What Bird Are You?

beautiful eagle

Happy Monday! And happy National Bird Day. Did you know there was such a thing? I recently learned that January 5th is a day all for celebrating birds, which I think is pretty cool. I was not that into birds until I first came to Austin in the winter – a January weekend many years ago. When Mr. Blogthings and I went out for our first dinner, I could hear so many birds nearby and couldn’t believe it. It made Austin feel like such a welcoming place coming from the dead of winter 🙂

Over the past few years, I have become an amateur bird watcher. I see so many birds in my little backyard, and it’s fun to just chill out and watch them do their thing. I’m not professional enough to identify many bird types (I think I have bluebird and cardinal down though!), but maybe I’ll get into that over time.

I think that no matter how much we like or ignore birds, there is probably at least one bird that we identify with. Some of us feel brave and independent like eagles. Others feel graceful and peaceful like swans. It’s hard for me to think about birds without thinking about personality types. Of course, they come up quite a bit as power or spirit animals… but I think that we relate to birds on a more base level.

Celebrate National Bird Day by taking my quiz: What Bird Are You? You’ll find out what popular bird you’re most like, and what that bird says about your personality. Are you a crow, hawk, eagle, swan, or songbird? Take What Bird Are You? to find out. Let me know what you get on this quiz and what you think of your result!

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New Quiz: The Owl Test

five colorful hand draw owls
Which of these owls do you like best? And what does it say about your personality?

When was the last time you saw an owl? I don’t see many owls living in the city, but if I get up early enough I’ll often see a barn owl at sunrise during my morning walks. And since it’s getting warmer out, I am going on walks earlier and earlier. So seeing an owl may just been in the cards for me.

I love owls – they’re so beautiful, mysterious, and even spooky. I was thinking about doing an owl themed quiz for a while, and I so happen to know that at least one of our readers is a huge owl fan. I’d love to do a quiz about owl types as far as personality goes, but I haven’t found or done any research on this yet. So I was instead inspired to do an owl image quiz after buying some great owl drawings by an independent artist. Each of the owls above immediately seemed to have distinct personalities to me. Do you agree?

Pick the owl you like best in The Owl Test, and see what it says about your personality. I tried to keep each outcome as owl inspired as possible, so I added bits in about your relationship to night and solitude – the two things owls are known for. Let me know what you think of your result, and owls in general, below.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on The Owl Test? Is it true for you?
  2. Do you see owls often? If so, where do you see them?
  3. Are you nocturnal like an owl? Or are you more of a day person?
  4. Owls are known for preferring solitude. Are you the same way?
  5. Take What’s Your Power Bird? Do you happen to get owl as a result? Or something else?

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New Quiz: What’s Your Spirit Animal?

wolf in the forest howling
What animal guides you?

Do you have a spirit animal? A spirit animal is an animal that shares your traits. In particular, imagining your spirit animal is supposed to ground you, balance you, and lead you during difficult times. A spirit animal or power animal is a shamanistic concept that has been around for hundreds of years. The idea of adopting a spirit animal among non-shamans only became popular in the 1980s.

When someone suggested this quiz topic to me on Facebook, I immediately jumped on it. I am a huge animal lover. I also love the idea of anything that can sooth us or help us during difficult times. Spirit animals have been considered to be empowering and even essential for certain cultures. Everyone should have one 🙂

Some people say that the best way to find your spirit animal is through quiet reflection. I definitely recommend this approach if you feel like it would be useful. I have tried to do this myself from time to time, but I always draw a blank. (Unless my spirit animal is a monkey… and I kinda doubt that!)

So, as I like to say about Blogthings… “We have a quiz for that!” My latest quiz will help you figure out your spirit animal: What’s Your Spirit Animal? I based it on old fashioned, cross cultural animal meanings and significances. Even if the animal you get isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, hopefully this quiz will set you in the right direction.

Discussion topics (Comment below and let me know any or all of these):

  1. What do you get on What’s Your Spirit Animal? Is it true for you?
  2. Do you have an animal that you feel a strong kinship with?
  3. Who do you get along better with – animals or people?
  4. Have you ever rescued an animal?

What Forest Animal Are You?

I have always found the forest to be one of the most peaceful places in the world. I love being right in nature among all the animals. There’s nothing quite like being in a place so quiet that you can focus in on every sound.

Do you agree? Do you love the forest? If so, take my latest quiz: What Forest Animal Are You?

Comment below to let me know what your result was – and whether you think it fits your personality or not.


What Australian Animal Are You?

kangaroo in australia
What Australian animal are you most like? Take this personality test to find out.

I just love Australian animals. They’re so cute, but I’m told not to let their cuteness fool me…especially when it comes to koalas. I have even petted a kangaroo once, and it was awesome!

What animal from down under are you? What Australian Animal Are You?


What Breed of Horse Are You?

appaloosa horse
What breed of horse are you most like? Take this quiz to find out!

If you were a horse, what kind of horse would you be? What Breed of Horse Are You?


What Safari Animal Are You?

zebras on a safari
What African animal are you most like? Take this quiz to find out!

What common safari animal are you most like? What Safari Animal Are You?


What’s Your Chinese Zodiac Animal?

What’s Your Chinese Zodiac Animal? – What animal of the Chinese Zodiac are you most like?


The Butterfly Test

The Butterfly Test – How do you flutter through life?


The Zebra Test

Zebras are pretty interesting. They are all quite unique, but when you put them together, only one or two really stand out. Just like people!

What about you? Do you stand out or blend in? Take The Zebra Test to learn more.