What’s Your Fall Drink Personality? 8 Quizzes to Find Out!

A chile mocha (or plain ole spicy mocha) is one of my favorite fall drinks!
A chile mocha (or plain ole spicy mocha) is one of my favorite fall drinks!

I don’t know about you, but my cravings always tell me when it’s fall. And the number one thing I crave in the fall are warm drinks. Yes, even during the warmer days of Texas fall, I still appreciate a warm and toasty drink on those chilly mornings.

Each fall I am inspired to write a couple new drink quizzes – and to retake some old favorites. Here are my personal picks for fall drink quizzes from Blogthings. Best taken with a warm drink, obviously 🙂

What Autumn Drink Are You? – Let’s start with the basics. What fall drink are you most like? I recommend this quiz to anyone who is not the craziest about trendy fall drinks, because it includes things like beer, apple cider, and mulled wine. With eight outcomes, this covers all the old and modern classics.

What Part of a Pumpkin Spice Latte Are You? – Are you crazy about the PSL? Or maybe just crazy for pumpkin spice? If so, this is the quiz for you. I will be the first to admit that I was a Pumpkin Spice Latte skeptic, and while the Starbucks version is too sweet for me, I do enjoy making my own homemade version!

What Starbucks Fall Drink Are You? – Do you think outside the pumpkin shell? This quiz celebrates all things fall at Starbucks – including Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I recently updated this quiz to include a couple new Starbucks drinks, so I think you’ll enjoy taking it, even if you’ve taken it before.

What Part of a Chai Tea Are You? – When it comes to fall drinks, I tend to go classic and prefer the perfect chai tea (plenty spicy, not too sweet). So of course, I had to include my quiz that pays homage to this delicious beverage!

What Does Your Latte Say About You? – While it’s true that a latte can be enjoyed year round, I really start to crave them in the fall. (Iced lattes are fine in summer, but they aren’t really lattes to me.) Give this quiz your latte preferences, and find out all about yourself!

What Starbucks Hot Chocolate Are You? – Hot chocolate is honestly more of a winter drink for me, but I do crave it on the coldest fall nights. I couldn’t leave this favorite cool weather treat out of the lineup, so here you go. Warning: I *always* crave a hot chocolate after taking this quiz.

The Cappuccino Test – So many fall drinks are such big treats, but sometimes I want something lighter and more portable. For my quick autumn fix, nothing is better that a small cappuccino. Do you agree? Pick your favorite cappuccino in this image quiz, and see what it says about you.

What Flavor Mocha Are You? – If I had to make one prediction about fall drinks, it would be that the mocha latte is going to be the new pumpkin spice latte one of these days. What do you think? I wouldn’t mind – I love a good mocha, especially if you make it spicy. Take this quiz to find out what mocha best suits you!



The Warmth and Coziness of the Perfect Latte

Latte with a leaf drawn into it
What does latte are say about you?

It’s been feeling quite wintery every morning, even though it isn’t officially winter in the northern hemisphere. I know I’m a wimp, but I start to get cold when it’s even ten degrees or so above freezing 🙂 So right now, I’m sitting here with a warm sweater on and a blanket around my legs… and I’m still cold. I sure wish my dog would cuddle with me.

When there’s a chill in the air, I crave a creamy, delicious latte.  Make mine vanilla or hazelnut please! Something about the warmth and smoothness really perks me up on a cold day. Of course, I’m sure the caffeine doesn’t hurt either. I like to have a latte before breakfast to start up my body a bit. The milk (or in my case soy / almond milk) keeps me full while I’m still waking and warming up.

One of the things I love best about lattes is the art. If you ask me, latte art deserves to be recognized as its own art form. It’s extremely beautiful, and I think it takes talent to make some of the more complicated designs. I feel tickled whenever a barista makes a special little design in my drink. That’s what originally inspired The Latte Art Test. Take it, and tell me if it’s accurate for you!

Also, comment and let me know if you’re a big latte drinker. Where is your favorite place to get a latte? Starbucks? Coffee bean? An indie place? Your own kitchen? Also, what is your ideal latte like? Mine is made with really high quality espresso that’s a little sweet and chocolatey tasting. Add to that a high quality almond milk (or soy barista blend in a pinch). Then I’d like it topped with just a dusting of cocoa and cinnamon. That’s really not too much to ask for is it? 😉


The Cappuccino Test

On cold winter mornings like these, there’s nothing I want more than a nice warm coffee drink. I love cappuccinos because they’re so little and cute and artistic. When I found these fun images, I just knew they would be the subject of my next quiz. Give it a whirl: The Cappuccino Test

What did you think of this one? Did your result describe your personality well? Why or why not?