The 12 Best Personality Quizzes for Girls to Take Right Now

two girls having fun
Looking for some girls only quizzes! Then take these personality tests.

I love writing quizzes because I grew up taking quizzes is magazines. If you are at least 30, you probably have similar memories of fun magazine quizzes written specifically for girls and women. Heck, I know they still exist, but they were even more of a thing in the 2000s, 90s, 80s, and beyond!

Whether you also liked magazine quizzes or simply want some fun female directed personality tests, then I’ve got the collection for you. All of these quizzes are “girls only” which means no guys allowed. Bond with your favorite ladies over these quizzes, or just take them along with me:

What Famous Pinup Are You?
– Are you more of a Bettie Page or Marilyn Monroe type? This quiz will tell you which classic pinup’s style you should rock. I love taking this body positive quiz with my friends!

How Girly Are You?
– Are you a total girly girl, tomboy, or something in between? Take this quiz to see how girly you are compared to the rest of the world. No wrong answers with this one!

What Women’s Hairstyle Is Right For You?
– Looking for a new style? Then you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive quiz will recommend a new hairstyle for you.

What Kind of Girl Are You?
– How do people see you? Are you brainy, career oriented, sporty, or new age? This quiz will tell you what type of girl (or woman) you are.

What Type of Beauty Are You?
– I truly believe that we women are all beautiful in our own way, and this quiz reflects that. Find out of you are a classical beauty or natural beauty with this uplifting beauty quiz.

Do You Have A Bad Girl Reputation?
– We can’t control our reputations, and sometimes they are very unfair. Take this quiz to learn what sort of reputation you have and why.

What’s Your Beauty Element?
– What element is your beauty most connected to? Are you more of an earthy beauty or a fiery beauty? Take this quiz to find out!

What Color Nail Polish Best Fits You?
– In my opinion, it’s not really a girls day without some nails getting painted. I’m more of a DIY girl than a manicure girl… I like to change colors all the time. Whether you get your nails done by a pro or do them yourself, take this quiz to find out what color polish you should have.

What Goddess Are You?
– Have you noticed the trend where women are embracing their inner goddesses? I love it! Find out which goddess you are most like with this quiz!

What Kind of Bikini Are You?
– Get ready for summer with this fun bikini quiz! I love this quiz because I can “try on” various bikinis without being in a dressing room. Take this quiz for a little bikini fashion inspiration.

What Decade Diva Are You?
– Do you get your style inspiration from a particular decade or era? I personally love some of the bolder mod looks from the 1960s for right now. Take this quiz to learn which decade best suits you.

How Well Do You Understand Men?
– As much as we may love these girls only quizzes, we also live in the world, which is approximately half men πŸ˜‰ Take this quiz to see if you have men all figured out… or if you have a few things to learn!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Here’s 9 Quizzes to Celebrate Today

three margaritas
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo today with these festive quizzes!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Down with Napoleon the Third! While this fun holiday has serious roots, we mostly celebrate Cinco de Mayo with delicious food and drink. And hey, that’s okay with me. I’ll take any excuse for a taco and a margarita πŸ™‚

Are you ready for some Cinco de Mayo fun! Then take these quizzes with me:

What Flavor Margarita Are You?
– In my opinion, it’s not Cinco de Mayo without something fun to drink. Margaritas, Mexican beer, agua frescas – any or all of these are ideal. I’m personally a margarita fan, and if you are too, you’re going to want to take this quiz!

Are You a Taco, Burrito, or Tostada?
– Now that we’ve got something to drink, it’s time to find some Cinco de Mayo food. Let’s start casually! Do you want a taco, burrito, or tostada? Take this quiz to learn which one best suits you.

What’s Your Mexican Name?
– I love Mexican names! So many people in my area have Mexican and Mexican inspired names, and they are so beautiful. While I don’t have a Mexican name, you pronounce it the same in Spanish and English which is a start πŸ™‚ Take this quiz to see what your Mexican name should be for Cinco de Mayo!

What Mexican Food Are You?
– Want a wider variety of Mexican food options for Cinco de Mayo? Heck yes, I think we do. Take this quiz to find out what kind of Mexican food you should be eating. And since I’m from Texas, of course I put a Tex-Mex spin on this one.

The Mexico Test
– Have you ever dreamed of going to Mexico? I went once, years ago, and I’d like to go again. Simply select the Mexico photo you like best, and see what it says about you.

