How Much Do You Really Know? 8 Free General Knowledge Quizzes to Take Today

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How knowledgable are you? Take these quizzes to find out!

Do you consider yourself a knowledgable person? I thought I had a lot of general knowledge until I started playing trivia more often. With my first trivia game, I was thinking “I’ve got this. I’m totally going to win!” – and then I didn’t even get half the questions right. Needless to say, I’ve got some studying to do.

Seriously though, it can be quite humbling to actually take a knowledge quiz… and occasionally satisfying. There’s nothing quite like getting every question right. What do you think? Are you the type of person who’s surprised by how much you know? Or are you shocked by what you don’t know? I’d say that I’m a little of both!

See how knowledgable you are with these quizzes! I’ve got to warn you, some of the questions are tough. Are you up for the challenge?

A Quick and Dirty IQ Test
– Let me be clear, this is not a real IQ test! But I think it’s a good approximation of one. Take this test to see how high your IQ is. How do your friends and family compare? Have them take the test as well.

Could You Pass the US Citizenship Test?
– A lot of people born in the US, including myself, take citizenship for granted! We don’t even have to pass a test to become citizens. Could you actually pass the United States Citizen Test? You results may surprise you.

How Observant Are You?
– You may think you’re an observant person (I did!), but this quiz will really put you to the test. See how observant you’ve been in everyday life… and no cheating! This is another fun one to compare with your friends to see who the most observant person is.

Does Your English Cut the Mustard?
– Do you speak and write grammatical English? Or do you make a few mistakes? This quiz will test your vocabulary, grammar, and spelling. Find out how you stack up!

Could You Pass High School?
– Most of us assume that we could still pass high school today, but some of us are in for a wake up call! Take this quiz to learn how much of high school you’ve forgotten… or maybe didn’t even know in the first place.

Do You Know Your State Capitols?
– I wish I knew my state capitols, because if I did, I’d be better at trivia. How about you? Take this quiz to see how many US state capitols you still remember.

Do You Have Gaps in Your Knowledge?
– I think we all feel like we are pretty well versed in some subjects and not so well versed in others. I definitely have certain gaps in my knowledge – like geography! Take this quiz to learn where you have gaps in your knowledge.

How Much Do You Know About 80s Music?
– If you actually remember the 80s or just love 80s music, then this is the quiz for you. See how knowledgable about 80s music you really are!

7 Free Personality Quizzes Based On the Big Five Personality Traits

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How do you stack up with the Big Five personality traits?

Are you familiar with the Big Five personality traits? It is a personality test framework that is scientifically valid and that assesses your personality across five dimensions. The areas the Big Five tests are openness to experience, agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, and neuroticism. It’s a very comprehensive framework!

Let’s dig a little deeper into the Big Five works. Here are how all the elements break down:

  • Openness to experience – This is just how it sounds, as the Big Five measures how open you are to the world around you. How curious are you and how much openness do you have to new ideas? Do you appreciate art? Do you strive to live a life of adventure? These are the things the Big Five is looking at when it comes to openness.
  • Agreeableness – Agreeableness is all about how well you get along with others. Do you like to collaborate and cooperate? Are you trusting? Agreeable people tend to be more helpful and even-tempered, while disagreeable people are more competitive and likely to challenge others.
  • Conscientiousness – Conscientiousness is a proxy for how dependable and self-disciplined you are. Do you set goals and meet them? People high in conscientiousness tend to be planners while people low in this trait are more spontaneous and flexible.
  • Extroversion – Those with extrovert traits are more social and energetic, seeking out the company of others. Do social situations energize you or drain you? People with high extroversion can be seen as attention seeking while those with low extroversion are perceived as aloof.
  • Neuroticism – Neuroticism simply means that someone is more prone to psychological stress. This is perhaps the most important personality factor because it correlates with how susceptible to depression, anxiety, and anger you are.

Ready to dive into your own big five? Take the tests below:

The Five Factor Personality Test
– How do you score on each of the five factors? Take this quiz to see if you are high or low for openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, extroversion, and neuroticism.

Which of the Big Five Personality Traits Are You?
– Which Big Five trait is dominant for you? This isn’t the way this framework is usually used, but I thought this quiz would be a fun twist on things! Are you more open or agreeable? Take this test to find out.

How Neurotic Are You?
– Do you get stressed out easily? This quiz will let you know how resilient you are to life’s woes. Find out if you have high or low neuroticism with this test.

