Quiz: What’s Your Love Language?

Which of the five love languages do you speak? Take this accurate quiz to find out!

Have you heard of the five love languages? This is a framework developed by Gary Chapman to help us do better in ALL our relationships – romantic love relationships, family relationships, friend relationships, and even work relationships. Intrigued? I was very curious about this approach, and I can tell you it works. By figuring out the love language of those close to you, you can make them feel loved, appreciated, and seen. And by knowing your own love language, you can tell others how to better love and appreciate you.

The five love languages (in order of popularity) are: words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch, and receiving gifts. Words of affirmation are simply noticing what your partner is doing right and commenting on it – complements, encouragement, and professions of love all count. Quality time is time spent together just focused on each other, with minimal interruptions and distractions. Acts of service are the little things you do for your partner, like making dinner or cleaning the car. Physical touch is just what it sounds like – hugs, kisses, and so on. Receiving gifts is all about material gifts, physical representations of a relationship and love.

While some love languages are more popular than others, there are about the same amount of people who prefer each. So you can’t just assume someone’s love language is words of affirmation or quality time. It may be gifts, which is an entirely different sort of love language. This is where my latest quiz comes in. You can take it to determine your love language, and have someone in your life that you care about take it with you.

Check out What’s Your Love Language? to find out what your love language is. And don’t just stop there… have your loved ones take it too! I think love languages are such a powerful tool. Do you agree? Comment below with your love language result. Does it sound true for you?

The 12 Most Revealing Love Quizzes Ever

just married couple
What are the secrets of your heart? Take these quizzes!

Would you like to delve deeper into your own heart? I think we all would, regardless of relationship status. Those of us in love would like to have easier, more harmonious, and more meaningful relationships. And those of us not in love would like to find that elusive person.

No matter what your love goals are, here are 12 quizzes you can take to unlock your heart. Some of them are straight forward, and some are rather mysterious. No matter what though, these quizzes will give you some new insight into your love life – past, present, and future.

What’s Your Ideal Relationship?
– Are you in the right kind of relationship? While some people focus on if they are with the right person, it’s just as important to know what your ideal relationship type is. This quiz will tell you if your ideal relationship is serious, casual, traditional, or alternative.

What Are The Keys To Your Heart?
– Everyone’s heart is locked to one extent or another. What are the keys that can open your heart up? This quiz is a bit unusual, but it works!

What Color Heart Do You Have?
– Sure, your real heart is red, but what color is your heart in spirit? Take this quiz to see what sort of aura your heart gives off. Every heart has a true color, so what’s yours?

What Type of Ex Are You?
– Most of us are an ex to someone. Are you the kind of ex that causes problems? Or are you a good ex to have? Take this quiz to find out!

What Element Is Your Love?
– What element is your love rooted in? Is it passionate and fiery? Or is it flexible and always moving like water? This quiz will connect your love style to the element it matches most.

Are You Addicted to Love?
– Are you the type of person who has to have love in your life no matter what? Or maybe you take a more moderate approach the love. Take this quiz to see if you are a total love addict!

The Five Variable Love Test
– This quiz gives you a very comprehensive look at your love style, rated on five dimensions. This is an especially great test to take with a romantic partner, as it will help you see what differences you may be having in your relationship.

What Sign Is Your True Love?
– Have you found yourself attracted to the same sign over and over again? Find out which sign is best for you… and if you’ve been falling for the right or wrong people.

What’s Your Love Style?
– When you’re in love, how do you express and experience it? This quiz is based off the classic love styles, so see which one best fits you.

What Is Your Love Number?
– What number represents your love? If you are familiar with the enneagram, this quiz is taken from that framework. You’ll find out what your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to love.

Do You Follow Your Head or Your Heart?
– When it comes to love, there’s a big cliché – you either follow your heart or your head. I think there’s a reason why this is a cliché… it’s totally true. To find out which one you follow, take this quiz.

What’s Your True Love’s Name?
– Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that this is a weird quiz, but a lot of people in the Blogthings community swear by it! What is your true love named? Take this quiz to get a first name and initial. Does it really work? Only you can be the judge.

Quiz: What’s Your True Sign?

gemini sign
What astrological sign are you most like?

As some of you know, I’ve been writing quizzes for a long time. For various reasons, I sometimes find my quizzes end up being “lost.” I occasionally find these quizzes among my files, and it’s quite a treat. Today’s quiz is such a quiz, and I spent some time polishing it up over the past couple days.