The Taco Test
– If you’re going to visit Mexico (or simply celebrate Cinco de Mayo like a champ), then you better love tacos. I sure do, and I have been known to eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all on the same day! Mark your taco preferences on this quiz, and learn what your taco says about you!

Could You Pass 8th Grade Spanish?
– Want to show off your Spanish this Cinco de Mayo? You better find out if your Spanish is good enough! I speak some Spanish, but it can be a bit rusty at times. So I can barely pass eighth grade Spanish. What about you? Take this quiz to find out!

What Taco Bell Food Are You?
– I’m just going to be honest here… I’m celebrating Sesame Street with Taco Bell this year! That’s life with a toddler. At least the Taco Bell here serves booze. Do you also love Taco Bell? Take this quiz to learn what Taco Bell meal you should be eating.

What Does Your Chipotle Order Say About You?
– Or are you maybe more of a Chipotle fan? I go there too! Put in your Chipotle order for Cinco de Mayo for this quiz, and learn what it says about you.

May the 4th Be With You! 6 Fun Personality Quizzes for Star Wars Fans

Happy May the 4th! This is the day that we celebrate all things Star Wars. Because “May the 4th Be With You” sounds a lot like “May the Force Be With You”! Yes, it’s corny, but I will take it. I love any reason to celebrate Star Wars.

What about you? Are you a Star Wars fan? Do you prefer the newer movies or the older movies? I generally like to kick it old school, but I’ll be honest and say any Star Wars movie will do. Especially if it has lots of Chewbacca.Β  That’s why this silly holiday is so special to me πŸ™‚

Ready to celebrate May the 4th with me? Than check out the quizzes below. Some are Star Wars themed, while others are all about space. I’d really like to have more Star Wars quizzes on Blogthings, so let me know which ones you’d like to see!

What Is Your Star Wars Name and Title?
– If you lived in the Star Wars universe, what would your name be? Take this wacky quiz to find out. Your result may be a bit weird, but Star Wars names are weird!

Are You Star Wars or Star Trek?
– Personally, I love them both, but I am drawn more to one (can you guess?). What about you? Take this quiz to see if you should be in the Star Wars or Star Trek universe.

What Planet Should You Rule?
– In our known universe, which planet should you be the leader of? Take this quiz to find out which planet you should rule. While there aren’t any Star Wars planets represented, wouldn’t you rather be the leader of a planet that exists.

What Are the Chances that You’ve Been Abducted by Aliens?
– If you think about it, Princess Leia was abducted by aliens. Or at least captured by aliens! What are the chances that you’ve been abducted by aliens and don’t know it? This quiz will let you know!

How Are You Out of This World?
– Like the characters on Star Wars, we are all out of this world in our own ways!

What Constellation Are You?
– I think part of the reason that I like Star Wars so much is that I’m an avowed star gazer. Do you like to also look up at the stars? Take this quiz to learn what constellation you are most like.

10 “About Me” Personality Quizzes to Learn More About Yourself Today

Woman taking quizzes on laptop
Learn more about yourself with these 10 personality quizzes.

Are you not sure how to describe yourself to others? Or are you maybe just looking to learn more about yourself today? These quizzes are all about you – which is why I call them “about me” quizzes!

These personality quizzes are quick, but they are reported as highly accurate by fellow Blogthings quiz takers. While some personality quizzes are silly, these are very insightful and based on lots of observational psychological research. Let me know what your favorite quiz is in the comments below!

Check out all of the quizzes below to learn more about how you tick:

What sort of sleeper are you? Take this quick sleeping personality quiz to find out!

What Does Your Sleeping Style Say About You? – Have you ever learned about other people’s sleeping habits and wondered how they could sleep that way? Our sleeping styles are as unique as our personalities. Take this quiz to learn how your personality relates to your sleeping habits.

Have you had the life experiences of a young teenager or mature adult?

How Much Life Experience Do You Have? – Do you feel like you’ve lived a life full of experiences? Or do you think you’re just getting started in life? This quiz will tell you how you stack up in the life experience department.

What part of your brain do you use the most? Take this fun psychological test to find out!

Are You a Thinker, Doer, Talker, or Observer? – Has anyone ever told you that you talk too much? Or that you quietly sit back and spend too much time in your own head? I personally loathe evaluations like this, because I think we each have our own strengths and ways of getting things done. This quiz shows you where you shine.. in areas that others may judge you for.