How Conscientious Are You?
– Are you the type of person who checks off everything on your to do list? Or are you more the type to not even make a list in the first place? This quiz will show you how dependable you are.

How Open to Experiences Are You?
– Are you always seeking novelty in your life? Find out of you are curious and open to the world or stuck in your ways. This quiz will accurately gauge your openness.

How Agreeable Are You?
– Do you get along with other people? Some of us naturally cooperate, while some of us (ahem) are more likely to insist on doing our own thing. This quiz will show you if you’re more of the agreeable or disagreeable type.

How Extroverted Are You?
– Are you a people person? This quiz will let you know if you take charge in social situation or prefer to fly solo.

The 12 Most Accurate Personality Quizzes That Millions Swear By

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Looking for accurate personality quizzes? Take these tests!

Have you ever been disappointed by a personality test? A lot of personality tests are not very accurate, and that’s okay! Some personality tests are just for fun (like What How I Met Your Mother Character Are You?), including some of the ones I write. But sometimes we want to dig a little deeper.

I’ll be honest. Deep and reflective personality quizzes are my jam. And I do my best to make them accurate. However, I am not the judge of how accurate my quizzes are. That judge is you!

So all I can do is present you with some quizzes that I’ve been told time and time again are very accurate. It’s up to you to take them and see what you think. The quizzes below have been taken by tons of Blogthings friends over the years, and I’m told they are very dead on. Give them a go, and let me know what you think!

How Do You Paint the World?
– I believe that a painting says a lot about an artist. Do you agree? Then I also think it follows that the paintbrush, stroke, and paint you choose says a lot about you! Take this quick image quiz to see how you (figuratively) paint the world.

Who Have You Always Been?
– I think we spend too much time thinking about who we are and what we feel today… and not enough time thinking about who we are at our core. This simple quiz will get to the essence of your permanent personality. Find out who you are and who you’ll always be.

What’s Your Energy Type?
– I am a big believer in tapping into our energy when it’s there and letting it build up when it’s drained. It’s a pretty simple sentiment but hard in practice with all of life’s demands. This quiz will let you know what sort of energy you have so that you can figure out how to best harness it.

How Many of Your Needs Are Being Met?
– Have you heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? It’s a theory all about how your needs get met, in an important sequence. Take this quiz to see how many of your needs are getting met right now.

What’s Your Heaven on Earth?
– I’m a big believer in “wherever you go, there you are” – but I also believe that a change in scenery can do us all some good. This quiz will let you know where your heaven on earth really is 🙂

What’s the Part of You That No One Sees?
– We all have parts of ourselves that no one sees, but that also means that we don’t see them either. This quick image quiz will unveil the hidden aspects of your personality. A very accurate quiz!

The Inkblot Test
– Have you heard of the old psychological inkblot test or Rorschach test? This quiz is my own spin on that. Simply interpret various inkblots to get some insight into how you tick!

What’s Your Soul’s Secret?
– Do you feel like you’re keeping a secret from the world? Maybe even you’re keeping this secret from yourself too. Take this quiz to discover the hidden secret in your soul.

The Four Sided Personality Test
– I think we all have many sides to our personalities, sometimes in concert with one another but sometimes in conflict too. Delve into this quick quiz to find out which parts of your personality are working together every day.

What Do You Struggle With?
– We all have our struggles in life, and sometimes it’s hard to admit them to ourselves. And that just makes struggles worse! Take this quiz to discover what you may be secretly struggling with.

What’s Your Platonic Personality?
– What classic personality type best fits you? While the personality archetypes in this quiz go way back, they are still very relevant today. Take this quiz to find yours.

What Makes You Happy?
– What is the thing that makes you happy? This can be a tough thing to figure out, so here’s a quiz to help. This personality test will accurately tell you what makes you happy.

9 Quizzes for Anyone Asking “Am I Depressed?”

woman holding pink roses
Are you depressed? These nine quizzes will help you figure out if you need help.

Have you been feeling a bit more down, lethargic, restless, or hopeless lately? We all go through cycles of feeling not so great, and that’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. Every person in the world has their down times, even if they aren’t public about it. It happens to all of us.

Sometimes a down mood is something more than a temporary setback – it’s depression. And just like a down mood is nothing to be ashamed of, depression is nothing to be ashamed of. So many of us have been there, and it is not your fault if you feel like you may be depressed.

If you feel like you may be depressed, check out these nine quizzes. They’ll help you get a better sense of what’s going on in our life. The quizzes below are not administered by a doctor or therapist, but they may give you an idea if you are experiencing a temporary mood change or something more serious.

