New Quiz: What Character From Bridesmaids Are You?

What character from the hit movie Bridesmaids are you? Take my latest quiz to find out!

These days I’ve been all about the feel good, funny as heck movies. Even if I’ve seen them before, I’m happy to watch them again right now. I think movies are a great escape, and they’re three times as much fun for me if they inspire a quiz. So don’t be surprised if you end up seeing some new movie quizzes on Blogthings in the coming months. That’s just how I’m feeling right now 🙂

One movie I have been really enjoying re-watching this week is Bridesmaids. Have you seen it? It’s the story of a group of bridesmaids and their lead up to the big wedding. It’s hilarious and also sweet. Kristen Wiig stars as a bridesmaid who is unlucky in love and friendship at times, but she tries her best to pull it together as her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) gets ready to walk down the aisle.

It may seem like Bridesmaids is a simple story, but that’s far from true. It has a large cast and so many fun twists and turns. There are also some great supporting performances in Bridesmaids by Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper, Rose Byrne, and Rebel Wilson. Basically, if you like funny ladies at all, you will love this movie. And once you’ve watched it, you will love my latest quiz. Heck, if you even just dream of being a Bridesmaid you’re going to love this quiz!

Are you ready to see which bridesmaid from Bridesmaids you are most like? Then take my latest quiz: What Character from Bridesmaids Are You? Comment below, and let me know how accurate this one is for you! Also, I’d love to hear what you’re watching or reading for comfort these days. What is putting a smile on your face?


What Practical Magic Witch Are You?

Practical Magic witches
What witch are you more like?

Have you seen the movie Practical Magic? I think it’s a ton of fun, especially if you are a fan of Sandra Bullock or Nicole Kidman. It’s not exactly a horror movie, and I turn to it when I want lighter fare for Halloween.

Without giving too much away about the plot, Practical Magic is a movie that features two very different witch sisters, both of whom are cursed when it comes to love. There are a lot of warm moments, funny scenes, and even some heartbreak.

If you’re already a fan of this movie, then check out my latest quiz: What Practical Magic Witch Are You? Let me know what you think of the result and if you’re a fan of this movie!


What Elf Character Are You?

buddy the elf
What character from the movie Elf are you?

Do you like holiday movies? I love them, especially if they are funny. There are certain movies that I watch year after year, and Elf is definitely one of them! Maybe it’s just immaturity on my part, but I very much relate to the character of Buddy the Elf.

Are you also a fan of Elf? If so, you have to take my latest quiz: What Elf Character Are You? Let me know what you get one this one, and what you think of it. (I wrote it right after seeing Elf for the gazillionth time, so it was very fresh in my mind.)

Also let me know what your favorite holiday movie is. Who knows? I may do a quiz about it one day 🙂

P.S. You also may enjoy taking this quiz if you like elf culture:

What’s Your Elf Name?


What Hairspray Character Are You?

Link and Tracy from HairsprayAre you familiar with the movie or musical Hairspray? I am a huge fan of the original movie, and I was delighted to learn that a musical version would be on television tonight. (I must admit that I haven’t seen the musical movie yet… should I?)

I love how this story is so colorful, funny, and interesting. The characters are so well drawn, and the music and dancing are so lively. I just knew this would be the perfect topic for a quiz, and I hope you agree.

Take What Hairspray Character Are You?, and let me know what you get! Also let me know which movie you’d like to see turned into a musical next!


New Quiz: What Dazed and Confused Character Are You? Take This Cool Quiz to Find Out!


Have you ever seen the movie Dazed and Confused? Dazed and Confused is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s just so fun and entertaining. I watched this gem from the 90s set in the 70s when I was sick one day many years ago, and it totally lifted my spirits. Now and then, I return to Dazed and Confused whenever I need a pick me up… and it totally works!

My favorite thing about Dazed and Confused is its relaxed vibe and fun plot. I love a good coming of age story, especially one that involves a lot of characters. It’s so fun to see some of my favorite actors, like Parker Posey and Matthew Mcconaughey before they were famous. Not to mention an Austin of many years ago 🙂 And doesn’t it seem right now, after all these years, to have Ben Affleck playing a villain? If you happen to watch or rewatch Dazed and Confused, see if you can spot Milla Jovovich, Joey Lauren Adams, and Renee Zellweger before they were famous 🙂

When I saw Dazed and Confused pop up on Netflix recently, I thought it would make for a good movie quiz. I love movies with ensemble casts for quizzes, because there is always a diverse cast of characters to choose from, at least personality wise. And as I mentioned above, I do think there is something about a coming of age story that speaks to us all emotionally. In some ways, our teen years are when our personalities really start to emerge. Take What Dazed and Confused Character Are You?, and let me know what you think!

Give  What Dazed and Confused Character Are You? a go, and comment below with your result. Does it match your personality? Are you a fan of Dazed and Confused? If not, let me know what other high school movie you enjoy watching. It could be my next quiz!


If Your Life Was a Movie, What Genre Would It Be?

woman who likes noir

Do you ever feel like your life is a movie? I sometimes do… both during my life’s best and worst moments. Sometimes thinking of my life as a movie can be a good coping mechanism… there are definitely dark comedic elements that come up from time to time. If someone or something really annoys me, I try to think “Oh yeah, saving this for my indie movie!”

I thought today would be a good day to revisit the subject of movies with the Golden Globe Awards happening. This is one of my favorite awards shows ever, probably only second to the Oscars. I love that the Golden Globes span both movies and television. Plus, I love that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting again. I think they’re hilarious!

While my life can be almost any genre of movie depending on what day it is, although hopefully it’s never a horror movie!  If I had to pick, I’d say that my life is usually like an indie comedy if things are going well. If things aren’t going well, maybe it’s more like one of those very dialog driven dramas. My ideal life / movie would be written and directed by Whit Stillman.

What about you? What sort of movie is your life like? Take If Your Life Was a Movie, What Genre Would It Be? to find out. Let me know what your result is and how accurately it describes your life!

Discussion questions: If you had to pick a movie sub-genre to pick your life not covered in this quiz, which one would it be? If you could choose, who would you like to direct the movie of your life?

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Two Blogthings Twilight Quizzes


Breaking Dawn photo with Bella and Edward
Do you love Twilight? Take some Blogthings quizzes if you do.

Who’s excited for Breaking Dawn Part 2? Who’s over Twilight? Who wasn’t into it to begin with? Comment below to speak your mind on the Twilight series.

I read all of the books, but I’ve only seen the first two movies. Should I watch the rest of them?

If you like Twilight, make sure and take the two Twilight quizzes I’ve written: What Twilight Girl Are You? and Who’s Your Dream Guy: Jacob or Edward?


The First Date Movie Test

Have you ever been to the movies on a first date? If you’re like most people, you probably have. I think the type of movie you choose for a first date says a lot about you, and that’s what inspired my latest quiz: The First Date Movie Test

Let me know what you think of this one. Is it accurate for you? And tell me what film is your ultimate date movie!