8 Quizzes About Crushes to Find Out If You’re in Love

Do you have a crush? There’s little more life changing than having a crush on someone. It gives you a reason to get up in the morning, a thing to smile about, and something to hope for. Crushes feel good to everyone, at least for a while.

Over time, we start to wonder: is it true love or just a crush? It’s so hard to know when infatuation is something more, but luckily, quizzes are here to help. I’ve selected the most revealing quizzes ever about crushes that you can take privately. Figure out what’s going on in your love life with the quizzes below:

Are You Crushing on Him (And Don’t Even Know It)?
– The funny thing about crushes is that we don’t always know if we have one or not. Take this quiz to find out if you secretly have been harboring a crush on someone. (Although it was written about crushes on guys, it can apply to crushes on girls as well!)

What Type Do You Fall For?
– Do you tend to crush on the same type of person over and over again? This quiz will let you know if you have a type and what it is!

Do You Follow Your Head or Your Heart?
– Is your crush totally an emotional thing? Or is there some rationality behind it? Take this quiz to see if your crush is based on your head or your heart.

Are You in Love?
– Is it just a crush or something more? It’s hard to tell sometimes, but this quiz will let you know if you’re in love or not.

What’s Your Summer Love Style?
– Are you looking for a little love this summer? Having a crush may suggest just that! Take this quiz to see what kind of summer love you’re looking for.

Can You Make Anyone Fall in Love With You?
– Having a crush is all fine and good, but is your crush going to turn into something more? Take this quiz to see if you can make your crush (or anyone else) fall in love with you.

What’s Your True Love’s Name?
– Are you crushing on the right person? This wacky but accurate quiz will tell you your true love’s name! Amazing, but people swear by it. Take it, and see if your crush’s name comes up.

What Is Your Seduction Style?
– Eventually, it’s going to be time to either move on from your crush or take things to the next level! Take this quiz to learn how you should seduce your crush.


12 Fun Personality Quizzes for Kids to Take Right Now

Do you have a kid or kids who would like to take some quizzes? Then you’ve come to the right place! Blogthings is geared towards all ages, and we have some quizzes that kids will like. All of our quizzes are kid safe, and here are the ones that I think kids would especially like.

The kid or kids in your life may need a little help taking these quizzes, but that’s part of the fun! Take these quizzes together and compare your results. There’s nothing a kid likes more than discovering his or her own unique personality.

If you were a superhero, what color would your costume be? Take this personality quiz to learn all about your crime fighting style.

What Color is Your Superhero Uniform? – Doesn’t every kid dream of being a superhero? Take this quiz to find out what color superhero uniform your kid would have. Make sure to get your own uniform color too! This is an especially good quiz for the 7-12 crowd.

What colors your view of the world? Take this quiz to know.

How Do You Paint the World? – Whether it’s finger painting, splatter painting, or watercolors, all kids love to paint for fun. Show this kid in your life this simple painting quiz to learn more about his or her personality. Great for kids of all ages!

Are you a worker bee or a queen bee? Take this fun personality quiz to find out!

What Type of Bee Are You? – Your kid may already know all about how bees operate, and if so, this is a great quiz for reinforcing a little biology in a fun way. Take this quiz together to see what kind of bee each of you would be (haha!). Another one great for the 7-12 set.

How does your mind really work? Find out what's in your head.

What Pattern Is Your Brain? – Life becomes a lot more manageable when we realize how unique we all are, and this is even more true for kids. Take this quiz with your kiddo to explore how we all think in different ways. Ideal for tweens and teens 🙂

If you were to be reincarnated as someone's pet, what kind of animal would you be?

What Kind of Pet Would You Be? – What kid doesn’t have a pet or dream of having a pet? Take this quiz to see what pet is best suited for your kid, personality wise. Great for animal lovers 7-14 years old.

Pick the candy you like best, and find out what it reveals about your personality.

What Does Your Favorite Candy Say About You? – What kid doesn’t love candy? Satisfy your kid’s virtual craving with this all ages personality test. It’s so simple and fun to complete.

Do you give life a thumbs up or thumbs down?

Are You a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down? – The concepts of optimism and pessimism can be difficult for kids to grasp at first, but most kids understand a thumbs up or thumbs down! Take this quiz with your child to see if he or she is in a thumbs up or thumbs down frame of mind today. Ideal for kids in late elementary and middle school.

What classical instrument best suits you?

What Classical Instrument Should You Play? – Almost every kid dreams of playing an instrument at some time in their lives. Fuel that fire with this fun, musical quiz. Great for ages 6-16!