If you’re a fan of astrology, this quiz is quite the treat for you: What’s Your True Sign? Take it to find out what your zodiac sign should be, especially when it comes to love. Let me know what your true sign is, and if you think it fits for you!

New Quiz: The Imperfect Heart Test

four imperfect hearts
What’s imperfect about your heart?

Do you have an imperfect heart? I know I do. I like to think that all of our hearts are perfectly imperfect. It’s those imperfections that make use so human and lovable.

My latest quiz was inspired by the idea of imperfect hearts. This is an image quiz, so it’s super simple to take over and over: The Imperfect Heart Test

What did you think of this quiz? Does the outcome describe you?

What Direction is Your Heart Pointed In?

feet with hearts

Happy Valentine’s Eve… or not, depending on how you roll. I have to admit that even though I’ve been in a relationship for a long time, I still consider Valentine’s Day to be a little overhyped. Mr. Blogthings and I tried to do something a little special last year – we got reservations at a fairly inexpensive but nice restaurant here in Austin. We made the best of things, but we didn’t enjoy ourselves at all. There was just too much fuss involved! I think this year we’re just gonna split a pizza 🙂

So I didn’t want to go overboard with a Valentine’s Day quiz this year. If you’re looking for one, we have plenty of Valentines quizzes on Blogthings. Instead, I thought we could get a little philosophical about love. Take my latest quiz to see where your heart is going these days: What Direction is Your Heart Pointed In? Let me know what you get on this one!

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Quiz: What Sign is Your True Love? This Quiz Will Predict What Zodiac Sign You’ll Fall In Love With!

book of astrology
What astrological sign do you most easily fall for?

Do you believe in astrological compatibility? I’m not sure if I do. According to astrology, Mr. Blogthings and I are one of the worst matches possible (Taurus and Aquarius), but I think we get along just fine 🙂 A lot of my friends swear by astrological compatibility, so of course, I have written a quiz about it: What Sign is Your True Love?

Regardless of whether you think astrology is true or not, I do think that this is a fun quiz for figuring out what your “type” is. I may not think I have an astrological type, but I know I have a type when it comes to love… and even friendship. I am attracted to people who are brainy, kind, and practical. I need a rock in my life, whether it’s a best friend or partner. I may be unpredictable and a bit flightly, but I don’t mesh well with other people who are the same way. After all, two unpredictable people just keep blowing right past each other 😉

Give What Sign is Your True Love? a whirl and let me know what you think of your result. It has twelve possible outcomes, so it’s likely to at least be quite accurate for you in the personality description of who you’re attracted to. And if you are an astrology fan, there’s no quicker way to know what sign you should be searching for.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What Sign is Your True Love? Is it true for you?
  2. Do think astrological compatibility is important?
  3. Is there a sign you refuse to date? How come?
  4. Have you ever dated someone with the same sign? How did that go?


Quiz: What’s Your Love Type?

paper cutouts of hearts
What is love like for you?

What’s your relationship status? And has that changed at all over the past ten years? If you’re like the majority of people, it probably has… And here inlies the problem with making love quizzes on Blogthings. Everyone is in a different place relationship wise. I suppose we are all either happily attached, unhappily attached, happily detached, or unhappily detached. It’s not the easiest thing to write a quiz that spans all those states, but it’s important for me that my quizzes are as accessible to all as possible 🙂

I was pondering this conundrum when I came across an old Blogthings quiz that had originally been written for straight in our earlier days. I liked it, and I could see how it could be refitted to work for everyone, regardless of gender, orientation, or relationship status. So that’s what I did. I love refitting old quizzes and trying to make them better. For this particular quiz, I felt like the outcomes were a bit unpolished and spent some time drawing them out a bit… and that was not an easy task given that there are sixteen of them. (I also programmed the outcomes to link to each other.)

So I present the new and improved What’s Your Love Type? quiz. It’s based on the MBTI personality test, so you may find some of the questions and outcomes familiar. The twist, though, is that it tells you your personality in love – as well as who you are compatible with.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What’s Your Love Type? Is it true for you?
  2. Are you attached or detached right now? If you are detached, would you rather be attached or are you happy being single?
  3. What is the key to a happy romantic relationship?

New Quiz: What Captures Your Heart?

Woman holding a stuffed heart close to her chest
Is your heart moved by little or big things?

