The Top 12 Personality Tests About Color

Do you have certain colors that you are drawn to? I think we all have colors that speak to us as well as a few that we may avoid. We react strongly to color, and these reactions are universal, cultural, or individual. Since Blogthings is all about you as an individual, let’s talk about certain colors and what they mean to you.

Looking to dive deeper into color and your personality? Then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve had selected twelve quizzes that will teach you all about what certain colors mean to you and what they signify about your unique personality. We have a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get started!

What hue are you?

What Color Is Your Personality? – If you were a color, what color would you be? It’s a question we’ve all been asked, but are you answering it accurately? This quiz will tell you once and for all what color your personality is… and what it says about you. And don’t forget, just as your personalty changes over time, your color does too. So take this quiz as often as you want – you may be blue one day and green the next.

What Color Is Your Birthday? – Did you know that your birthday corresponds to a particular color? It’s true, and your birthday color may unlock more keys to your personality. For example, I learned from this quiz that my birthday color is yellow. Take this quiz to learn your unique birthday color and what it says about you.

What Color Sky Are You? – One of my favorite things about the sky is all the different colors it is throughout the day and night. Do you have a favorite color of sky? I’m partial to a purple and pink sunset like the one above, but I also like a clear blue sky as well. Take this quiz to see what color sky matches your personality the best.

What Does Your Least Favorite Color Say About You? – Of course your favorite color reveals a lot about your personality, but what about your least favorite color? Have you ever considered that the color you are most repelled by (let’s say brown) is as important as the color you’re most attracted to (maybe purple). Take this quiz to see what your least favorite color means for your life.

Are you passionate red, bright yellow, or cool blue?

What Primary Color Are You? – When it comes to colors, sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics. There are so many colors that the choices can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to finding a color that speaks to us. Instead, this quiz focuses on the primary colors – red, yellow, and blue. Take it to see which primary color you are most like.

What color does your name exude?

What Color Is Your Name? – Did you know that some people see colors for words? I think that’s so cool, and I truly believe that every name has a color. Take this quiz to learn if your name is black, white, or all the colors in-between.

What colors does your heart radiate? And what do they say about how you love?

What Are the Colors of Your Heart? – When you think of a heart, you probably think red… or pink! This quiz will figure out what two colors make up your heart – and the results will almost certainly surprise you. You’ll never picture your heart as red again!

What color represents what you find beautiful? Take this unique personality quiz to find out!

What’s Your Beauty Color? – Have you ever considered which color makes you feel the most beautiful? Some of us really bloom with red or pink, but some of us go a different route with black or even blue. Take this quiz to learn what your beauty color is, and double down on that signature color.

What color should your house be?

What Color House Should You Live In? – Quick! When you picture your dream house, what color is it? Got it? Now take this quiz about what color house you should live in, and compare your result. Do you get the house you think you should live in? Or a whole other color? I find this quiz fascinating, and it has been dead on for me!

What Color Is Your Kiss? – Do you think kisses have a color? I do! Close your eyes and think of the best kiss you’ve been given. Now imagine a color around it! See what I mean? Take this quiz to see what color your quizzes are.

If you were a gummy bear, what color would you be?

What Color Gummy Bear Are You? – Do you like gummy bears? They are just so fun to me! This lighthearted quiz will make you laugh, but it will also show you the sweet side of your personality. Take this quiz to see what color brings out your playful side.

What Color Rose Are You? – While a rose by any other name may smell as sweet, a rose by any other color may not look as beautiful. Luckily there are plenty of beautiful colors of roses to choose from. What color rose best suits you? Take this quiz to find out what you represent in life.

The 10 Best Quizzes About Life

How has life been treating you lately? In general, I find this to be a difficult question to answer objectively. Whenever I ask friends how things are going, I tend to find their answers are based more on how they frame life more than actual life circumstances. Interesting, right? I think to truly and honestly evaluate our lives, we sometimes need an outside source. And this is where quizzes can come in.

