What Color Team Would You Be On?

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Do you enjoy being on a team? I’m not just talking about sports teams… any kind of team counts, including for activism, volunteering, school, or work. I’m like to be a on team if the right people are on it ūüôā

To see what your team personality is, take my latest quiz:¬†What Color Team Would You Be On?¬†You’ll learn what your strengths and weaknesses are on a team. I hope you like this quiz! I know a lot of us on Blogthings are more lone wolf types, but it’s sometimes fun to see how we would work together.

Discussion question: When was the last time you were on a team?


New Quiz: How Will You Get to the Top?

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What makes you a success? Take my latest quiz to find your quickest way to the top.

Have you thought about what makes you successful in life? And also maybe what factors for success that are not so strong for you? I have spent a lot of time thinking about both these things. Like many of you, I have my strengths and weaknesses – and they are pretty obvious. I may do okay when it comes to creativity in work and thinking up ideas… but working with others is not my strong suit. I would not do well with office politics, and I’m probably not assertive enough for most corporate environments. Some people I know, on the other hand, are socially savvy. They may not be the most creative or hard working, but they make themselves indispensable¬†with people skills.

I love the idea of figuring out the strengths that each of us have in life. I buy a lot into popular positive psychology and its idea of finding your own strengths to emphasize. Some of us may never be good at small talk or math or design – and that’s fine. Use what you’ve got, and you’ll get far. My latest quiz,¬†How Will You Get to the Top?, is inspired by this idea. Let me know what you get, and what your strengths¬†are.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on How Will You Get to the Top? Is it true for you?
  2. What do you think is your strength in life? (This could be a career strength, a school strength, or any other sort of strength that makes you more effective.)
  3. What’s a strength that others have that you feel like you lack? Or that you’re at least not above average for? How do you compensate with other strengths?
  4. Take What Should You Work With? What do you think of your result?



New Quiz: What Color is Your Logo?

What would color logo would your personal brand have?
What would color logo would your personal brand have?

Have you considered what it would be like if you were a company? It’s kind of a weird question to ask, but it’s becoming a more popular idea. As we all have public faces to one extent or another online, the idea of a “personal brand” becomes interesting. Is your personal brand friendly and accessible? Progressive and future oriented? Disruptive and controversial? I don’t agree with the experts who think we have to absolutely think this way for every online interaction. However, I do think it’s fun to think about in more of a personal psychology sort of way.

The other day I ran across an article linking brand colors to certain associations. There is nothing interesting about this… people have been talking about the colors of brands and what they mean for a long time. Like almost everyone, you’ve probably noticed that Whole Foods and Starbucks are big on green, while McDonalds and Subway are big on yellow. Colors create a certain association for a business – whether it’s growth for green or optimistic for yellow.

This got me thinking about if I were a brand, what would my color be? So of course, I wrote a quiz to find out! See what your logo color would be with my latest quiz: What Color is Your Logo? Comment below and let me know what you get!

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What Color is Your Logo? Is it true for you?
  2. Are there any logos for businesses that you love? Which ones?
  3. What color combinations have you noticed businesses using that you enjoy?
  4. Do you spend time thinking about your own personal brand? How would you like others to see you?

New Quiz: The POGS Personality Test

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Are you powerful, organized, grounded, or social?

Have you heard of the DISC personality test? If you’ve spent a fair amount of time in corporate environments, you probably have. The DISC personality test is based on 20th century industrial psychology, and it measures people along four dimensions – originally dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance. Although these sorts of measurements seem a bit industrial and jargon-y to me, I thought this was an interesting way to look at personality, so I looked further and decided to develop my own test: The POGS Personality Test

While the original DISC test has a dominance scale, I updated my result to be power. I think dominance has quite a few negative connotations, and I think it’s more useful to think of that type as powerful and in control instead. Instead of having¬†compliance as a result, I updated that to organized. For a while people used conscientiousness instead of compliance, but I thought organized was a better fit for someone who has good control of one’s life. (And thinking of someone as being compliant just seems creepy to me!) Instead of submission (or as some people like, steadiness), I picked grounded. I just like that word and what it connotes ūüôā And finally, instead of inducement (or for modern tests, influence), I picked social, since that is the most social type.

