New Quiz: What Type of Mom Are You?

Are you an overachieving mom like this one? Take my latest quiz to find out!

Hey moms! Have you spend much time thinking about your parenting style? I think it’s hard for moms not to. There are too many “mommy wars” on social media these days, but who really knows what style of parenting works best. In my opinion, there is no one right way to parent. Of course there are some wrong ways to parent, but I think almost everyone reading this post does their best to shy away from those.

So for Mother’s Day this year, I wanted to write a quiz for all the moms who are doing their best 🙂 I appreciate all different types of parenting, and I love how each family figures out what works best for them. And I think it’s true that no one really knows what sort of mom she will be until she has a kid. And that even can change when another kid comes along. Hopefully my latest quiz is seen as celebrating all that without any sort of judgment.

Take my latest quiz: What Type of Mom Are You? What do you get on this one? Does it describe what kind of mom you are? Are you more of a blend of a few results? Or an entirely different kind of mom? Comment below and let me know what you think.

And if you aren’t a mom, that’s okay! There are a couple ways to go about taking this quiz. You can take the quiz and imagine how you’d respond as a mom or auntie. Or you can take the quiz as your mom to see what kind of mom you have. Of course, if you have any friends who are moms, please pass this quiz long to them!


10 Quizzes for Mothers and Daughters to Take Together

Happy Mother’s Day! Whether you’re a mom or have a mom, today is a great day to celebrate moms. Not all of us can be with our moms this year, but we still can celebrate. I have heard that many people in the Blogthings community enjoy taking quizzes with their mothers, so here is a new list of mom and daughter friendly quizzes to take together.

(Looking for even more quiz ideas to take with your mom? Check out my blog post from last Mother’s Day: 8 Quizzes for Moms and Daughters to Take Together on Mother’s Day)

Discover which color gives you the most power.

What’s Your Power Color? – Do you know which color gives you the most power? Take this quiz with your mom to find out which color you each draw strength from. See how similar or different your colors are!

Are you a quirky loner? Or are you totally normal?

How Quirky Are You? – Who’s quirkier, you or your mom? You could go back and forth all day trying to decide – or you could just take this quiz together. Compare results to see which one of you is the quirkiest.

How do you help others in this world? Take this revealing quiz to find out!

Do You Empower, Enable, Enhance, or Engage? – I’m guessing that in your family, both mother and daughter are a force for good in this world. After all, you’re looking to learn more about yourselves today, so you’re probably quite evolved 😉 Take this quiz to see what positive “E” word you each bring to the world!

What love language do you speak? Take this quiz to find out of you prefer quality time or physical touch.

What’s Your Love Language? – Have you heard about love languages? Figuring out what your love language is can help you tell others what you need from them. And you can always love someone better once you know what her love language is. Take this quiz with your mom or daughter to learn if you love in similar or different ways.

What classic brunch dish best suits you? Take this fun quiz to find out!

What Brunch Dish Are You? – Brunch is a classic Mother’s Day event, and while you may not be having brunch this year with your mom, you can still celebrate virtually. Take this quiz to see which classic brunch dish you and your mom each are.

Discover how you fit in with your group of friends

What Kind of Friend Are You? – If you are taking quizzes with your mom (or daughter) today, it’s likely that the two of you are good friends to one another. Take this quiz to learn what sort of friend each of you are – both to each other and also to people outside your family.

Did you really get half your mom's genes? Find out how similar (or different) you two are.

Are You Like Your Mom? – You and your mom may not agree on how alike the two of you are, but that’s okay! I’ve written a quiz to help you figure it out. All moms and daughters should take this quiz to see how alike they are!

What do people really think of you?

How Do Others See You? – Sometimes we get stuck inside our own little bubble, and it becomes very difficult to see how other see us. This can even happen to mothers and daughters. Take this quiz together to see how the world views each of you.

What city does your fashion style match up with?

What’s Your Fashion City? – What mother and daughter don’t love to go shopping together? While in person shopping may be out this year, this doesn’t mean you can’t virtually check out new looks! Take this quiz with your mom (or daughter) to learn more about your fashion style and see which city’s look fits each of you.

What flavor latte best matches your style?

What Flavor Latte Are You? – Something there’s nothing more comforting than a mother – daughter latte date. Have a virtual latte with your mom or daughter by taking this quiz and seeing which latte flavors you each are.