Quiz: The Holiday Card Test

holiday card with a drawing of two snowmen at night
What do your holiday cards say about you?

It’s that time of year again for me. The time of year I both love and still somehow dread – holiday card season. I love both receiving and sending out holiday cards, even though every year I procrastinate until the last minute. I’m not really entirely sure why that is 😉

Growing up, a lot of my friends’ families were in the military. So I’d be great friends with someone for a few years, and then they’d be gone forever. (These were the days before the internet was a thing. Pretty scary!) Anyway, every year I would anxiously check our family’s mailbox a few times a day. I loved getting cards from old friends. I missed them so much, and this time of year I would hear from all of them. In some ways, it was my favorite part of the holidays. Even better than the presents and the treats.

Of course, now that we do have the internet, holiday cards have fallen out of fashion with some people, especially those my age and younger. I still send them though! Call me old school, but I think there is something especially nice about a handwritten card. In this era of digital communication, they are more important than ever. Yes, they are a bit of a pain to do, but like all difficult things in life, they are worth it.

So before I sit down to address my holiday cards this year (or Christmas cards – not getting into that debate), I wanted to revisit a favorite Blogthings quiz: The Holiday Card Test – I had so much fun creating this quiz because the images really inspired me.

Give it a try, and let me know what your result was. Was it accurate for you? And I’m curious, do you like receiving holiday cards? Do you send them as well?

Quiz: What Christmas Tree Are You?

Decorated Christmas Tree With Several Wrapped Presents
What kind of Christmas tree should you have?

All of a sudden, Christmas trees are everywhere. Has anyone else noticed this? I’ve seen Christmas trees by the side of the road for sale, and I also saw them at the grocery store last weekend. I’m loving this development. I think the smell of a pine tree is the number one thing that makes me feel like it’s the holidays. Well, besides hearing holiday music everywhere!

Besides seeing unadorned trees out and about, I’ve be noticing the decorated trees that friends (including many Blogthings fans) have been posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While it’s true that I’m feeling like a bit of a slacker for not having my tree up yet, I have also found these Christmas tree pictures to be inspiring! So many of you have an amazing sense of style when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Can I just come and live with you this month?

Are you going to have a Christmas tree this year? I don’t always do one, but I’m going to try to have my first Christmas tree in a while. I hope my dog doesn’t eat it 🙂 After a couple recent moves, I’m a little short on holiday decorations, so I’m looking to start fresh with new stuff. When I say fresh start, I mean it. I own absolutely zero Christmas ornaments right now. So yeah, it’s time for me to get moving and get creative. You all have been helping me with your lovely pictures! And besides getting inspired from all you, What Christmas Tree Are You? also inspired me.

Of course, my only problem now is that I’m a little too inspired. Every type of holiday decor appeals to me. It’s hard to pick just one. What Christmas Tree Are You? says that I am a Bright Christmas Tree, so maybe I should just go with that. Decisions, decisions!

Take the quiz, and comment below to let me know your result and what you think of it. And if you have time, tell me how your Christmas tree reflects your personality.

Making a List… iPad or Kindle?

iPad and Kindle Fire lined up together
Which do you prefer? An iPad or a Kindle?

Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s time to get out those wishlists! For most people I know, either a Kindle or an iPad is at the top of the list. What about you? Are you hoping for either this year? I know that most of you prefer to curl up with a physical book, and while that’s what I prefer too, there’s ebooks are quite convenient. And of course, a tablet like an iPad opens a whole slew of non-reading possibilities..

I prefer an iPad myself, but I still mostly just read on it 🙂 Okay, I guess I also do some web surfing too. As someone who spends a lot of time working on her laptop every day, I enjoy having a device that is for fun only. Every time I try to surf the web on my iPad, I just end up working. It’s basically impossible for me to work on my iPad, so I cherish it for that reason.