To see really how your life is going, I’ve hand selected ten quizzes that will give you a truthful assessment of where you stand. Some of the results may surprise you, but isn’t that what a good personality quiz is all about. To get started on your life check in, take the quizzes below:

What Color is Your Life’s Path? – Sometimes it’s easier to see the path others are on than to see where our own life path is going. This quiz will tell you your life path’s color and also what it means for you. This is the perfect quiz to see where you are… and where you’re going!

How Satisfying Is Your Life? – If you ask people if they are satisfied with life, they often give surprising and puzzling answers. Figuring out life satisfaction is a tough business, and it’s hard to be honest with ourselves on this one. This quiz can help you figure out if you are living a satisfying life – and if not, it will help you learn what to do about it.

What Is The Meaning of Your Life? – Do you know the meaning of your life? It’s okay if you don’t – so few of us do. And of course, the meaning of your life can change over time. If you feel a little lost, this quiz will help you discover what’s bringing your life meaning.

What Is Your Life Path Number? – Did you know you have a life path number based on the numerology of your birth date? It’s interesting stuff! Simple fill out your birthday info (it’s totally private and not stored anywhere), and you’ll get your personalized life path report.

Is your life totally awesome or totally sucky? Take this quiz to find out!

How Awesome Is Your Life? – Do you feel like your life is awesome? It’s okay if you don’t. I think we all feel like our lives are awesome sometimes… and not so awesome other times. It’s hard to know where the truth really lies, but that’s where this quiz comes in. Take it to find out if your life is awesome enough, and if not, how to change it.

Do you live a better life than most people? Find out how your life compares with the rest of the world.

How Does Your Life Compare? – Do you ever compare your life to other people’s lives? I think it’s inevitable for all of us. It’s hard to compare our lives in this era of social media – everyone’s life looks picture perfect from afar! Take this quiz to see how your life truly compares.

What best describes your life journey?

How Do You Travel Through Life? – We each have our own path in life, and we each travel our paths in our own way. Take this quiz to learn what kind of a life traveler you are. I think you’ll find the results quite illuminating!

How Perfect is Your Life? – Is there such a thing as the perfect life? This quiz sure thinks so! Take it to find out how close to perfect your life is. You may be surprised to learn your result.

Are You Living The Wrong Life? – Do you ever feel like you’re living your life completely wrong? I think we all feel that way at our worst moments, but for a select few of us it’s actually true. This quiz will give you an honest assessment. Is your life right for you? Get a truthful answer.

What’s Your Life’s Mission? – No matter how well or how badly your life is going today, remembering your mission can put a spring in your step. Not sure what your mission is? No problem! This quiz will help you discover what your life’s mission is.

The 3 Most Delicious Quizzes to Celebrate International Waffle Day With

Happy International Waffle Day! I kind of feel like this day was made for me because I’m a huge fan of waffles, especially the international variety 🙂 I grew up eating soft Scandinavia waffles (the kind that look like hearts together), and I love them. Over the years, I have learned to love other types of waffles – like crispy Belgian waffles and those Dutch waffle cookie things!

What about you? Do you like waffles as much as I do? I think all of us waffle lovers agree that there should be an International House of Waffles… not just pancakes! While I think we’ll be waiting a while for IHOW, we still have plenty to cheer about. In my neck of the woods, there are plenty of waffles at regular restaurants (and home) to keep me happy. Celebrate International Waffle day today with me, certainly by eating a few waffles but also by taking some quizzes too.

What Kind of Waffle Are You? – As we’ve already established, there’s a few types of waffles. And while they are all delicious, we each have a particular waffle that speaks to us. Take this quiz to learn what kind of waffle you should be eating.

The Waffle Test – It’s all fine and good to talk about waffles, but looking at waffles is the next best thing to eating them. Feast your eyes on this delicious waffle quiz, and pick the waffle that looks best to you. Then you’ll learn what your favorite waffle says about your personality!

What Waffle Topping Are You? – When it comes to waffles, it can’t just be all about the waffle. It has to also be about the toppings! A plain waffle is sad. A waffle topped with maple syrup, butter, whipped cream, ice cream, and / or fruit is glorious. Take this quiz to learn what your signature waffle topping should be.