Are You Depressed?
– Are you actually depressed or just in a funk? This quiz takes a look at the various risk factors for depression and let’s you know how high you score on them. This comprehensive depression quiz will let you know if you need to seek help for your depression.

How Stressed Are You?
– Sometimes we can feel like we’re depressed simply because life is so stressful. And other times, stress can actually bring on depression. This quiz will let you know how high your current stress level is.

Are You Socially Anxious?
– Social anxiety is no picnic, and studies show that social anxiety can actually lead to depression. This quiz will help you find out if social anxiety is playing a role in your depressive symptoms.

How is Your Self Esteem?
– Low self esteem and depression go hand and hand. It’s hard to raise your self esteem when you are depressed, and it’s hard to avoid depression when you don’t feel good about yourself. This quiz will show you where your self esteem stacks up.

Are You Mania or Depression?
– Some people say that the flip side of depression is mania, and I can see where they’re coming from. If you feel like you cycle between being low and high energy, then this is the quiz for you. Take it to see if you’re veering more towards the manic or depressive side of things.

Do You Need Therapy?
No matter whether you’re depressed or just struggling in some way, there’s no shame in seeking therapy. There’s even a lot of online options for therapy these days, which is super convenient and also sometimes more cost effective. Take this quiz to see if you could benefit from therapy.

Can You Change Your Life?
– The worst thing about feeling down or depressed is feeling stuck. We’ve all been there, and sometimes change can be very elusive. Take this quiz to learn how easily you can change your life.

How Misanthropic Are You?
– I don’t think any of us start out as misanthropes, but somewhere along the way, we can lose trust in other people. There haven’t been many studies on this, but I think misanthropy can come from depression. Do you agree? Take this quiz to see if you have a misanthropic streak these days.

How Happy Are You, Really?
– At the end of the day, we all just want to be happy. If you’re still unsure where you stand, this quiz will help you determine if you’re truly, honestly happy or not.

10 Quizzes for Teachers to Take for National Teacher Day

teacher teaching kindergarten
Are you a teacher? Have some fun with these quizzes!

Happy National Teacher’s Day! Teachers are a big part of the Blogthings community. Many teachers use Blogthings in the classroom, which I think is super cool 🙂 Since today is all about celebrating teachers, I decided to include some quizzes I thought teachers may enjoy taking. Whether you’re a current teacher, former teacher, aspiring teacher, or fan of teachers, I think you’ll enjoy these quizzes.

Celebrate National Teacher’s Day with me by taking these quizzes:

What Grade Should You Teach?
– What grade is best suited to your personality and talents? Take this quiz to find out what grade of school you should be teaching! This quiz is based on elementary school grades, so if you get fifth grade, there’s a chance that you’d be suited for middle or high school as well.

What Elementary School Subject Are You?
– Let’s be honest… I wrote this quiz because I love every elementary school subject. Do you agree? Whether you’re a teacher or someone just missing elementary school, this quiz will let you know what elementary school subject you are most talented at.

What After School Snack Are You?
– Sometimes the best part of the school day is the after school snack! After school snacks aren’t just for kids… teachers have to eat too! Take this quiz to learn which after school snack you should be eating.

How’s Your Vocabulary?
– No matter what subject you’re teaching, it’s important for all teachers to have a big vocabulary. Do you make the grade? Take this quiz to see how your vocabulary stacks up.

What’s Your Learning Style?
– While teachers may spend a lot of time thinking about learning styles in their classroom, teachers are always learning as well. Take this quiz to figure out what kind of learner you are. Once you know your own learning style, you an harness it to increase your learning (and therefore teaching) power.

Who Were You In High School?
– Teachers get to observe students so much that they naturally start thinking about their own student experience. What were you like in high school? Sometimes it’s hard to remember or get an accurate picture of how people perceived us, and this quiz helps with that. Take this quiz to see what you were like in school.

Could You Pass 8th Grade Math?
– Math can be a vexing subject for all of us (well, except math teachers!). How much of the math you learned in school do you actually remember? Take this quiz to see if you could pass 8th grade math… or if you need to hit the books!

What Does Your Least Favorite School Subject Say About You?
– While teachers may not want to admit to their students that they had a least favorite school subject, we all have one. Take this quiz to find out what your least favorite school subject reveals about you. And don’t worry! Your secret is safe with me!