Anyway, whether you like the original DISC framework or not, I hope you find some insight from¬†The POGS Personality Test. I also reworked the test a bit to make it less career oriented while still being career applicable. I know we are all in different phases in our lives, and I think personality typology is still useful outside of the workplace. (It’s also my little rebellion against Americans making too much about work!)

Let me know what you got on¬†The POGS Personality Test. Does your result fit you? If you’ve taken the DISC test before, I’d like to know how your result on my POGS test compares ūüôā


Quiz: What’s Your Ideal Career?

female journalist with a press pass, camera, and tape recorder
What should you be when you grow up?

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? If you’re like many of us, you probably know what you want to be sometimes… and you probably change your mind often. I find that not knowing what you want to be when you grow up is not just for the young – adults of all ages end up reconsidering their careers. There’s so many great options in this world that it’s hard to choose just one career.

When I was young, I never thought I would grow up to write personality quizzes on the internet. The commercial internet wasn’t even really a thing when I was a kid. I did enjoy non-fiction writing a lot, but I never thought it would actually be what I did. If you had asked me back then, I would have said something like lawyer or economist or mathematician. While all those are worthy professions, I’m having a lot more fun as a quiz writer and website coder. I am finally at the place where what I want to be when I grow up is actually what I am. Good thing too, because I’m all grown up ūüėČ

Whether you know what you want to be when you grow up or not, taking¬†What’s Your Ideal Career?¬†may be useful for you. It will either point you in the right direction or validate the path you have already chosen.¬†What’s Your Ideal Career?¬†is a basic career aptitude test with a Blogthings twist. It will tell you your career personality type, as well as careers that you might be well suited for.

Please Take¬†What’s Your Ideal Career?, and let me know what you get. Do you think your result is accurate? What do you want to be when you grow up? Was your career (or something similar to it) on the list?


How Do You Lead?

Do you love to lead or is it something you reluctantly take charge? We all have to be a leader at some point, and we all have different leadership styles. Find yours with my latest quiz: How Do You Lead?

Comment below with your result, and let me know if you rather lead, follow, or get out of the way!


What Should You Work With?

colored pencils
What are your best work tools? Take this test to find out!

I truly¬† believe that every person is creative – it is all about finding the right medium or tools to facilitate those artistic visions. Do you feel like you’re in a rut? If so, then I’ve got the quiz for you!

What do you work best with? What Should You Work With?


What Popular Career Are You?

woman sketching on paper
What career is best for you? Take this quiz to find out!

Have you ever wondered if you’re pursuing the right career? I recently read that the average person switches careers (not jobs) a half dozen times in his or her life. I think we all dream of new careers at some point in our lives, and taking a career quiz can help sort things out.

What career is your personality most like? What Popular Career Are You?


Quiz: What Field of Science Are You?


Do you like science? I have to admit that when I was in school, science was my least favorite subject. Science just seemed so boring and gross to me when I was a kid. I didn’t want to dissect a fetal pig! Ugh, my science assignments were really disgusting… can’t pretend otherwise. In retrospect, I do think it was poor science instruction that turned me off from science – not the subject itself. After all, math was my absolute favorite subject. Science without the dissection ūüôā

Now that I’ve grown up a bit, I find science to be so fascinating. It helps to be out of middle school biology class I’m sure. I’m very interested in how the world works, and I love the new answers science provides each day. I think all of the fields of science are so interesting, and my favorite is probably biology or medicine – which would surprise my 7th grade self. Then again, every time I look up at the stars, I think astronomy is my favorite. It’s so hard to choose.

So could I be a scientist? Maybe… It would be a lot of work! For now, I’ll just dream about it with my latest quiz, What Field of Science Are You? If you’re like me and love science, then this quiz will help you figure out what field of science you like the best. And if you’re a science loather like I was in school, this quiz may help you discover a field of science that you’d like to learn more about!

Give What Field of Science Are You? a try, and let me know what you think. Do you get a field of science that you love? Comment below and let me know. I’d also love to know what sort of scientific subjects you like to read about.