What baby pet are you most like?

Are You a Puppy or a Kitten? – We all can’t resist puppies and kittens, and that goes double for kids. Take this quiz with the kid in your life to learn if you are each more like a puppy or like a kitten. Perfect for ages 5+

What name should you write under? Take this fun name quiz to find out!

What’s Your Pen Name? – Pen names are such a fun concept for kids that I had to include this quiz for any young writers. Take this quiz with your kiddo to discover which pen name you should each write under. Great for kids 8+

It almost seems like your favorite color is something you're born with. What does your favorite color reveal about your personality?

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You? – Almost every child-0 has a favorite color or two, so this is the perfect quiz for kids to give a try! Simply have your kid pick his or her favorite color, and get a complete personality profile. This is a great quiz for building vocabulary. All ages 🙂

What do the hightops you like reveal about your personality? Take this fun and fashionable quiz!

The Hightops Test – While high tops do go in and out of style, kids can’t resist these funky patterned shoes. Take this quick image quiz with your child to get a complete personality profile. Great for 5-12 year olds.


13 Free Intelligence Tests to Measure How Smart You Are

How intelligent are you? You may have a rough idea of how smart you are, but it’s hard to know how any of us compare to the population at large. Intelligence can be measured in a variety of ways, and besides, not everyone who seems smart is smart. And some of the smartest people in the world keep their smarts to themselves.

While you can never know if you’re the smartest person in the room, you can get a better idea from taking intelligence tests. A lot of intelligence tests cost a ton, but these are completely free and very accurate. I will warn you that they aren’t easy, and they will take a while to complete. But if you want to know how smart you are, you have to put in the time!

abstract image of brain

A Quick and Dirty IQ Test – Have you ever wondered what your IQ is? While a lot of people consider IQ to be an imperfect measurement at this point, it doesn’t stop everyone from wondering what their IQ is. Take this free IQ test to get an approximation of what your IQ is.

giant eye over the world

How Observant Are You? – I think that observant people are intelligent people. Do you agree? I think everyone can work on being more observant, and it’s a great way to build your brain power. Take this quiz to find out how observant (and therefore intelligent) you are.

abstract woman thinking

What’s Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)? – Have you heard of emotional intelligence? It’s a different way of measuring intelligence, based on your emotional reactions to life. It’s scaled like an IQ test (100 is average), so give it a go and see how you rate!

blonde woman studying

How Logical Are You? – I think logic and intelligence are inextricably linked. After all, intelligence requires reasoning and rationality. Fill out this test to see how naturally logical you are.

woman typing on typewriter

What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have? – Have you heard of the theory of multiple intelligences? I love this theory, because it says we are all smart in our own way. Take this quiz to find out what your personal type of intelligence is.

brunette woman thinking carefully

What’s Your Thinking Style? – Intelligence comes down to how you think. Are you a visionary thinker or a more experimental thinker? Give this quiz a go to see what your thinking style is.

group of four happy women

How Does Your Interpersonal Intelligence Rate? – Have you ever met a supposedly smart person who was terrible at relating to others? That’s a case of low interpersonal intelligence. See how your interpersonal intelligence stacks up with this quiz!

watercolor painting of woman

How Does Your Intrapersonal Intelligence Rate? – While interpersonal intelligence is all about understanding others, intrapersonal intelligence is a different animal … it’s about understanding yourself! Take this quiz to see how your intrapersonal intelligence rates.

woman with hand on chin

What Kind of Thinker Are You? – Even if your intelligence leads to wise decisions and actions, your smarts begin in the brain! Take this quiz to see what kind of intelligence thinker you are.

woman wearing hat

Is Your Brain Old or Young? – Despite what some people claim, I think both old and young brains are intelligent in their own ways. Take this quiz to ssee if your brain in young and fresh or old and wise.

woman with camera

What Is Your Brain Good At? – As I’ve said many times, I think people are intelligent in their own ways. If you aren’t feeling super smart, then this is a perfect quiz to take because it shows you your intellectual strength. Take it to find out what your brain is good at!

woman reading next to bike

What’s Your Intellectual Virtue? – Do you think being intelligent is a virtue? I tend to think so. Of course, there is the intellectual capacity your born with which you can’t control, but the virtue part is all about what you do with it! Take this quiz to discover your intellectual virtue.

brunette woman in red shirt

Are You Book Smart or Street Smart? – I think everyone is book smart or street smart, but street smarts still don’t get recognized as much as they should! Which one do you fall under? Take this quiz to find out!