The Classroom Test
– Teachers spend most of their time on one side of the classroom, so I thought it would be fun to imagine the roles reversed. This scenario quiz puts you as the student inside a classroom. Say how you would react to certain situations, and you’ll get a customized personality result.

How Liberal Or Conservative Are You?
– As I mentioned earlier, teachers love to share Blogthings quizzes with their classrooms! I think that’s so cool. What a great way to mix technology and learning. This is the #1 quiz that teachers like to share with their classes. Give it a go, and see if you know a young person who may like to take it as well.

Looking for an Emotional Intelligence Quiz? Test Your Emotional Quotient (EQ) With These 6 Free Quizzes

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Do you have emotional intelligence? Take these quizzes to find out!

Would you like to know your emotional intelligence? In contrast to regular old intelligence, emotional intelligence is all about how in tune you are with your own emotions and the emotions swirling around you. Do you have good emotional control, intuition, and empathy? Or do you fly off the handle or stay immune to the emotions of the people you love?

We can have some idea of our own emotional intelligence, but ultimately, I believe we can be blind to how well we handle the our feelings. Have you ever met someone with low emotional control? Do you think that person knew that they were so bad at handling emotions? My guess is no!

I have devised these quizzes to give us all a glimpse into our emotional intelligence. Don’t worry if you don’t score exactly where you want to be. Emotional intelligence is fluid; we can always improve our emotional control and intuition.

What’s Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)?
– This is my spin on the classic emotional intelligence test. It is a long and comprehensive quiz, and it will let you know exactly where your emotional intelligence stands. I recommend checking in on this EQ quiz periodically to track your progress!

How Empathetic Are You?
– Do you consider yourself an empathetic person? I think we all would say yes, but true empathy requires really putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. This quiz will let you know if you are effectively empathizing with others or not.

The Five Factor Emotional Intelligence Test
– Once you determine your EQ, unless you are an emotional superstar, you probably would like to do some work on your emotional intelligence. That’s what this five factor emotional intelligence quiz is for. This quiz will show you where you’re succeeding in emotional intelligence and where you still need to do some work.

Are You An Optimist or Pessimist?
– Whenever I have trouble managing my emotions, I try to remind myself that it all comes down to outlook. It’s really that simple, but also that complicated. If I can turn my frown upside down, not only does it make me happier, it increase my empathy towards others. How optimistic or pessimistic are you right now? Take this quiz to find out!

How Emotionally Mature Are You?
– I’ll be honest, sometimes having emotional intelligence feels like being more grown up than I really feel like being. Do you ever feel the same way? This quiz will show you your emotional maturity level. See if you have room to improve or if you’re already emotionally “adulting.”

How Happy Are You?
– When it comes down to it, it’s all about finding as much happiness as you can in life. I’m a firm believer that emotional intelligence will get you there. Do you agree? Or do you find your happiness elsewhere? Take this quiz to see how happy you really are. I’d be especially interested to hear from people who score low or medium on emotional intelligence and high on happiness.

The 12 Best Personality Quizzes for Girls to Take Right Now

two girls having fun
Looking for some girls only quizzes! Then take these personality tests.

I love writing quizzes because I grew up taking quizzes is magazines. If you are at least 30, you probably have similar memories of fun magazine quizzes written specifically for girls and women. Heck, I know they still exist, but they were even more of a thing in the 2000s, 90s, 80s, and beyond!

Whether you also liked magazine quizzes or simply want some fun female directed personality tests, then I’ve got the collection for you. All of these quizzes are “girls only” which means no guys allowed. Bond with your favorite ladies over these quizzes, or just take them along with me:

What Famous Pinup Are You?
– Are you more of a Bettie Page or Marilyn Monroe type? This quiz will tell you which classic pinup’s style you should rock. I love taking this body positive quiz with my friends!

How Girly Are You?
– Are you a total girly girl, tomboy, or something in between? Take this quiz to see how girly you are compared to the rest of the world. No wrong answers with this one!

What Women’s Hairstyle Is Right For You?
– Looking for a new style? Then you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive quiz will recommend a new hairstyle for you.

What Kind of Girl Are You?
– How do people see you? Are you brainy, career oriented, sporty, or new age? This quiz will tell you what type of girl (or woman) you are.

What Type of Beauty Are You?
– I truly believe that we women are all beautiful in our own way, and this quiz reflects that. Find out of you are a classical beauty or natural beauty with this uplifting beauty quiz.

Do You Have A Bad Girl Reputation?
– We can’t control our reputations, and sometimes they are very unfair. Take this quiz to learn what sort of reputation you have and why.

