New Quiz: What Mathematical Operator Are You?

guy with mathematical operators
Are you addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division?

Do you like math? I love math! I’m a long time math nerd and proud of it. I grew up watching a math TV show for kids, Square One TV – and it really got me into all things mathematical. I studied quite a bit of math in college, and while I don’t use it for Blogthings much (aside from the business part of things), I am glad I took it. Mathematical literacy is useful for all sorts of things – from halving recipes to managing finances.

People often ask me why I don’t have more math and science quizzes on Blogthings! I want to have more of these quizzes, but I want them to be accessible to everyone. We are all at different levels for math and science, and some of us (like me) have forgotten quite a bit from our school days. So whenever I can make a math or science quiz that everyone can take, I go for it!

Of course, something we call can do with math is basic arithmetic. And I think it’s interesting to imagine what it means to be an addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division person. So I decided to write a quiz exploring it… What Mathematical Operator Are You? Let me know what you get, and what you think of math in general. Do you like math? Or are you math adverse?

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

    1. What do you get on What Mathematical Operator Are You? Is it true for you?
    2. Did you like math when you were growing up? Was there a point where it got more boring or more exciting for you?
    3. When do you still use math in your everyday life or job? Are you surprised by how much or how little you use it?
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