8 Geeky Quizzes to Celebrate Your Geekiness With

Are you a geek? I’ll admit to being a geek, proudly so. I mean, I think anyone who writes for a living has to have a bit of geekiness 🙂 I am a geek about so many things – reading, writing, movies, yoga, gardening… you get the picture.

Today is Embrace Your Geekiness Day (truly, I didn’t make that up!), and what better way to embrace your geekiness than to take a couple geeky quizzes? I have selected eight quizzes that will help you assess, understand, and embrace your geekiness. Let’s get started!

Are You A Nerd or a Geek?

– Are you more geeky or more nerdy? It’s a tough distinction to make but an important one! Take this quiz to find out if you are actually a geek… or more of a nerd.
What word best describes your thinking process?

How Do You Think? – We geeks are big on using our brains, as we all have fairly large internal worlds. Geeks are thinkers, but what kind of thinker are you? This quiz will help you figure that out!

Are You Geek or Chic? – If you ask me, being geek is chic! I don’t necessarily think the two are mutually exclusive, but for the sake of this quiz, find out if you are more geek or chic.

Do you have the mind of a genius? Take this quiz to determine your brain's power and potential.

Are You a Brainiac? – Almost every geek I know is super smart as well. Does this describe you? Take this revealing test to find out if you’re a brainiac or more of an intellectual slacker.

How Geeky Are You? – If you’ve gotten this far, then you definitely consider yourself a geek. But how geeky are you really? This test will measure your geekiness quotient once and for all. (I love saying “geekiness quotient” – it’s so delightfully geeky!)

How many classic books have you read? Take this quiz to see how far along you are!

How Well Read Are You? – To me, being a geek means doing a lot of reading. We geeks have deep and varied interests, and sometimes, only books can give us the intellectual exploration we crave. Take this quiz to see how well read you are!

Are You a Geek or a Hipster? – Not all geeks are hipsters, but in my humble opinion, most hipsters are geeks. I mean if you’re geeking out over cold brew coffee, vintage records, and funky fashion – then you’re a geek! Take this quiz to see if you’re more of a geek or hipster type.

What’s Your Introvert Strength? – I think that most geeks are introverts (or at least ambiverts). After all, we all have our interests and obsessions to take up most of our time 🙂 Take this quiz to see what makes you a thriving introvert.


5 Revealing Personality Quizzes That Keep it Simple

Are you in the mood for some insightful personality quizzes that are short and sweet? Sometimes all we want is a quick quiz fix, and I’m here to deliver. Today is Simplicity Day, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Simple quizzes with deep personality insights are the name of the game today.

I love to take and write personality quizzes of all kinds. Sometimes these definitely include quizzes so tons of questions and long outcomes. But other times, there’s no point in drawing it out. Often times just a few questions, or even just one question, is all I need to reveal a personality characteristic.

So if you’re looking for some quick and simple personality quizzes, here you go! Take any or all of these – they are are perfect for a little break and pick me up.

Deep down beneath the surface, who are you?

The Eye Test – An eye can just reveal so much. Do you agree? To take this quiz, simply select the eye that appeals most to you, and see what it reveals about your personality.

The Three Question Personality Test
– Can you get a comprehensive personality profile from simply three questions? I say yes, and I think after you take this quiz, you’ll agree!

The Zen Rock Test
– The pictures in this zen rock test are simple, and the concept is simple: pick an image that appeals to you, and see what it reveals about your personality. Very zen indeed!

What does your name reveal about your personality? Your results may surprise you!

What’s Your Name’s Hidden Meaning? – Have you ever wondered what your name means? If so, this is the quiz for you! All you do is enter your name, and you’ll find out the truth about what it reveals.

Get an accurate personality report in seconds.

The World’s Shortest Personality Test – Is there anything simpler than the world’s shortest personality test? By definition, this is as simple as it gets. Pick an image, and get a complete personality profile.


Quiz: What Flavor Slurpee Are You?

Image result for slurpee
Today is the day to celebrate Slurpees! Take my special Slurpee quiz 🙂

Are you a big fan of Slurpees? I totally am! I love these cool and frosty drinks, especially on a hot and humid day like today. I associate Slurpees with the 1980s, but did you know that these delicious drinks actually originated in the 1960s? No matter what, I consider Slurpees to be a bit of a throwback, but they are still as delicious today as they ever were… maybe more so!