What animal do you connect with?

What’s Your Spirit Animal? – Have you ever felt like there was an animal that you connect with? I think a lot of us have… these are often referred to as spirit animals or totem animals. Take this quiz to learn what your spirit animal is.

What's your personality like?

Are You Bouncy, Bold, Behaved, or Balanced? – How do you take the world on? Do you pounce on problems and take risks? Or do you have a more measured approach. This quiz will let you know which “b” adjective describes you the best.

Discover which color gives you the most power.

What’s Your Power Color? – Do you have a lucky color? Or even a color that makes you feel more powerful? I definitely do, and it’s red! What’s your power color? This quiz will let you know.

How do you travel?

What’s Your Travel Type? – One of my favorite things about travel is that we all have our own favorite ways to see the world. Some of us are more adventurous, and others are more into culture. I personally like cozy travel πŸ˜‰ Take this quiz to find out what your travel personality is!

What sort of alone time would best suit you? Take this revealing personality quiz to find out!

What Kind of Me Time Do You Need? – Ah, that coveted “me time”! I get a lot less of it than I used to, but I try to sneak some in as much as I can. What about you? Could you use a little more me time in your life? Take this quiz to see what kind of me time you need most.

Are you practical or philosophical? Do you get things done or dream about what you could do?

Are You a Dreamer or a Doer? – Some of my quizzes are pretty nuanced, but this one is simple – do you “do” or do you “dream”? I don’t think there is anything wrong with either, but it’s good to know where your power is! Take this quiz to learn if it’s all about possibilities or all about realities for you.

What motivates you in life?

What Drives You? – Are you a driven person? I think we are all driven by different things, and that’s what this quiz is all about. This quiz will show you how you’re a driven person and what drives you. This is a great one to take if you’re in a motivation slump!

Obsessed With the MBTI? Here’s Six Personality Quizzes to Teach You More About Your Myers–Briggs Type

thoughtful woman
Curious about your MBTI Type? Take these quizzes to dig deeper!

Are you familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI? It’s a well-known personality framework that assigns you a letter to four different aspects of your personality. For example, people end up with MBTI results like INTP (me!!!) or ESFJ (opposite of me). You can score extrovert or introvert (E vs I), sensing or intuitive (S vs N), feeling or thinking (F vs T), and judging or perceiving (J vs P).

I’ll be the first to tell you that the Myers-Briggs framework is not evidence based and is not used in the field of psychology. However, it is based on decades of observation, and many people find a lot of insight from learning about their results.

Ready to dig in to all this? Whether you know your MBTI type or not, these quizzes will give you some new details about your personality.

What’s Your Personality Type?
– This is my own stab at figuring out your base MBTI type. If you haven’t tested yourself in a while (if ever) or if you don’t entirely buy your results, then start here. Warning: this quiz has 40 questions, but that’s what makes it so accurate. It goes quite quickly once you get in the groove, and I have heard that many people consider this to be a very accurate measure of Myers-Briggs type. What do you think? Is your result accurate?

How Rare Is Your Personality?
– While all 16 Myers-Briggs results can be found in the world, some are rarer than others. Take this quiz to learn if your type is more rare or more popular. I’ve found that learning one’s type is “rare” tends to be a lightbulb moment for many, so I definitely recommend checking this quiz out!

What’s Your Personality Cluster?
– If you want a new twist on your MBTI type, then this quiz is for you. This personality cluster quiz quickly tests your MBTI type and then gives you a personality cluster result. For example, because I’m INTP, I get the introverted thinking cluster. Find out where you land!

What’s Your Love Type?
– How does your MBTI type affect your romantic life? Take this quiz to learn your type as it applies to love. You may be surprised to get a different type than your normal Myers-Briggs type for this quiz!

What Should You Study?
– What field of study is best suited to your MBTI type? Take this quick quiz to find out. Whether you’re looking to go back to school or simply looking for a new interest, you’ll find the fields of study best suited to you.

The Quick and Dirty Career Test
– Thinking about a career change? Whether you’re serious about it or just daydreaming about a new life’s purpose, this quick quiz will help you find yours. Learn which career is best suited for your MBTI type!

Dreaming of Paris in the Spring? Here’s 9 TrΓ¨s Parisian Quizzes to Take Today

two birds in paris
Would you like to visit Paris in the spring? Dream away with these quizzes!

