Five Quizzes You Should Take Before Deciding to Learn a New Language

Have you ever considered learning a new language? Or maybe you’re
thinking of brushing up on a language you already know. I would love to learn a new language or learn more of a language I know, like French and Spanish. However, I can’t seem to get started.

Are you like me in that you would like to learn a new language but don’t really know where to begin? Then I think you will like the quizzes that I’ve selected below. These quizzes will get you motivated and inspired to get started on a new language… or to revisit one you’ve learned in school.

What Language Should You Learn?
– Do you keep second guessing what language you should learn? Then this quiz will set you straight! This quiz doesn’t cover every possible language, but it covers the main ones English speakers may be interested in. Settle once and for all if you want to go with Chinese or Spanish!

What Germanic Language Should You Learn?
– Are you the type of person who just loves Germanic languages? Well, if you are reading this blog post, you can at least speak one Germanic language (English!). This quiz will let you know if you should be learning German, Norwegian, or even Gothic!

What Romance Language Should You Learn?
– I don’t know about you, but I have always been partial towards the latin based, romance languages. French, Spanish, Italian… I love them all. I always have trouble figuring out which romance language I should focus on, and that’s what inspired me to write this quiz. Take it to find out which romance language you should be speaking.

What Language Are You?
– By now you probably know a language or two that would be good to learn. But let’s throw reason out the door. Which language is your soul speaking? What language sings to you? Take this quiz to learn which language you are really like.

What Language Should You Say Hello In?
– Learning a language can be a lot of commitment. Maybe let’s start with something easier… like saying hello! This quiz keeps it simple by saying which language you should learn hello in.


Quiz: Are You a Renaissance Man or Woman? Take This Personality Quiz to Find Out!

close up of a woman's face on a statue
Are you a woman or man of many interests?

Are you the type of person who doesn’t know what you want to be when you grow up… even if (especially if) you’re already grown up? Count me into this group! I still want to do it all, even if it would take a million lifetimes. While society frowns on us wanderers and free spirits, I think there is a lot to be said for being a generalist. While I admire people who can dig deep and specialize in one field, that is so not me. I’m interested in a little of everything, which I suppose is why I write quizzes. Being a writer allows me to indulge my many interests.

Anyway, instead of seeing myself as a flake, I prefer to see myself as a renaissance woman. A woman of many talents and abilities 😉 Of course this respinning is extremely self-serving, but I hope there is at least a little truth to it. I figure if I’m only going to live one life, I might as do as many things as possible. As a renaissance woman, I’m interested in writing, art (especially drawing and painting), nature, science (especially math and neuroscience), and animals. And while I don’t have time to become an expert in all of it, I like being a dabbler.

What about you? Do you feel me on this one? Are You a Renaissance Man or Woman? I have a feeling that a lot of Blogthings quiz takers are renaissance men and women, and I’d like to put my theory to the test. If you are a renaissance man or woman, let me know about it! What interests you and moves you?

So take the quiz, and let me know below what you get. Do you agree? Are you interested in many different subjects? Comment below, and let me know what you think!