I am featuring a Slurpee quiz today because it’s Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven. A pretty cool concept if you ask me! You just show up at 7-Eleven between 7AM and 11PM (which used to be 7-Eleven’s original hours) and fill up your free small Slurpee. And if you need to remember when Free Slurpee Day is in the future, it’s always on July 11 – 7/11! Get it? And no, I’m not paid by 7-Eleven in any way… I just like free Slurpees. Especially in the summer 🙂

Whether you’re going to hook yourself up with a free Slurpee today or just dream about one, I’ve got you covered. It’s time to kick off our flip flops, put our feet up, and have some summer fun! My Slurpee quiz has no calories, but gives you a definite fun boost. Check it out: What Flavor Slurpee Are You?

Take What Flavor Slurpee Are You? and let me know what you get on this quiz. Did you get your favorite flavor? If not, what is your favorite Slurpee flavor? And if you grab a free Slurpee today, let me know how it went!

P.S. Did you know that Slurpees are considered a carbonated beverage? I found this to be super surprising! I don’t think they taste carbonated at all. What do you think?


7 Personality Quizzes to Take When You’re Feeling Lonely

Do you feel lonely today? I know that loneliness is something we all experience from time to time, and I am no exception. The only thing I can say about loneliness is that the cure for me is learning to be my own best friend. And part of that friendship with myself involves self-discovery through quizzes!

Today just happens to be Cheer Up the Lonely day, and while I’m not here to cheer anyone up, I thought it would be great to feature some quizzes that I think help with loneliness. Check them out, and remember, there are people just like you, right now, taking these quizzes 🙂 You may be lonely, but you aren’t alone.

What do your strengths and weaknesses say about you? Take this revealing personality test to find out!

The Strengths and Weaknesses Test – Being lonely can be a tough feeling, and I have found that I feel loneliest when I am hard on myself. Take this quiz to learn what your strengths and weaknesses truly are. I think it’s a great way to not be too hard on yourself while acknowledging ways to improve.

The work of art that best represents you, right now

What Famous Work of Art Are You? – I don’t know about you, but I have definitely found that art makes me feel a lot less lonely in life. Just knowing that we are all connected through certain works of art gives me a sense of community and peace. Take this quiz to see what work of art may help alleviate your loneliness.

What color do you radiate? Find out the color you truly connect with - and what it means for your life.

What Color Is Your Psyche? – Are you ready to get a little spiritual? This quiz goes deep, and it’s a great way to get to know yourself better. When I’m lonely, I often feel misunderstood – and what better way to break out of a loneliness funk then to understand yourself better.

What word be describes your life?

What’s Your Word Right Now? – Sometimes getting over loneliness means accepting whatever is going on in the here and now. This quiz gets you there with giving you a one word theme for right now. I promise it isn’t scary… and it will give you some insight!

What's the most important thing for you? Find out what makes you happiest.

What Do You Need Most? – There are plenty of reasons that we all feel lonely in life, and I know that sometimes I am lonely just because all my needs aren’t being met. If you suspect that may be the case for you right now, then this quiz will help. Find out what you need

Do you have a deep knowledge of the world? Or do you only know a few subjects?

Do You Have Gaps in Your Knowledge? – I have found that my love of learning has gotten me through the loneliest times in my life. Do you agree? Delving into a new subject can be so immersive for me, and it really helps me forget my troubles. Take this quiz to see what you don’t know… and what you could learn!

What time of day and year are best for you?

When Do You Shine? – Do you ever feel lonely during a particular time of day? I know for me a lot of loneliness creeps in both late and night and very early in the morning (before dawn). Maybe these just aren’t my times of day! Take this quiz to see when you shine – and when you may feel the least lonely.


8 Quizzes for Moms and Daughters to Take Together on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I have a fun idea of how you can celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom this year, and it won’t cost a thing. Ready? Take some quizzes together. I always recommend taking quizzes with a friend or loved one, because it’s so fun to compare results. This Mother’s Day, take a few quizzes with your mom to see where you are alike and where you differ.

I’ve hand selected what I consider to be 8 of the best Blogthings quizzes for moms and daughters to take together. These are some light and fun quizzes you and your mom can take together about style, makeup, travel, fitness, family, and more. They are mom appropriate, so no worries about revealing questions or outcomes. Enjoy!

What retro decade influences your fashion style the most? Take this personality quiz to see what sort of vintage look you like best.

What Decade Influences Your Style? – Pretty much all fashion is influenced by the past at this point, and it’s likely that you find your style from a particular decade – updated of course. Take this quiz to see if you and mom share the same decade for style influence or if you have a style generation gap.