What’s Your Beauty Element?
– What element is your beauty most connected to? Are you more of an earthy beauty or a fiery beauty? Take this quiz to find out!

What Color Nail Polish Best Fits You?
– In my opinion, it’s not really a girls day without some nails getting painted. I’m more of a DIY girl than a manicure girl… I like to change colors all the time. Whether you get your nails done by a pro or do them yourself, take this quiz to find out what color polish you should have.

What Goddess Are You?
– Have you noticed the trend where women are embracing their inner goddesses? I love it! Find out which goddess you are most like with this quiz!

What Kind of Bikini Are You?
– Get ready for summer with this fun bikini quiz! I love this quiz because I can “try on” various bikinis without being in a dressing room. Take this quiz for a little bikini fashion inspiration.

What Decade Diva Are You?
– Do you get your style inspiration from a particular decade or era? I personally love some of the bolder mod looks from the 1960s for right now. Take this quiz to learn which decade best suits you.

How Well Do You Understand Men?
– As much as we may love these girls only quizzes, we also live in the world, which is approximately half men 😉 Take this quiz to see if you have men all figured out… or if you have a few things to learn!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Here’s 9 Quizzes to Celebrate Today

three margaritas
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo today with these festive quizzes!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Down with Napoleon the Third! While this fun holiday has serious roots, we mostly celebrate Cinco de Mayo with delicious food and drink. And hey, that’s okay with me. I’ll take any excuse for a taco and a margarita 🙂

Are you ready for some Cinco de Mayo fun! Then take these quizzes with me:

What Flavor Margarita Are You?
– In my opinion, it’s not Cinco de Mayo without something fun to drink. Margaritas, Mexican beer, agua frescas – any or all of these are ideal. I’m personally a margarita fan, and if you are too, you’re going to want to take this quiz!

Are You a Taco, Burrito, or Tostada?
– Now that we’ve got something to drink, it’s time to find some Cinco de Mayo food. Let’s start casually! Do you want a taco, burrito, or tostada? Take this quiz to learn which one best suits you.

What’s Your Mexican Name?
– I love Mexican names! So many people in my area have Mexican and Mexican inspired names, and they are so beautiful. While I don’t have a Mexican name, you pronounce it the same in Spanish and English which is a start 🙂 Take this quiz to see what your Mexican name should be for Cinco de Mayo!

What Mexican Food Are You?
– Want a wider variety of Mexican food options for Cinco de Mayo? Heck yes, I think we do. Take this quiz to find out what kind of Mexican food you should be eating. And since I’m from Texas, of course I put a Tex-Mex spin on this one.

The Mexico Test
– Have you ever dreamed of going to Mexico? I went once, years ago, and I’d like to go again. Simply select the Mexico photo you like best, and see what it says about you.

The Taco Test
– If you’re going to visit Mexico (or simply celebrate Cinco de Mayo like a champ), then you better love tacos. I sure do, and I have been known to eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all on the same day! Mark your taco preferences on this quiz, and learn what your taco says about you!

Could You Pass 8th Grade Spanish?
– Want to show off your Spanish this Cinco de Mayo? You better find out if your Spanish is good enough! I speak some Spanish, but it can be a bit rusty at times. So I can barely pass eighth grade Spanish. What about you? Take this quiz to find out!

What Taco Bell Food Are You?
– I’m just going to be honest here… I’m celebrating Sesame Street with Taco Bell this year! That’s life with a toddler. At least the Taco Bell here serves booze. Do you also love Taco Bell? Take this quiz to learn what Taco Bell meal you should be eating.

What Does Your Chipotle Order Say About You?
– Or are you maybe more of a Chipotle fan? I go there too! Put in your Chipotle order for Cinco de Mayo for this quiz, and learn what it says about you.

May the 4th Be With You! 6 Fun Personality Quizzes for Star Wars Fans

Happy May the 4th! This is the day that we celebrate all things Star Wars. Because “May the 4th Be With You” sounds a lot like “May the Force Be With You”! Yes, it’s corny, but I will take it. I love any reason to celebrate Star Wars.

What about you? Are you a Star Wars fan? Do you prefer the newer movies or the older movies? I generally like to kick it old school, but I’ll be honest and say any Star Wars movie will do. Especially if it has lots of Chewbacca.  That’s why this silly holiday is so special to me 🙂

Ready to celebrate May the 4th with me? Than check out the quizzes below. Some are Star Wars themed, while others are all about space. I’d really like to have more Star Wars quizzes on Blogthings, so let me know which ones you’d like to see!

