to play the drums. Or the xylophone. Heck, any percussion instrument. I just have the type of personality that loves to bang on things. My friends agree, and they’ve been telling me for years that I should learn the drums. I even got a electronic drumset for Christmas recently (no real, noisy drums for this city girl!), and I can’t wait to put them to use. I’ve been too busy with Blogthings to sit down and play, but I’m hoping to get those sticks in my hands soon.

As a kid, I was always attracted to percussion instruments. Like I said, my attraction never really helped me pick up a good beat, but that didn’t stop me from playing. My uncle gave me a set of bongos when I was young, and I hit those things all the time. Later on, I was lucky enough to get to play the xylophone in elementary school concerts, and I think I did… well, okay 🙂

My love of percussion instruments led me to write on of my favorite quizzes ever:  What Percussion Instrument Are You? Just taking it makes my foot start tapping! I hope you’ll feel the same way. This quiz inspired me so much, because writing it reminded me that there’s so much more to percussion than your standard drum set. So even if you don’t envision yourself as a drummer type, you may be a perfect fit for another sort of percussion instrument.

Let me know what you get on What Percussion Instrument Are You?. Does it fit your personality? I’m also dying to know if we have any drummers, xylophonists, or other assorted percussionists as part of our community. Tell me if you play one of these instruments… or if you’d like to!


Quiz: What Kind of Music Are You?

pretty brunette woman dressed in white listening to music
What type of music fits you?

I’m taking a little break from holiday quizzes today, just in case some of you don’t want all holidays all the time 🙂 Let’s talk about something else… let’s talk about music! (And not even holiday music this time.)

So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the connection between personality and music. It’s mostly because my taste in music is starting to change (listening to a lot more country lately – didn’t expect that!), and I wonder how much of that is due to my personality actually changing. Interesting, isn’t it? For a while, I wondered if links between personality and music were just pseudoscientific. It seems reasonable that certain types of people like certain types of music, but can it be proven? Can psychology actually back up the link between your personality and the type of music you like? It looks like the answer is yes.

There are some interesting studies coming out about personality and music. I think a lot of these will provide fodder for future quizzes 🙂 For example, a study at the University of Texas shows that people who like rock music are indeed more rebellious, while people who like country music are more upbeat and conventional. Does that seem true to you? It does to me. The study also showed that people who like hip-hop are more energetic, while people who like jazz are more reflective. Fun stuff!

This all makes me think of my quiz, What Kind of Music Are You? I tried to match certain personality characteristics to genres of music, and I feel like I did okay. What do you think? Did I get it right?

Take What Kind of Music Are You? quiz and tell me what you get. Does the result describe you well? More importantly, what kind of music do you like?


What Madonna Song Are You?

Who doesn’t love Madonna? She’s gone through so many phases in her life, there’s got to be something you love about her?

Which Madonna song best fits your personality? Take my latest quiz to know: What Madonna Song Are You?