5 Cocktail Quizzes for Celebrating National Cocktail Day in Style

Cheers! Did you know that today is National Cocktail Day? I am more of a wine drinker than anything else, but I do enjoy a nice cocktail every now and then – especially if it is made with wine 🙂 What about you? Do you like cocktails? Or maybe even mocktails? If so, then this is the day for you!

So pour yourself a nice drink, kick back, and enjoy some cocktail quizzes with me. Whether you’re truly imbibing or just in the spirit of imbibing, these quizzes are perfect for relaxing with.

What Holiday Cocktail Are You? – I find that most drinkers who don’t regularly drink cocktails still make drink a bit during the holidays. There’s something so cozy about a holiday party or family gathering and some good cocktails. Do you agree? Take this quiz to learn which holiday cocktail you are!

The Cocktail Test – Sometimes picking the perfect cocktail is all about the visuals. This cocktail quiz is simple and effective. Choose the cocktail that appeals to you the most, and learn what it says about your personality. It’s too easy not to try!

What Cuban Cocktail Are You Quiz? – I can just imagine it now – a beautiful Cuban beach, the wind blowing in my hair, the sound of the ocean crashing, and of course, a delicious cocktail. Does it also sound like heaven to you? If so, take this Cuban cocktail quiz to see which Cuban cocktail you should be drinking with me on the beach.

What Beachy Cocktail Are You? – If a Cuban cocktail sounded good to you, then let’s keep the ball rolling with another beach cocktail quiz! These cocktails may be a little more familiar to you than Cuban cocktails, but I promise they are equally delicious.

The Fancy Cocktail Test – After a long day of beachy cocktails, it sometimes feels to to get all dressed up for the evening. And what goes better with a night on the town than a fancy cocktail? Take this quiz to learn which fancy cocktail is just your style.

Happy National Puppy Day!

Awwww, it’s National Puppy Day! Do you have a puppy in your life that you love? I personally don’t have a puppy right now, but I have had many puppies in my life over the years that I have loved. No doubt that puppies are a lot of work, but I think their cuteness makes up for it 🙂

Whether you have a puppy, want a puppy, or just love puppies, take some of these quizzes with me to celebrate national puppy day! For today only, no cats or chocolate allowed.

What Breed of Puppy Are You? – One of my favorite things about dogs is how they all have such different personalities, both within and between breeds. If you were a puppy, what breed of puppy would you be? This quiz will let you know.

Are You a Puppy or a Kitten? – Sure kittens are cute, but they don’t hold a candle to puppies – at least not on National Puppy Day. Take this quiz to decide once and for all if you’re more like a puppy or kitten. (And all kidding aside, of course they are both cute!)

What Breed of Dog Are You? – Now that you’ve discovered what kind of puppy you would be, let’s take things up a level and see what kind of dog you would be. What adult dog are you most like? And does that match your puppy personality or not? Take this quiz to learn the truth.

What’s Your Spirit Dog? – You may be wondering why there’s a spirt dog quiz in addition to a dog breed quiz. Very good question! Well, your spirit dog is a little different from your inner dog breed. Your spirit dog is the dog who is your true best friend, the dog who complements your personality best. Take this quiz to see who your spirit dog is!

How Do You Compare? 3 Quizzes to Quiz Your Friends!

Sometimes it’s fun to see how your quiz results stack up with those that your friends get. I think we all like to place ourselves within our friend group, and seeing how others compare can help. For example, are you happier than your friends… or are they generally happier than you?

Also, we just tend to be better at evaluating our friends than evaluating ourselves. So if a friend scores a certain way on a quiz, that’s a good baseline to consider. Friends can help us know ourselves better, especially if they’re open about their quiz results 🙂

So gather up a few friends, and take these quizzes to see how you all compare! They’re all in good fun, and you’ll come out of the experience knowing more about yourselves and your friendships.

What Kind of Friend Are You? – Have you ever wondered what kind of friend you are? Take this quiz to learn if you’re the fun friend, the group gossip, or a loyal sidekick.

