Quiz: The Doodle Test

doodled picture of a palm tree with vacation under it
What does your doodle say about you?

Do you like to doodle? I’m not much of an artist, but I am a huge doodler. Growing up, I was always bored in class, and doodling was one of the few activities I could get away with. I would sometimes try to read a book in class behind my textbook, but I always got caught. However, doodling looked a lot like note taking to teachers, and I could aways just change the page if the teacher was coming down the aisle.

As an adult, I feel like I have lost the art of doodling. I think cell phones, tablets, and computers have replaced pen and paper for objects to busy myself with. Maybe it’s like that for many of us. I feel like I was a lot more content with a pad of paper and a writing instrument. I wish I could get back to that, but the allure of the screen pulls me in.

When it comes to doodling, one exception for me is the dinner table, where I happen to have a pencil or pen around (for crosswords) and plenty of paper (magazine subscription cards and the like). I tend to find myself doodling whenever I’m having tea or immersed in conversation. Since I’m not in class and rapidly changing pieces of paper, my doodles tend to be multilayered. Doodling on the same piece of paper for months leads to crazy and chaotic results! It’s an interesting visual history of my life, that’s for sure.

I think our doodles reveal a lot about us, and there seems to be psychological research to back that up. I tapped into some of that research for The Doodle Test. If you’re a doodler, you’ll definitely want to take this one. It helps you read your most recent doodle to figure out what’s going on in your mind. And if you don’t doodle, some people still have found insight from imagining doodling when taking this quiz.

Let me know what you got on The Doodle Test Does your result fit you? Do you enjoy doodling?