What Taboo Topic Should You Discuss?

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Is any topic off limits for you?

Do you enjoy discussing taboo topics? Or do you prefer to stay away from them whenever possible? I know that people say that sex, religion, and politics are all topics we should shy away from. I think there is a lot of truth to that. Those topics can cause discussions to get really heated, even among usually agreeable people. On the other hand, shying away from taboo topics completely can make for rather boring conversation. Polite conversation that’s a little too polite can be a real drag.

For me, it depends on the company I’m with. I certainly am a bit reluctant to bring up taboo subjects among strangers. However, if other people are already discussing a taboo subject, I might or might not join in with my opinion. Among friends, it’s very different. I don’t mind talking about the “big three” taboo topics with friends. I’m still careful, though, to avoid subjects that they might be sensitive or touchy about. I have so much to talk about that I don’t really need to veer into controversial territory. I’m not out to change anyone’s mind, and arguments give me a headache.

Thinking about taboo topics inspired me to write a quiz, and here it is: What Taboo Topic Should You Discuss? This is a fun quiz to figure out how to spice up your conversation a bit. If you’re like me and think that polite conversation is too dull, then you will enjoy figuring out what taboo topic you should talk about. And if you’re already a taboo converser, this quiz will guess how you’re breaking taboos in every day life.

Comment below and let me know what you got on What Taboo Topic Should You Discuss? What do you think of your result? Do you feel comfortable talking about the topic you got? Why or why not?


What Do You Love To Talk About?

Do you enjoy a good conversation? I think conversation is definitely a dying art form, especially with the introduction of social media and smart phones. Sometimes I feel like I’m just about to have a good conversation with someone, and then they take out their phone to check Facebook. Argh!

Whether you’re shy or outgoing, there’s likely something you love to talk about? Relationships? Love? Politics? In my experience, finding out what you want to talk about can help you be a better conversationalist.

Take my latest quiz to find out – What Do You Love to Talk About?


Quiz: Do You Talk Too Much?


Have you ever been told that you talk too much? I certainly have, but I definitely think it’s because the person in question didn’t like what I was saying! In all seriousness, it’s hard to tell if we are talking too much or talking too little. We all want to keep the conversation going without giving a monologue.

Are you a good conversationalist? Or do you talk too much? I think we all struggle sometimes with knowing when to speak up and when to listen. It’s been said that talking too much can be as socially detrimental as not talking enough. Do you agree with this? I may be biased as someone who talks too much, but I think it’s good to talk when in doubt. Yes, this sometimes means I interrupt and go on too long. But it also means that people know I am interested in and engaged with them. At least, that’s my justification 🙂

So yes, I really do worry about talking too much sometimes, but it’s because I also worry about not talking enough. To be honest, in some ways I think I may talk too much because I am an introvert. I have another introvert friend who feels similarly. Because I am such an introvert and so naturally shy, I think I talk too much to overcompensate. Ugh! It’s a fine line to walk.

My own worry about talking too much is why I developed a quiz about it: Do You Talk Too Much? Since your friends won’t tell you the truth, this quiz will.

Give Do You Talk Too Much? a try, and let me know what you think. Does your result match how much you actually talk? Do you think there’s such a thing as talking too much? If so, where do you draw the line?