The Lip Gloss Test

I love lip gloss. It’s a great way to polish your look quickly, especially when you don’t have time to put on a lot of make up. Plus, a lot of lip gloss moisturizes your lips, which this dry lipped Texan definitely needs.

The color of lip gloss you choose says a lot about you. Don’t believe me? Take my latest quiz: The Lip Gloss Test

Comment below to let me know what your result was and how accurate it seemed!

Do You Love or Hate Mustaches?

themustachetestAre mustaches creepy or cool? I guess it depends on the mustache. Luckily, you don’t have to have an opinion to take my newest quiz… or even the ability to grow a ‘stache.

Just head over to The Mustache Test, and pick the funky mustache you like the best. And presto! You’ll find out what your selection says about you.