New Quiz: What Color Leaf Are You?

colorful leaves
What color leaf best fits you?

Are fall colors in full swing wherever you live? This is my favorite time of the year… not just of the season! I love the colors of mid-fall, and it’s not freezing cold yet. Halloween is in the air, and we’re just starting to think about Thanksgiving. I felt like it was just about time for another autumn quiz, and what better subject than leave colors?

Take my latest quiz: What Color Leaf Are You? to learn which leaf color you are most like. I hope you enjoy this very autumn quiz 🙂 Let me know what you get and if you think it matches your personality.


New Quiz: What’s Your Autumn Lipstick Personality?

woman in field
What lipstick color should you wear this fall?

Happy first day of fall! I am so excited for all that fall brings – including new fashions and (yes!) makeup. Fall is a fun time to reevaluate our wardrobes, and I also love wearing a little more makeup this time of year. I love to ge the fall fashion issues of my favorite magazines and check out all the new makeup trends.

Inspired by fall changes in color (both natural and human-made), I wrote my latest quiz: What’s Your Autumn Lipstick Personality? I loved writing this quiz, and it made me realize that Blogthings definitely should have more beauty quizzes 🙂 Give it a go and let me know what you think. Do you change up your makeup in the fall?


New Quiz: What Color is Your Superhero Uniform? Find Your Superhero Colors With This Quiz.

What color superhero uniform should you wear?

Have you ever imagined yourself as a superhero? I know that I have. Lately, I have been really into the Marvel shows on Netflix (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage), and they have me daydreaming about a superhero life! Superhero uniforms from my childhood were pretty cheesy (aside from Wonder Woman), but they can be pretty stylish now. I’d be proud to dress up like a superhero for Halloween for for a costume party.

When I imagine myself as a superhero, I think about what my superhero name would be, what superpower I would have, and even what kind of superhero I would be. And thankfully, I already have quizzes for all that! But when I go further into my superhero plans, I need to know more specifics – like what would my uniform look like? What color would it be? I guess it’s time for another quiz!

Are you also wondering what your superhero costume would look like? If so, take my latest quiz: What Color is Your Superhero Uniform? You’ll get a result based on color theory that tells you what sort of superhero you’d be, and what your personality is like in general. For anyone who’s a fan of superhero stories, this quiz is for you! It doesn’t matter what kind of fan you are – this quiz works for any superhero universe.

What would your superhero costume look like? Take the quiz, and let me know what you get. Also let me know if you have any favorite superheroes 🙂

Don’t forget to take these superhero themed quizzes as well!

What’s Your Superhero Name? – If you were a superhero, what would your name be? Take this quick quiz to find out!

What Should Your Superpower Be?
– If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? It’s one of the most important questions! Luckily this quiz will tell you.

What’s Your Supervillain Name?
– Sure we all think of ourselves as superheroes, but some of us are secretly supervillains. Better get your Super Villain name just in case!

What Superpower Could You Develop?
– Not all superheroes are born with their powers. What power could you evolve to have over time?

What Superheroine Are You?
– Ladies, this one’s for you! We often get left out of the superhero fun, but not with this quiz. Take it to see which female superhero you are most like.


New Quiz: What Bold Color Are You?

woman surfing
What Bold Color Are You?

Do you love bold colors? I do! When I need a pick me up or a boost of confidence, I always turn toward bold colors. In particular, I like the bold colors that are more deep and saturated, as opposed to being simply bright.

When I was thinking about those saturated, bold colors that inspire me most, they all come from nature. There’s nothing better than a deep ocean blue or a bright fire red, as far as I’m concerned. Needless to say, these gorgeous natural colors were the basis of my latest quiz: What Bold Color Are You?

If you enjoy nature or simply appreciate bold colors, than this quiz is for you! This quiz stays true to the color archetypes we all know and love, but the more natural bend may give you a bit of new insight. While writing this quiz, I really became aware of all the ways people can be bold, and I hope it helps you discover your inner boldness!


What Should Your Favorite Color Be?


Do you have a favorite color? Are you sure it’s your favorite color? I don’t know about you, but every so often, I have a favorite color identity crisis. I like to think that my favorite color is purple, but I’m not always sure. Purple is best in small doses, and I may get too much of it 🙂 Also, I know that purple lovers are supposed to be wise, but I’m not so sure about that one for myself.

So I decided to write a quiz that tells you what your favorite color should be based on your life philosophy. This is a fun one to take anytime – your results will probably vary from day to day and hour to hour. Check it out to get your own custom favorite color: What Should Your Favorite Color Be?

So far I’m seeing a lot of people surprised by what color they get (orange, anyone?). Some people are using the quiz to reaffirm their favorite color – mostly those who are blue fans 🙂 Post your quiz result on Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest and I’ll see it 🙂


What Color Tights Are You?

blue, pink, yellow, and black tights

Ladies, do you like to wear tights? I don’t get the opportunity to wear them much in Texas, but this time of year I do 🙂 I kind of have a fashion dream of living in the Northeast or Pacific Northwest, where tights would be part of my everyday wardrobe.

