Do You Have a 4D Personality?

Is your personality in full 4D? Take this quiz to find out if you hav a 4D personality.

Have you ever met someone whose personality was totally out of this world? You know the type of person – someone who’s creative, dynamic, optimistic, and just a lot of fun! Maybe even you are such a person yourself. I have recently learned the term 4D personality, and I totally dig it. I aspire to have a 4D personality, although I may be too much of a wall flower to have one.

So here’s the gist on a 4D personality…it’s really quite simple. Instead of someone who’s 3D like the rest of us, someone 4D just adds a whole extra dimension of fun and excitement to life. Someone with a 4D personality is zany and wild, to the point of seeming out of this world. I’m not sure where the term 4D personality comes from (comment and let me know if you do), but maybe K-pop?

Anyway, I decided to write a quiz to determine if someone has a 4D personality, but even if you don’t have one, I think you’ll find your result illuminating. I tried to think of the ways in which having a certain number of dimensions to your personality could be a strength. So in fact, this is a strengths based personality quiz. It’s not a bad thing to get 1D, 2D, or 3D on this quiz if you don’t get 4d. Being a 4D doesn’t make you a better person, just as being a 1D or 2D doesn’t make you a worse person.

Now it’s time to find out if you have a 4D personality. Take my latest quiz: Do You Have a 4D Personality? and let me know what you get! Do you agree with your result? Comment below and let me know.