What Kind of Healthy Are You?

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Are you a healthy person? I like to look at health in a variety of ways… it’s not just about not being sick. I think emotional and social health are also important – and almost certainly contribute to physical health. I wish people focused a bit more on those things, to be honest 🙂

My latest quiz looks at all aspects of health and tells you where you really shine. Even if your physical health isn’t the best, you may be surprised to see where you are healthy in your life. Take this quiz to find out: What Kind of Healthy Are You?

Discussion question: What’s the number one thing you do to stay healthy?

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Friday Five: Healthy Habits Edition

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What’s your favorite way to be healthy?

Hi! Welcome to the first Friday Five of 2013. I thought that this would be a great time to have a discussion about healthy habits, even if none if us are hardcore enough to do resolutions. Taking care of my health is getting more important to me every year, and I’m always looking for new healthy ideas and inspiration. Do you feel the same way? If you do (or simply if you’d like to be healthier), join us below in the Friday Five.

So here we go… here are the Friday Five questions for this week. Just answer below in a comment 🙂

Friday Five – Healthy Habits Edition

  1. What does eating healthy mean to you?
  2. What’s a healthy food that you love?
  3. What is your favorite way to get in some exercise?
  4. What’s the biggest change you’ve made recently to improve your health?
  5. What’s Your Healthiest Habit? Take the quiz and share your result. Is it true?



What’s Your Healthiest Habit?

Are you starting the New Year off right? I know that New Years Day is a big day for promises and commitments, but I thought I’d do it differently this year. Instead of looking at what could be good in your life, I’d like to look at what’s already good. Even if you don’t think you have any healthy habits, you may be surprised what your strong point is. And if you’re already quite healthy, this quiz will let you know where you really shine. Curious? Take my latest quiz: What’s Your Healthiest Habit?

I feel like it’s very easy for me to get hyper about New Year’s resolutions and try to uproot my whole life. In reality, like everyone, I have some things I’m doing right and some things I could improve upon. If I try to figure out how to expand what I’m doing right, it’s a lot easier for me than making a drastic change. For example, if something healthy I’m doing is walking every day, maybe I’ll lengthen that a bit instead of joining a gym that I’ll never go to anyway.

I’m a big believer in small health changes that are easy to work into my life. Some of my already healthy habits I’m trying to work on are yoga (exercise and stress reduction), strengthening personal ties (this is good for you, really!), eating fresh foods from my garden, and getting enough sleep. It sounds like a long list, but since I’m doing these things anyway, I can just focus on small improvements.

Comment below and tell me what you got on What’s Your Healthiest Habit? And let me know what you think your healthiest habit is. Also, do you have any resolutions for 2012? My resolution is to not make any resolutions 😉 I’m done with all that resolution mess for a while.