I came across some fun tight colors on my favorite photo site, and I just knew I had to write a quiz about tight colors. Here you go: What Color Tights Are You? Let me know what you get… and if you would actually wear that color tights.

Discussion question: What is the most unique pair of tights you’ve worn… or simply seen?


What Color Team Would You Be On?

woman drinking water on team

Do you enjoy being on a team? I’m not just talking about sports teams… any kind of team counts, including for activism, volunteering, school, or work. I’m like to be a on team if the right people are on it 🙂

To see what your team personality is, take my latest quiz: What Color Team Would You Be On? You’ll learn what your strengths and weaknesses are on a team. I hope you like this quiz! I know a lot of us on Blogthings are more lone wolf types, but it’s sometimes fun to see how we would work together.

Discussion question: When was the last time you were on a team?


New Quiz: What’s Your Personality Color?

woman with orange flower
What color is your personality? This color quiz may surprise you!

People often ask me where I get my quiz ideas from. I honestly have no idea, but I will say that I have quite a file of them! Actually, that’s not quite true – I have many files with many ideas and notes. Needless to say, I’m not the most organized person in the world, so a lot of these ideas and notes get lost for quite some time… until I discover them again. It’s cool by me, because I just “happen” to discover a lot of quiz ideas and notes just when I’m in the mood to write them. If you’re a longtime fan who’s suggested a quiz topic only to see it show up years later, this is why!

Today’s quiz is one from my “lost files” from many years ago. In fact, I found the date on it… December 2004. Oops! Once I realized I had been planning on writing this quiz for so long, I had to sit down and write it. (How many of you were in high school or even in junior high back in 2004? It’s been a while, right?) I think the thing that took me so long to write this quiz is that it is yet another color quiz, and Blogthings has many of those. However, after I looked at my notes, I noticed that this quiz was kind of different for some of the colors than most color quizzes – so I thought it would throw it out there. Maybe you’ll find a whole new side to your favorite color outcome … or a whole new color!

Take What’s Your Personality Color?, and let me know what you get. I’m curious to see how this quiz may match up with other color quizzes you’ve taken.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What’s Your Personality Color? Is it true for you?
  2. What were you doing in December, 2004? I was just getting Blogthings started, and MySpace / LiveJournal were huge!
  3. Take What’s Your Power Color? What do you think of your result? How does it compare to this newer color quiz?



New Quiz: The Red Nail Polish Test

five different colors of red nail polish
What shade of red nail polish best suits your personality? (Guys can take this quiz too!)

As far as the world is concerned, summertime is peak toe season. It’s the prime time to have feet on display, and I think we all like our piggies to look their best. (This goes for you too guys! I think sandals look great on guys.) I don’t always have polished toenails, but I try to enjoy them in the summer. I do them myself, because I’m too cheap and impatient to get a pedicure. I just get my supplies together, turn on a movie on Netflix, and get to painting.

I just read that the newest nail color for summer is denim. Cute idea, but I think I’ll stick with basic colors, like red. Red never goes out of style, and there’s a shade of red that looks good on everyone. Red nail polish signifies bold, “look at me” nails and toes. Red is a color for when you’re feeling confident… or for when you need a confidence boost. You can never go wrong with red!

Because I am feeling summery, I thought it would be fun to devote a whole image quiz to red nail polish. I stuck to five shades, although I know there are thousands to choose from 🙂 If you’re a guy (or not a nail polish fan), you can still take this quiz. The results are gender neutral and not beauty related. If you don’t do your own nails, just pick the color you think would look best on someone else: The Red Nail Polish Test. Let me know what you think of your result below!

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on The Red Nail Polish Test? Is it true for you?
  2. Is there anything you do to get ready for summer, beauty / body wise? Tan? Get fit? Manicure or pedicure?
  3. Do you prefer red nail polish or another color?
  4. Take What Color Red Are You? What do you think of your result?

New Quiz: What Color is Your Logo?

What would color logo would your personal brand have?
What would color logo would your personal brand have?

Have you considered what it would be like if you were a company? It’s kind of a weird question to ask, but it’s becoming a more popular idea. As we all have public faces to one extent or another online, the idea of a “personal brand” becomes interesting. Is your personal brand friendly and accessible? Progressive and future oriented? Disruptive and controversial? I don’t agree with the experts who think we have to absolutely think this way for every online interaction. However, I do think it’s fun to think about in more of a personal psychology sort of way.

The other day I ran across an article linking brand colors to certain associations. There is nothing interesting about this… people have been talking about the colors of brands and what they mean for a long time. Like almost everyone, you’ve probably noticed that Whole Foods and Starbucks are big on green, while McDonalds and Subway are big on yellow. Colors create a certain association for a business – whether it’s growth for green or optimistic for yellow.

This got me thinking about if I were a brand, what would my color be? So of course, I wrote a quiz to find out! See what your logo color would be with my latest quiz: What Color is Your Logo? Comment below and let me know what you get!

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What Color is Your Logo? Is it true for you?
  2. Are there any logos for businesses that you love? Which ones?
  3. What color combinations have you noticed businesses using that you enjoy?
  4. Do you spend time thinking about your own personal brand? How would you like others to see you?