I woke up this morning dreaming of a springtime trip to Paris. If you haven’t been to Paris in the spring, it’s just about perfect. It’s cool and cozy (at least by Texan standards), but flowers are blooming everywhere. It’s the perfect atmosphere for strolling, drinking wine, and browsing through little shops. I definitely can’t make it this year, so I decided to collect some quizzes that would get me to Paris springtime in spirit.

Want to escape to Paris too? Take these quizzes with me!

What Season Should You Visit Paris?
– Obviously I’m all about visiting Paris in the spring, but I wouldn’t turn down any other time of year. Maybe summer though – I hear it’s pretty crowded! Take this quiz to learn when you should visit the city of lights.

What Flavor Croissant Are You?
– The first thing I do every time I arrive in Paris (not like I go there a lot, but in my mind I do) is get a croissant. It doesn’t matter if it’s a stale airport croissant… it’s still better than anything I can get in the States. Sometimes I go plain, but sometimes I go chocolate. What about you? Do you have a favorite flavor of croissant? Take this quiz to learn what yours should be!

The Paris Test
– What kind of Paris personality do you have? Are you content, optimistic, energetic, or contemplative? This quiz has you imagine a Paris day, and then you get a customized personality result. If you want to feel like you’re in Paris for a few minutes, then this is the quiz for you.

What Should You Say in French?
– My French isn’t as good as it used to be, but I can still say a few things in French. I have a feeling that it’s the same for most Americans! Take this quiz to see what you should say in French… and then get ready to say it in Paris πŸ™‚

What Kind of Wine Are You?
– For me, no trip to Paris is complete without sampling some wine. I’m more of a red wine kind of lady, but let’s be honest… any wine in France will do! Take this quiz to see which wine suits you the best.

What’s Your French Name?
– Oooh, I so love French names! When I studied French in college, the girl in our textbook was named “Mirelle,” and I just thought that was the most gorgeous name ever. Take this quiz to learn what your French name should be!

What Flavor Macaroon Are You?
– First of all, is it a “macaroon” or a “macaron”? I hit the internet to find out, but I didn’t get any definite answers. Comment below and let me know. Getting that out of the way, I have to say that I love macaroons. I wish I had the chance to try them in France, but I’ve only had them in Vietnamese restaurants. What flavor macaroon should you try first? Take this quiz to find out!

What Parisian Treat Should You Have?
– Clearly, I think treats are one of the most important parts of visiting Paris. Could you use a Parisian treat today? Who couldn’t really? Take this quiz to see which Paris treat is perfect for you.

What’s Your Fashion City?
– Does your fashion style mesh with Paris? Or is another city more your style? Take this quiz to learn your fashion city!

Got the Monday Blues? Here’s 7 Quizzes to Give You Some Monday Motivation!

Barista pouring latte
Happy Monday! Get energized with these motivating quizzes.

It’s bright and early on Monday morning (at least in my neck of the woods), and if you’re anything like me, you may need some Monday motivation. Mondays are always tough for me… it’s hard to get up to weekday speed after a relaxing weekend. Some quizzes (and coffee) always help though.

Take one or more of these quizzes if you need a little extra motivation this Monday!

What Kind of Coffee Are You?
– First things first, if it’s Monday morning I need my coffee. Is this also part of your Monday morning routine? If so, take this fun java based quiz to learn more about your coffee personality!

What’s Your Happy Song?
– Now that we’ve got our caffeine covered, it’s time to talk tunes. Nothing gets me motivated on a Monday morning like some good music. Take this quiz to learn your happy song, and don’t be afraid to crank it up to 11 πŸ˜‰

Where Do You Think Best?
– One of my biggest problems on Monday mornings is that it’s hard to get my brain booted up. My thinking can be cloudy and slow on Mondays, and sometimes having the right atmosphere can really get me motivated. Does this strategy work for you as well? Find out with this quiz, which will tell you where you think best. Maybe you need a change of scenery to get that Monday motivation flowing!

What’s Your Color Code?
– For me, hard days are all about embracing who I am and what works for me. For example, I’m Red! That means I’m the type of person who needs to-do lists, but I also need to see them as totally optional. What about you? This color code quiz will give you a quick overview of your strengths so you can play them up this Monday… and for days to come!

How Should You Change The World?
– I’ll be honest… sometimes I am just not in the mood for some deep thinking on a Monday. But at the same time, an important reason for doing what I’m doing can really get me motivated. Whether it’s a life’s purpose or a big goal, I need to see the big picture. This quiz can help me do that, and I hope you find it to be a catalyst for you today.

