Quiz: What Kind of Cheese Are You?

Do you love cheese? I have to admit that I am extremely cheese obsessed.  It’s my favorite thing to eat (well, that and chocolate) and my favorite thing to shop for at the grocery store. Even on my lightest and healthiest eating days, I have to have at least a little cheese. And don’t get me started on my favorite cheese based dishes: mac and cheese, cheese pizza, grilled cheese, cheese lasagna, cheese enchiladas, and quesadillas. I love them all and would eat them any day of the week. And I’m even down for some cheesecake for dessert.

Did you know that cheese can be mildly addicting? No wonder we all crave it so much. For me, cheese is only second to chocolate, and we know how addictive chocolate is. So instead of denying myself my cheese addiction, I’ve decided to embrace it – in moderation, of course. I love to try out and explore new cheeses (hello Trader Joe’s!), and that inspired me to write today’s quiz. If you are a fellow cheese lover, then read on. You’re going to like where I’m going with this 🙂

I’ve met very few people who don’t love cheese. (And even the vegans I know love their soy cheese!) I mean,  almost any dish can be improved with extra cheese. So I am hoping this cheese quiz will appeal to all of you. Take my latest quiz, What Kind of Cheese Are You? to find out what kind of cheese you should be!

Give What Kind of Cheese Are You? a try, and let me know what you get as a result. What do you think of your outcome for this quiz? Is it a cheese you would actually eat? Comment below and let me know. I’d also love to know your favorite type of cheese – and your favorite cheese based meal.

Quiz: What Kind of Brownie Are You?


Are you a fan of brownies? It almost seems like a stupid question to ask. I’m pretty sure that I’ve never known a person who didn’t like brownies – including some chocolate haters in my life. (Let’s not even get started about hating on chocolate, okay?) Brownies are in a class all their own, and I think that’s why we all love them. They’re not a cookie, not a cake – just darn decadent and delicious. I am big on baking my own brownies for that warm brownie goodness – either a mix or from scratch is fine with me.

I’ll admit it.. I’m ready for a brownie anytime. I love brownie sundaes in the summer and straight out of the oven brownies in the winter. I love brownies with nuts and brownies without nuts. I love fudge-y brownies and cake-y brownies. I guess I’d say that the only kind of brownie I don’t like is a dry brownie … though you could put some ice cream on that as well 🙂 A brownie is good on its own or the ideal building block for a mind blowing dessert.

Wow, there really are a lot of ways to enjoy a brownie! That’s why I was inspired to write my latest quiz, What Kind of Brownie Are You? Take this quiz to see what kind of brownie you are, and of course, there are no wrong answers for this test. And be warned… this quiz will make you hungry! Hope you have some brownie mix on hand.

Give What Kind of Brownie Are You?, and let me know what you think. What sort of brownie do you get? Would it describe you well? And let me know in the comments below what your favorite kind of brownie actually is. Are you more of a fudge-y brownie or a chewie brownie type person?

Quiz: What Does Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Say About You?


Happy Thanksgiving! Now that the big day is upon us, it’s almost time to stop thinking about the cooking and start thinking about the eating.  I love how food centric Thanksgiving is because let’s be honest: I love to eat. But it doesn’t just stop there. I love to think about food and of course, write quizzes about food. So let’s bring on another food based quiz for Thanksgiving!

Have you ever noticed that each person at the dinner table has their own favorite Thanksgiving food? Isn’t that interesting? I’ve observed that some people flip for the turkey, while others won’t sit down to a table without cranberry sauce. For me, it is often all about the mashed potatoes – or the sweet potatoes! I’m just into potatoes of any sort. But who am I kidding? It also may be pie.

Thinking about favorite Thanksgiving foods got me wondering: what makes a turkey person different from a stuffing person? What makes a cranberry sauce person different from a gravy person? I have noticed that each person in my family has different favorite foods – and very distinct personalities.  And to me, this is perfect fodder for a quiz.

Take my newest quiz, What Does Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Say About You? to find out. This quiz is quick and easy – the hardest part is actually figuring out what your favorite Thanksgiving food is. This is a fun one to take during the Thanksgiving festivities, as it just takes a minute for each person. Nothing like some family bonding time over favorite foods!

Give What Does Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Say About You? , and let me know what you think of your result. Do you think your favorite Thanksgiving food reflects your personality? Do you have a Thanksgiving food that should be included in this list?

