New Quiz: The Apron Test

three aprons for cooking
What does your favorite apron reveal about you?

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I’m just about ready to put on my apron to start some baking. This Thanksgiving we have a lot of other stuff going on, so we aren’t doing a full spread of food. (Translation: I am only making one pie instead of four pies.) Still, there is baking that needs to be done, and I’m excited to do it and get into the Thanksgiving spirit. And come on, let’s be honest… there is no better smell than fresh baked pie.

Today Mr. Blogthings and I will bake a pumpkin pie (confession: from frozen) and cornbread (confession: from a mix). Then tomorrow, I will make our traditional Thanksgiving morning donuts, which we always have while watching the parade on TV. And haha, yes, I make them from a mix as well. I do bake from scratch sometimes, but I’m not afraid of taking some shortcuts for Thanksgiving!

Whew! That’s a lot of baking, and just thinking about it got me into the baking / cooking spirit. I wrote a quiz for everyone who likes to bake and cook. Or if you’re simply a fan of baking and cooking: The Apron Test It’s a quick image quiz, perfect for busy baking days. You can take it while you’re waiting on pies to finish in the oven. And yes, I am old school and wear an apron when I cook… if I can remember to put it on.

This quick quiz will tell you all about your cooking style, so let me know what you get. Do you like cooking quizzes like these? I love to write them and am always looking for an excuse to write more. Also, let me know what you’re most looking forward to eating this year on Thanksgiving ­čÖé


What Basic Recipe Should You Make?


Do you like to cook? I try to cook as often as I can at home, and often what I make is not very elaborate. I believe that good home cooked food┬ácan be the simplest recipes if prepared well. I used to not be very proud of my cooking because it’s often so basic, but over the years I have learned to embrace simplicity – especially if it’s paired with high quality ingredients.

If you ask me, too many of us think we have to keep up with lifestyle bloggers, television, and Pinterest when it comes to things in the home. Not every meal has to be groundbreaking to be good – and it certainly doesn’t have to be photography worthy.┬áThinking about my love of simple recipes led me to write my latest quiz today, and hopefully it will inspire you to whip up something simple and delicious of your own.

Do you also like simple cooking? Take my latest quiz to find out what basic recipe would suit you! What Basic Recipe Should You Make? Let me know what you get on the quiz. Would you actually make the recipe.

For simplicity, I didn’t include any of the recipes pictured. However, if you would like the recipe for that outcome (or any outcome), simply ask me in the comments, and I will make it happen!

Discussion question: What is your favorite simple recipe to make?