After you’ve learned what kind of friend you are, quiz your friends and learn what they get. Are you all the same type of friend, or do you have different roles to play in your friend circle?

What Makes You a Good Friend? – If you have friends, then it almost by definition means that you’re a good friend. However we are all good friends in our own way. Some of us are accepting, while others are honest. Take this quiz to find out what your friends love about you.

Once you know what makes you a good friend, ask your friends to take this quiz as well. Learn if you are all good friends in the same way or if you’re bringing different strengths to friendship.

What’s Your Friendship Style? – We all approach friendship in our own ways. I consider there to be four friendship styles: philosophical, independent, gregarious, and empathetic. Give this quiz a whirl to see what friendship style you rock.

And once you’ve taken the friendship style quiz, pass it along to your best friends. This quiz will identify their friendship styles and also show you how each friendship style fuses together. It’s a great way to get insight into what’s working (and what isn’t) in your closest friendships.

6 Silly Quizzes to Goof Off With

It’s National Goof Off Day today, and what better way to goof off than to take a few quizzes? While Blogthings has plenty of serious quizzes, we have a ton of fun ones too. So do a few finger exercises and kick back with a few quizzes. Take these if you’re just looking for some silly Friday fun!

What Spice Girl Are You Most Like?

What Spice Girl Are You? – Ready for a flashback to simpler times? Ready to dance like no one’s watching? Ready to dance like the 90s? Then take this to see what Spice Girl you should be singing, dancing, and dressing like!

If you were a cute little pony, what would your name be? Take this fun quiz to find out!

What’s Your Pony Name? – I love how much ponies have come back lately. I’m very pro-pony! Down with unicorns!!! (Just kidding, they are pretty cool too.) If you were a sparkly pony, what would your name be? Take this delightful quiz to find out!

How should you be skating?

Are You Roller Skates or Rollerblades? – Nothing makes me feel more like goofing off than putting my skates on. There’s just something so freeing about rolling around. Take this quiz to find out if you are skates or blades!

What emoji are you most likely to bust out? Take this fun and geeky quiz to find out!

What Emoji Are You? – Time for a fun check in. What emoji are you feeling most like today? Take this fun quiz to find out how you should be expressing yourself!

What happy song best represents your personal happiness? Take this fun musical quiz to find out!

What’s Your Happy Song? – Nothing makes me feel more like goofing off than putting on a carefree and goofy tune. Ready to get your groove on? This quiz will help you discover your theme song of today!

What does your taste in junk food reveal about your personality? Take this quick quiz to find out.

What Does Your Favorite Junk Food Say About You? – Sometimes it’s a blast to throw away our healthy eating plans and have a treat day! Treat yourself, or just dream about it, with this delicious quiz. A pizza with pineapple and jalapenos please!

Waiting for Santa? 6 Quizzes to Take on Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve! I know for some people this can be a bustling day and night of holiday cheer. I personally like a quieter Christmas Eve. A short day and long night of reflection, coziness, and anticipation of what’s to come.

If you’re like me and prefer a low key Christmas Eve, then join me in taking these cozy holiday quizzes. Cuddle up with a warm drink… maybe a cookie or two 🙂 And here’s to a Merry Christmas!

What’s Your Christmas Eve Personality? – As I mentioned above, I really appreciate a Christmas Eve that’s calm and cozy. What sort of Christmas Eve do you prefer? Take this quiz to see if you like a festive, hopeful, busy, or cozy Christmas Eve.

What Flavor Hot Chocolate Are You? – Christmas Eve is always one of the coldest nights of the year in my neck of the woods. And what better way to warm up than hot chocolate? Find out what flavor of hot chocolate you should be drinking tonight with this quiz!

What does your Christmas tree tell the world?

What Does Your Christmas Tree Say About You? – For me, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas Eve without a tree. Sometimes I have my own tree, but other times I just get out there to see a fabulous tree. What does your ideal Christmas tree reveal about you? Take this quiz to find out!