I recently decided that there are two types of people in this world, people who notice big things and people who notice small things. I am not unique in having this belief, and I think it explains a lot of the psychological differences between people. The Myers Briggs Indicator touches on this a little – as iNtuitive people are seen more of as big picture types while Sensing people are more detail oriented.

I’m not sure if Myers Briggs tells the whole story though. I consider myself an iNtuitive person, but I also notice and love small things, even if I’m not detail oriented. I don’t know if this means I see the big picture of small things or what. (Hope I didn’t give you a headache with all that!)

Anyway, I was noticing recently how we’re each touched by little things or big things when it comes to compatibility. Both Mr. Blogthings and I like small things, and we can have the loveliest time together just “doing nothing.” I’ve noticed with other friends, however, that they like to “go big” with their plans. These friends are often offended when I suggest just hanging out at a coffee shop or catching a movie. They rather do something very special together, which I get 🙂

All of this led me to writing my latest quiz: What Captures Your Heart? This quiz will tell you if your heart is moved by the little things in life or by the grander things. Both results have their upsides, but I suspect that the majority of you are “little things” people … since quizzes are little things!

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What Captures Your Heart? Is it true for you?
  2. What’s something that captured your heart recently?
  3. Do you consider yourself more of a detail oriented or big picture person? Is this in harmony or in conflict with your love of big or small things?

New Quiz: What Kind of Wings Does Your Heart Have?

set of four funky illustrated hearts
What kind of heart do you have?

Do you think your heart is unique and special? I think we all do, and we’re right. Some of us leap into love, even if we’ve been hurt before. Others of us are more careful, taking our time when we think we might connect with someone. I think there are many valid and healthy approaches to love, and I like to think of love styles in the same way I think about personality archetypes.

For some reason, I woke up this morning thinking about the four
temperaments. Are you familiar with them? They were originally developed by Hippocrates over two thousand years ago for medical purposes, but they have a wide influence today. If you’ve taken a personality typology test like Myers-Briggs or DiSC, you were basically taking a temperament test.  The four temperaments are sanguine (sociable and impulsive), choleric (ambitious and passionate), melancholic (thoughtful and considerate), and phlegmatic (relaxed and content). There’s already a quick quiz on Blogthings to test your temperament: What Temperament Are You?

While I’ve seen a lot of variations on the four temperaments in personality testing (and even written a few), I’ve never seen it applied to love styles… except when I do it 🙂 I’m sure it has been, but those instances seem far and few between. If you look at the types above, I think they match up perfectly with love types. Some of us are impulsive in love, passionate about love, thoughtful partners, or content with what we’ve got. Put a content and an impulsive person together, and someone is going to get hurt!

I decided to make my latest temperament one a quickie, and it all came together after I found four perfect images. Can the image you pick tell you your love temperament? I’m guessing yes: What Kind of Wings Does Your Heart Have? What do you get one this one? Does it fit your personality? Comment and let me know!

New Quiz: What Symbol Candy Heart Are You? This Quiz Tells All About Your Love Life!

candy conversation heart with a question mark
What symbol should your candy heart have?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or as the Finnish like to say, YstävänpäiväHappy Friends Day 🙂 As I mentioned yesterday, I think this is a fun holiday to celebrate who brings meaning into my life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about love or longing or romance or heartbreak. I think it’s nice to focus on the positive – good friends, delicious chocolate, and fun little cards. And when I’m thinking about people I’m thankful for in my life, I can’t help but think of all the quiz takers out there. Thanks for making sure I’m not just writing quizzes for myself 😉

Still, Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be what it is without love. I wanted to write a quiz that described how love is symbolized for each of us. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to do it exactly, until I found these images of candy conversation hearts with symbols on them. Looking over the symbols, I realized that they fit a lot of the types I was already developing in my mind. I love it when images can help inspire and develop a quiz idea for me.

Curious to know more about your love type? Take What Symbol Candy Heart Are You? You’ll see what candy heart with a symbol matches your personality. And I’ll interpret the symbol to say what it means for your love life. While these tasty little hearts are specific to Valentine’s Day, this quiz will tell you how you approach love both on this holiday and every other day of the year. You’ll learn what your ideal valentine is like and how you may like to celebrate today.

Take What Symbol Candy Heart Are You? and let me know what you think of your result. Does it accurately describe how you view love? Are you doing anything to celebrate Valentine’s Day today?