Are You Book Smart or Street Smart?
– Now that you know your Color Code and how you want to change the world, you may be motivated to get started. This is a good time to remind yourself whether you’ve got book smarts, street smarts … or maybe both. Because while it may be time for some people to hit the books, others of us may need to hit the streets to get things done.

When Do You Shine?
– If Monday mornings seem exceptionally painful for you, then there’s a chance that you just aren’t a morning person. For many years in my life, I was not a morning person… so it just benefited me to skip Monday mornings entirely (but at the same time burn some midnight oil instead). Take this quiz to see what time of day is your most productive.

Feel Like Dancing? 8 Quizzes to Take Today for International Dance Day!

woman dancing in city
Put on your dancing shoes and take these personality quizzes!

Happy International Dance Day! Do you like to dance? I have to say that dance is a later in life discovery for me. Now that I have one of those smart speakers in my house, I love to dance to all sorts of music. I was never a dance in the club (or even dance at a wedding) type of person, but I love dancing at home!

What about you? Do you love to dance? If you love to get moving – or simply appreciate the art of dance – then I’ve got some quizzes for you.

What Dance Are You?
– What dance best suits you? This quiz looks at your current dancing habits and lets you know what dance you should be dancing. Who knows? You may have been dancing the wrong dance your whole life? Find out if you should be dancing ballet, ballroom, tango, or disco!

What Music Should You Dance To?
– Sometimes the right music is just what I need to get dancing? Can you relate? This quiz will let you know if you should be dancing to country, salsa, pop, or something else entirely.

What’s Your Dance Style?
– When it’s time to let loose, what sort of dance should you bust out. All of the results for this quiz are a ton of fun (no classical dance allowed!). So if you want to get inspired to get moving, this is the quiz for you. Cha cha on over and take it!

Are You a Black Swan or a White Swan?
– Have you seen the movie Black Swan? I love this psychological thriller that takes place in the ballet world with Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. This quiz is based on that very thrilling movie. Take it to find out if you’d be an evil or good ballerina!

What Dance Should You Dance?
– Forget about what dance you can dance, what dance should you actually dance? Take this quiz to find out what dance stirs your soul – from the rumba to flamenco. And then go learn it!

What Center Stage Character Are You?
– Have you seen Center Stage? If you’re a fan of dance, then I highly recommend it. It’s all about a ballet academy in NYC in the early 2000s. Take this quiz to learn which Center Stage character you are most like.

What’s Your 80s Dance Song?
– Sometimes nothing gets me moving like a cheesy 80s song! I just love the energy and goofiness of some songs from the 1980s. What about you? Do you like to dance to 80s music? Take this quiz to learn which 80s song you should be dancing to.

The Dance Test
– Want a quick and dirty dance fix? No problem! Simply pick the dance picture that you like the most and get a whole new window on your personality. Yes, it really is that easy!

14 Literary Quizzes to Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day

independent bookstore
Do you love indie bookstores? Then take these bookish quizzes!

Happy Independent Bookstore Day! Do you like independent bookstores? I love them! Some of my favorites are the Harvard Bookstore in Boston, the Tattered Cover in Denver, Brazos bookstore in Houston, and of course BookPeople in Austin πŸ™‚ I try to visit indie bookstores as often as I can!

I am very excited about Independent Bookstore Day, and I have compiled some of my favorite quizzes to celebrate. Comment below and let me know what you get!

The Bookstore Test
– If you’ve read this far, I can only imagine that you like browsing bookstores as much as I do. If so, this quiz is for you! It’s a scenario quiz where you imagine browsing a bookstore, and at the end you get a personality result.

What You’ve Got Mail Character Are You?
– It may seem odd to feature a movie quiz so highly on a list about book quizzes, but I just love how well You’ve Got Mail captures the magic of independent bookstores. Yes, the big chain still wins in the end, but this movie is a must see for all indie bookstore fans. So the quiz is also a must take πŸ™‚

What Kind of Book Are You?
– If you are an avid reader, you probably have your favorite genres – even if you read very widely. Does this quiz accurately predict what kind of fiction book you are? Take it and let me know!

What Banned Book Are You?
– Have you ever read a banned book? I didn’t think I had until I started doing research on them. A lot of books have been banned and challenged. Take this quiz to discover which banned book you should read.