What Is Your Star Wars Name and Title?
– If you lived in the Star Wars universe, what would your name be? Take this wacky quiz to find out. Your result may be a bit weird, but Star Wars names are weird!

Are You Star Wars or Star Trek?
– Personally, I love them both, but I am drawn more to one (can you guess?). What about you? Take this quiz to see if you should be in the Star Wars or Star Trek universe.

What Planet Should You Rule?
– In our known universe, which planet should you be the leader of? Take this quiz to find out which planet you should rule. While there aren’t any Star Wars planets represented, wouldn’t you rather be the leader of a planet that exists.

What Are the Chances that You’ve Been Abducted by Aliens?
– If you think about it, Princess Leia was abducted by aliens. Or at least captured by aliens! What are the chances that you’ve been abducted by aliens and don’t know it? This quiz will let you know!

How Are You Out of This World?
– Like the characters on Star Wars, we are all out of this world in our own ways!

What Constellation Are You?
– I think part of the reason that I like Star Wars so much is that I’m an avowed star gazer. Do you like to also look up at the stars? Take this quiz to learn what constellation you are most like.

10 “About Me” Personality Quizzes to Learn More About Yourself Today

Woman taking quizzes on laptop
Learn more about yourself with these 10 personality quizzes.

Are you not sure how to describe yourself to others? Or are you maybe just looking to learn more about yourself today? These quizzes are all about you – which is why I call them “about me” quizzes!

These personality quizzes are quick, but they are reported as highly accurate by fellow Blogthings quiz takers. While some personality quizzes are silly, these are very insightful and based on lots of observational psychological research. Let me know what your favorite quiz is in the comments below!

Check out all of the quizzes below to learn more about how you tick:

What sort of sleeper are you? Take this quick sleeping personality quiz to find out!

What Does Your Sleeping Style Say About You? – Have you ever learned about other people’s sleeping habits and wondered how they could sleep that way? Our sleeping styles are as unique as our personalities. Take this quiz to learn how your personality relates to your sleeping habits.

Have you had the life experiences of a young teenager or mature adult?

How Much Life Experience Do You Have? – Do you feel like you’ve lived a life full of experiences? Or do you think you’re just getting started in life? This quiz will tell you how you stack up in the life experience department.

What part of your brain do you use the most? Take this fun psychological test to find out!

Are You a Thinker, Doer, Talker, or Observer? – Has anyone ever told you that you talk too much? Or that you quietly sit back and spend too much time in your own head? I personally loathe evaluations like this, because I think we each have our own strengths and ways of getting things done. This quiz shows you where you shine.. in areas that others may judge you for.

What animal do you connect with?

What’s Your Spirit Animal? – Have you ever felt like there was an animal that you connect with? I think a lot of us have… these are often referred to as spirit animals or totem animals. Take this quiz to learn what your spirit animal is.

What's your personality like?

Are You Bouncy, Bold, Behaved, or Balanced? – How do you take the world on? Do you pounce on problems and take risks? Or do you have a more measured approach. This quiz will let you know which “b” adjective describes you the best.

Discover which color gives you the most power.

What’s Your Power Color? – Do you have a lucky color? Or even a color that makes you feel more powerful? I definitely do, and it’s red! What’s your power color? This quiz will let you know.

How do you travel?

What’s Your Travel Type? – One of my favorite things about travel is that we all have our own favorite ways to see the world. Some of us are more adventurous, and others are more into culture. I personally like cozy travel 😉 Take this quiz to find out what your travel personality is!

What sort of alone time would best suit you? Take this revealing personality quiz to find out!

What Kind of Me Time Do You Need? – Ah, that coveted “me time”! I get a lot less of it than I used to, but I try to sneak some in as much as I can. What about you? Could you use a little more me time in your life? Take this quiz to see what kind of me time you need most.

Are you practical or philosophical? Do you get things done or dream about what you could do?

Are You a Dreamer or a Doer? – Some of my quizzes are pretty nuanced, but this one is simple – do you “do” or do you “dream”? I don’t think there is anything wrong with either, but it’s good to know where your power is! Take this quiz to learn if it’s all about possibilities or all about realities for you.

What motivates you in life?

What Drives You? – Are you a driven person? I think we are all driven by different things, and that’s what this quiz is all about. This quiz will show you how you’re a driven person and what drives you. This is a great one to take if you’re in a motivation slump!