But iPads are expensive, and with software updates / frequent use, they become slower over time. For this reason, I also really like the Kindle. They are much more reasonably priced and very well suited for reading. I love how I can tuck a Kindle in one of my smaller bags and take it on the go. I’m also a big fan of the Kindle screen, which is very easy on my eyes after a day of computer use.

Take my quiz: Are You An iPad or a Kindle? to discover if you’re more like a Kindle or an iPad. Comment and let me know what you got and if you agree. I’m also curious… do you have a Kindle or an iPad? Or do you happen to have another tablet or reading device, like an Android tablet or a Nook? If you don’t own any yet, which do you think you would prefer?

Happy Black Friday!

Woman shopping for clothes

Happy Black Friday for those of you who celebrate it (and even for those of you who don’t)! I have a few fun topical quizzes for you to take. And if you’re wondering, no, I’m definitely not celebrating Black Friday. I am in my comfy warm apartment with a beautiful mountain view writing this blog post instead 🙂

  1. What’s Your Black Friday Shopping Style? – If you were going to go nuts for Black Friday, what kind of shopper would you be? (I think I’d be the type that cowers in the corner at the back of the store.)

  2. Should You Celebrate Buy Nothing Day? – Are protesting this crazy consumer “holiday”? Take this quiz to learn if you should boycott Black Friday (or at least stay home and sleep in!)

  3. Should You Shop Black Friday or Cyber Monday? – Determined to get some holiday shopping done? Take this quiz to find out what holiday shopping strategy you should adopt.

The Top Ten Blogthings Thanksgiving Quizzes

festive thanksgiving turkey candle
Take one, or all, of my fab Thanksgiving quizzes!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading this! I have so much to be thankful for, and thanks to all of you for supporting Blogthings over the years.

If you’re in the Thanksgiving mood (I’d especially like our non-American friends to play along), I’ve made a list of the top Thanksgiving Blogthings quizzes, ranked by popularity:

  1. What’s Your Native American Name? – a Blogthings classic. Pay tribute to the first Thanksgiving by taking this fun quiz!

  2. What’s Your Pilgrim Name? – even more first Thanksgiving fun! I think you’ll be delighted by the old fashioned pilgrim name you’re assigned.

  3. What Pumpkin Treat Are You? – dream up ways to use up all that leftover canned pumpkin you have around. No one can eat too much pumpkin stuff this time of year!

  4. Are You Christmas or Thanksgiving? – when it comes to these two major holidays, which side do you come down on. Take this quiz to find out!

  5. How Thankful Are You? – do you practice an attitude of gratitude? Measure your thankfulness on the most thankful day of the year.

  6. What Holiday Pie Are You? – in my house, it’s not a holiday without at least a couple pies. This quiz will tell you which holiday pie you’re most like.

  7. What Thanksgiving Side Dish Are You? – what would Thanksgiving be without all the delicious side dishes? Take this quiz to find your side dish soulmate.

  8. What Part of Thanksgiving Are You? – one of the first Blogthings quizzes ever. Take the original Thanksgiving quiz that entertained folks back when Blogthings were just a thing you put on your blog!

  9. The Thanksgiving Dinner Test – pick the Thanksgiving dinner you like the best, and see what it says about your personality. A simple, fun, and revealing quiz.

  10. What Does Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Say About You? – every red blooded American has a favorite Thanksgiving food. What’s yours? Learn what it says about your personality.

Did your favorite make the list? There’s plenty more Thanksgiving Blogthings to take! Comment and let me know which one is your favorite.

What Holiday Cocktail Are You?

I’m not much of a drinker, but I couldn’t resist writing a holiday cocktail quiz this year. Holiday cocktails are just so festive, and besides, I think even some of us light drinkers enjoy a toast during the holidays. Even without the drinking (and I know a lot of Blogthings fans don’t drink), there’s something sweet about a toast during the holidays. I love to raise my class (even if it’s just filled with sparkling juice) to the year I just experienced, the year to come, and friends old and new.

