What Card Game Are You?

ace playing card
What card game should you be playing? Take this quiz to find out!

Do you like to play cards? I enjoy a good card game – as long as I know the rules. I tend to have a big learning curve when it comes to cards. It takes a while for me to find my groove, but once I’ve found it, watch out!

What card game would you be best at? What Card Game Are You?

Are You A Queen or a Pawn?

whatchesspieceareyouquizEven if you don’t play chess, you probably understand how the game relates to real life. Like chess, life is all about strategy and power.

Some of us feel like pawns with very few options. Others feel like kings – with all the power to lose and protect.

Take my quiz: What Chess Piece Are You? Learn exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are on the game board of life.