Quiz: What Holiday Pie Are You?


Have you ever heard the expression, there’s always room for pie?  This is basically the motto I live my life by, at least during the holidays. I just love this magical time of year where you can eat a full feast, and then an hour or two later, you miraculously have room for pie 😉

So yes, one of my favorite things about the holidays is pie. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, cherry pie, pecan pie… I love them all. Whipped cream or ice cream? I’ll have both. Thanks for asking! I have even been known to eat pie for breakfast. It’s the best cure for a holiday hangover, I swear.

When it comes to holiday pies, I really do love them all. However, in my opinion, the best pie is homemade. I especially love pie with homemade crust, which is something I haven’t mastered. So yes, my homemade pie does involve store bought crust 😉 But let’s be real, I can’t swing a semi-homemade pie every year. And bakery or frozen definitely gets the job done in those cases.

Hungry yet? Well, you’re about to get even hungrier after you take my quiz, What Holiday Pie Are You? You’ll learn which holiday pie best matches your personality, and after that, I implore you to go eat that pie. Or your favorite pie. Or any pie really! Go ahead, indulge yourself with a piece of pie. It’s the holiday season, after all.

Take What Holiday Pie Are You?, and let me know what you get on this quiz. Does it match your pie preference? Why or why not? What is your favorite holiday pie? Comment below and let me know. And this may be the ideal quiz to take with your crew on Thanksgiving evening. Just a thought 🙂 After all, anything is better than talking politics.

Quiz: What Thanksgiving Side Dish Are You?

Do you like Thanksgiving sides? I think we all do, but for some of us, Thanksgiving is all about the sides. Of course, we all have our favorites, but just as it’s hard to think of Thanksgiving without the turkey, I think it’s hard to imagine a Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

As a non-turkey eater, I may be a bit biased, but I love Thanksgiving sides. Bring on the mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, rolls, and sweet potatoes. I’ll have seconds of all of them. In fact, I definitely think that you can build a decent dinner out of only sides. At least, this is my operating theory when I cook way too many sides every year!

If you love sides as much as I do, then you’ve got to take my latest quiz: What Thanksgiving Side Dish Are You? (Warning: this quiz may make you very hungry!) You’ll get the Thanksgiving side that best fits your personality, and of course, I encourage you to eat seconds of that side this year. I’m for any reason to eat seconds at Thanksgiving!

I you like What Thanksgiving Side Dish Are You?. Give it a go, and let me know what you get. It may seem very small in the scheme of things to be more like mashed potatoes or cornbread, but Blogthings is all about your little quirks! Did you get the Thanksgiving side you love on this quiz? Or do you have a different favorite Thanksgiving side?

P.S. Revisiting this blog post ten years later, I’m happy to report that this quiz has become a Thanksgiving tradition for many. Some of us take it year after year to see if we are still the same Thanksgiving side.Take What Thanksgiving Side Dish Are You? this year with your family and friends to start your own quizzing tradition 🙂

Quiz: What Kind of Scone Are You?

whatkindofsconeareyouDo you love scones? Until recently, I wasn’t really aware of what a scone was, but being the budding Anglophile that I am, I had to do some research. And by research, I mean both some reading… and some eating. A scone is not like an American biscuit, contrary to popular opinion. A scone is more like a shortbread cookie – crumbly, dry, and delicious. It is not fluffy and goes perfectly with a cup of tea. I love that you can put jam on scones too, because I am a big jam fan.

I’m not a huge scone eater, but there’s something about the simple scone that calls out to me. It’s more refined than a biscuit or a muffin, although I do eat plenty of those too. Eating a scone makes me feel like a true Anglophile, especially when I eat one with some good English breakfast tea. Is there anything more once in a lifetime than getting up early for a British royal wedding across the pond, with tea and scones? I love the idea of getting up early for watching a live British event here in Texas, and definitely a British breakfast has to go with it!

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never had a scone or whether they’re your favorite morning treat. My latest quiz What Kind of Scone Are You?, is perfect for you either way. How can I be sure? The outcomes are so tasty, you’ll have your mouth watering. Even if you just ate breakfast! Tap into your inner anglophile (or breakfast lover) and give this quiz a go.

Take What Kind of Scone Are You?, and let me know what your result is. What do you think? Does your result describe your personality? Also let me know… do you like scones? If so, what is your favorite kind of scone to nosh on?