What Will Be In Your Christmas Stocking? – I don’t know about you, but I’m always wondering on Christmas Eve about what will be in my stocking. Don’t get me wrong, I love big Christmas gifts. But for me, there’s something extra special about the little goodies in my stocking. Take this quiz to see what will be in your Christmas stocking!

Which element of nature best describes your holiday style? Take this holiday personality quiz to find your holiday element.

What’s Your Holiday Element? – There’s something about Christmas Eve that is so evocative of the natural elements for me. The snow (hopefully), a roaring fire, wood in that fire… and so on. What holiday element best fits you? Check out this quiz to learn more!

What City Should You Spend Christmas Eve In? – Sometimes there’s nothing better than Christmas Eve at home, but other times we could all use a little escape. Take this quiz to learn where you should be spending Christmas Eve!

Happy Winter Solstice! 8 Quizzes for the Shortest Day of the Year

Happy solstice! In my neck of the woods, this is the shortest day of the year. And in my opinion, this is the perfect day to get cozy and take some quizzes. Check out these quizzes that I have found especially good to take on the shortest day of the year.

What Yoga Pose Are You? – To me, there’s nothing better than getting my yoga on during a cold and dark day. If you’re interested in joining me in a little solstice inspired yoga, if only virtually, then check out this quiz!

What Comfort Food Are You? – Let’s be clear… I think any time of year is a good time for comfort food, and that’s especially true on the darkest day of the year. Take this quiz to see what kind of comfort food you should be eating!

What Music Should You Dance To? – While I think this is a great day for rest and relaxation, I don’t want my energy level getting too low. If you also want to throw a little solstice dance party, then take this quiz to see what music you should play.

What Kind of Book Are You? – When the days are short and the nights are long, I love getting lost in a good book. Take this quiz to learn what sort of book you should read this solstice.

Are You Coffee or Tea? – In my experience, the shortest day of the year tends to be a cold one! I like to warm up with a drink… preferably something with caffeine. Want to join me? This quiz will let you know if you should be reaching for coffee or tea!

Are You the Moon or the Sun? – One of my favorite things about the winter solstice is that there is a little more time for the moon and the stars. Planning on doing some star gazing tonight? If so, check out this quiz!

What’s Your Spiritual Number? – Feel like digging into a little longer quiz? Then this is the perfect quiz for taking and reflecting on during a long night. Find out how you are spiritual, during which is a spiritual time for many.

What are you like in the winter?

What’s Your Winter Personality? – The darkest nights may be ending, but winter is just beginning! Take this quiz to see how you’ll survive and thrive this winter.

New Quiz: Are You a Brownie or a Cookie?

cookies and milk
Are you more like a brownie or a cookie? Take my latest quiz to find out!

Mmmm, can you smell it in the air? I’m not talking about late fall crispness, wood burning fireplaces or even holiday spirit. I’m talking about the smell of holiday baking. It’s that time of year everyone, and I can just smell the cookies, rolls, cakes, and other delights baking in the air. And since I haven’t started baking yet, these smells are mostly wishful thinking on my part.

As I’ve made clear, I love holiday treats, and cookies are foremost on this list. I like traditional holiday cookies like cutout cookies, but I also like more normal cookies as well as ones from foreign countries. However, I often wonder why holiday baking tends to begin and end at cookies – with the occasional fruitcake thrown in. Shouldn’t there be more holiday delights? Like brownies for instant.

Now that I’ve tipped my hat, let’s be clear: I love brownies! I don’t think they are given their due in baking culture, and this especially is true during the holidays. Peppermint brownies anyone? Maybe some gingerbread brownies too? Why not? If people can put ginger and chocolate together in fancy dark chocolates, then I think this could be a winning holiday combo.

That’s not to say I like brownies better than cookies. Or maybe I’ll do. I’ll leave that up for you to decide. However, I do think cookies and brownies should be held up equally highly, so I decided to write a quiz about them both!

Let’s get down to it: Are You a Brownie or a Cookie? Yes, you may love them both like I do, but you can only be one. Let me know what you get on this tasty quiz and also if you think holiday brownies should be a thing 🙂