Do you love to toast? I wish I knew how to give toasts as well as some of my friends do. I’m always a happy participant, but I am almost certain that I would freeze up if I had to lead a toast. In my opinion, the perfect toast is both heartfelt and funny. Not too long and not too short. There’s a real artform to speaking on the fly like that, and I am not sure I have it 🙂 Oh well, maybe one day I’ll get enough courage!

I hope you agree that holiday cocktails is a fun topic. Take my latest quiz to find out: What Holiday Cocktail Are You?
Comment below and let me know what you got. Do you have a favorite holiday cocktail? I’m a big fan of eggnog, but without the booze. 🙂 And what are you toasting to this year?

Since I can’t ring in the new year with all of you in real life, let’s do a virtual toast. (This is the perfect opportunity for me to practice those toasting skills…)

I’d like to propose a toast to all of you. Thanks for making Blogthings fun in 2012, and thanks for fixing all my little errors. It’s been a real pleasure to share quizzes with each and every one of you. Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s to a great 2012!!!

The Christmas Sweater Test

Do you have a holiday sweater or two that you love to wear? I do! I have a few holiday sweaters in constant rotation, and I usually buy a new one each year. Holiday sweaters make me feel festive and cozy. I love to throw on a pair with jeans and comfy boots, and I’m all set for holiday shopping at an outdoor mall. Plus some of the newer styles are more wintery than holiday, and they’re more suitable for everyday winter wear.

I hope my holiday sweaters aren’t the ugly holiday sweaters that everyone talks about. I happen to think my sweaters are cute, but doesn’t every non-ironic ugly sweater wearer think that? The again, maybe it’s okay if my holiday sweaters are ugly. Ugly holiday sweaters are all the rage here, with tons of ugly holiday sweater parties. I’ve these ugly holiday sweaters going for a ton at local vintage shops, so if you have some in your closet, you may have a moneymaker on your hands.

Anyway, this quiz is not about ugly holiday sweaters… it’s about gorgeous ones. I designed this quiz because I love Christmas sweaters / holiday sweaters / winter themed sweaters. I decided to include cute sweaters as opposed to ugly ones, because no one usually wants to choose their favorite ugly picture. (At least I don’t!) Take this quiz, and learn about how you are during the holidays: The Christmas Sweater Test

After you take The Christmas Sweater Test, let me know what you get. Does it suit your personality? Also are you a fan of holiday sweaters? Do you like the ugly ones or the cute ones?

Just to let everyone know, you definitely don’t have to celebrate Christmas to take this quiz. Everyone should be able to enjoy it, regardless of what you do and don’t celebrate. Hope you like it 🙂

Where Does Your Holiday Spirit Come From?

Do you have holiday spirit? If you’re anything like me, it’s a given… at least this year. I know that a lot of people struggle during the holidays – winter blues, crazy family issues, money problems. This season can bring out both the best and the worst. I try to make the most of it and keep my chin up, but I’d be lying if I said I was never overwhelmed. Still, holiday spirit is my goal, and I’ve got some this year 🙂

Thinking about the good and not so good parts of the holidays got me thinking, where do people find their holiday spirit? What really makes people shine this time of year? It’s a big curiosity for me, and maybe it is for you as well. I know for myself, it varies from year to year. This year I’ve been really motivated by the idea of slowing down during the holidays and making memories. There’s so much I can do to make things nicer. Stressed out by shopping? Listen to some holiday music in transit. Overwhelmed by wrapping presents? Sip some peppermint hot chocolate while I get to work.

Of course, I can’t know where all of you get your holiday spirit from, so I decided to write a quiz about it. There were a lot of ways to go with this quiz, but I decided to keep it lighthearted and less spiritual so that everyone could enjoy taking it. I promise it will lift your spirits, at least a little 🙂 I hope you like it: Where Does Your Holiday Spirit Come From?

Comment below and let me know what you thought of Where Does Your Holiday Spirit Come From? and your result. What brings a smile to your face during the holidays? I’m curious to know where you think your holiday spirit really comes from!