Are You a Hardcover Book or a Paperback Book?
– I love a well stocked bookstore where I actually get to choose between hardcover and paperback. I’ve noticed my local Barnes & Noble has really stopped carrying most hardcovers now. Which one do you prefer? Take this quiz to see if your outcome matches your preference!

Are You a Bookworm?
– Do you consider yourself a bookworm? If you are saying “no,” you may be surprised after taking this quiz. I based it more on book reading habits than on how many books you read. You may be surprised to discover your inner bookworm!

Are You As Well Read as Rory Gilmore?
– One of my ultimate favorite shows is the Gilmore Girls, and one of the things I love most about it is how widely Rory Gilmore reads. Take this quiz to see how many of Rory’s books you have read. It’s also just a great reading list πŸ™‚

What Kind of Reader Are You?
Are you a voracious reader? Or are you more of an occasional reader? Take this quiz to see what kind of book lover you are.

What Bridget Jones Character Are You?
– I couldn’t write this list without including a quiz for one of my favorite books! I love both the Bridget Jones movie and book. They are both good in their own way, and I think you’ll enjoy this quiz if you are a fan of either.

Are You Fiction or Non-fiction?
– When it comes to books, are you more of a “truth is stranger than fiction” or ” good fiction is the truth inside the lie” type? Take this quiz to find out! (And yes, this same model was featured in an above quiz. I guess she reads a lot.)

Which Bennet Sister Are You?
– While I love a good modern novel, I am also a diehard Jane Austen fan. Take this quiz to see which young lady from Pride and Prejudice you are most like.

What’s Your Literary Name?
– What name inspired by literature best suits you? Take this quiz to find your literary name. (And just keep trying until you get a name you like!)

The Bookshelf Test
– We book lovers don’t just stop at obsessing over books. We also obsess over bookcases and bookshelves! Take this quiz to see what your ideal bookshelf says about you.

How Well Read Are You?
– Do you feel like you’re exceptionally well read? Take this quiz to see how well read you really are! Is there a book that should be included on this quiz? Let me know by commenting below.

8 Personality Quizzes to Take Today to Celebrate Arbor Day

leafy green tree
Do you love trees? Celebrate Arbor Day with these quizzes!

Happy Arbor Day! I love this day celebrating trees. I feel lucky to live in an area that has big beautiful trees of all kinds. My personal favorites are fruit trees πŸ™‚ Planting trees is a hobby of mine, so I am especially passionate about Arbor Day.

Arbor comes at the perfect time of year here in Austin.The trees are finally in full bloom and providing some desperately needed shade. Since we don’t have much for fall colors here, it’s also the time of year where trees have the most color – in the form of flowers!

What about you? Do you love trees? I mean, I assume you do! Who doesn’t like trees? They provide shade, color, fruit, and oxygen. If you are a fellow tree fan, celebrate with the quizzes below! Don’t forget to tag your quiz results #ArborDay on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What Kind of Tree Are You?
– What’s your spirit tree? That is, do you have a particular type of tree that fits your personality? Take this quiz to see if you’re more like an oak, redwood, willow, or bonsai tree.

The Tree Test
– What does the tree you’re attracted to say about you? Take this quick image quiz to learn who you are at your core. This quiz will let you know how you’re grounded and which way you’re growing – just like a tree.

What Forest Animal Are You?
– Of all the animals in the forest, which one are you the most like? This quiz has you imagine your life in the forest, which I always enjoying time and time again. If you are a fan of “scenario” personality quizzes, then I think you will love this forest based quiz.

The Rooted Tree Test
– How are you rooted and how are you free? Simply pick the rooted tree that stands out to you, and you’ll get a full personality profile.

What’s Your Forest Inspired Name?
– I love names that are nature based, and I am especially enchanted by forest inspired names. Get yours with this quick forest name quiz!

The Storybook Tree Test
– Sometimes I write quizzes just because I’m inspired by the pictures, and that was definitely the case for this quiz. I just love the look of these storybook trees. Tap into your imagination, and get a quiz result by picking one.

The Autumn Tree Test
– I love the colors of autumn trees. In fact, I dream of autumn colors on a cozy foggy day all year long. If you are a fellow autumn tree fan, you will appreciate this quick image quiz.

What Season Tree Are You?
– I guess what season tree I am is no surprise after the last quiz! What about you? What season tree do you connect with? Take this quiz to find out.