How do you fit in or stand out in your family?

Who Are You in Your Family? – We all play a role in our family, and I mean roles besides the obvious ones of mother and daughter. Take this quick quiz with your mom to see if you’re the wise one, the unconventional one, the gentle one, or a different role.

What type of traveling best suits you? Find out how your personality shapes your vacation plans.

What’s Your Travel Personality? – Have you ever traveled with just your mom? Travel with your mom is a great bonding experience, but if you can’t travel together this Mother’s Day, do the next best thing and take this quiz! See if you and mom have similar travel styles or if you’re completely different travel wise.

What word best describes your happiness? Take this personality quiz to find out.

Are You Joy, Love, or Peace? – I love this personality quiz for moms and daughters because it’s so positive and strength based. This quiz is perfect for anyone who’s had a troubled relationship with their mom, because you can focus on the best parts of family – peace, love, and joy.

Are you going to be a hip parent? Or will your kids think you're totally lame?

Would You Be a Cool Parent? – I bet there was a point in your life (or let’s be honest, many points in your life) where you swore you would be a very different parent than your mom was. And now that you’re grown up, do you agree? Take this quiz to see if you are (or would be) a cooler parent than your mom – or if you have the same parenting style.

What should you change your middle name to?

What Should Your Middle Name Be? – How do you feel about your middle name? Whether your love it, hate it, or simply tolerated, your mom is ultimately to blame for it! Take this quiz with mom to see what middle name you should really have as well as what hers should be.

Which group fitness class best fits your style? Take this fitness personality quiz to find out!

What Fitness Class Are You? – Have you ever taken a fitness class with your mom? Getting in shape together is a fun mother daughter activity, but of course, you have to decide on a fitness class first. Take this quiz with your mom to see if you have similar fitness styles.

What Gilmore Girl Are You? – No list of mom and daughter quizzes is complete without a shout out to my favorite mother daughter tv show of all time, the Gilmore Girls! If you aren’t a fan of this show about mothers and daughters, then you should tune in with your mom today. And after that, take my quiz to see which Gilmore Girl you are most like.


8 Cupcake Quizzes for National Give Someone a Cupcake Day

Do you like cupcakes? I love them! I think having a full cake around is a bit much for my small family, but a few cupcakes are perfect. I love that cupcakes are super portion controlled, and you can have a variety on hand. So you can have your chocolate, yellow, and red velvet cake… and eat it too 🙂

If you are as into cupcakes as I am, then check out these quizzes below. Who knows? Maybe they’ll inspire you to buy or make some cupcakes and give them to someone.

The Fancy Cupcake Test – Let me be clear… I think all cupcakes are beautiful 🙂 Even a badly home frosted cupcake with canned frosting is beautiful. But there’s something special about a frosted cupcake. And that’s what this image quiz celebrates. Take it to see what your favorite fancy cupcake says about you.

What Flavor Cupcake Are You? – The ultimate cupcake question for me is: what flavor? They all always look so good for me, but I can only choose one (or two if I’m feeling wild). Take this quiz to learn what flavor cupcake matches your personality.

What Exotic Cupcake Are You? – I really love a traditionally flavored cupcake most of the time, like yellow cake with chocolate frosting. But I also have a soft spot in my heart for the funkier cupcake flavors of the world…pistachio rose anyone? If you like trendy cupcake flavors, then you’ll love this quiz.

The Birthday Cupcake Test – A cupcake for your birthday? Why not? You can get exactly what you want, and you don’t have to share! Take this fun birthday cupcake image quiz to see what your birthday cupcake says about you.

The Cupcake Test – What would your ideal cupcake be like? How would you decorate it? How would it taste? Take this quiz to design your perfect cupcake… and learn what it says about you.

The Halloween Cupcake Test – Cupcakes for Halloween? Why not? Especially if they’re as cute as the ones featured in this quiz! Pick the Halloween cupcake you learn best to learn about your Halloween personality.

The Cutsie Cupcake Test – If you asked me what I loved about cupcakes (besides eating them), I’d have to say that they’re just so darn cute! If you agree, select your favorite cute cupcake and see what it says about you.

The Christmas Cupcake Test – If you can have cupcakes for Halloween, then you can definitely have them for Christmas. In my opinion, it’s the perfect time for any sort of treat – so why not include cupcakes in the mix? Take this quiz and see what your favorite Christmas cupcake says about you.


12 Delicious Food Quizzes to Take Today for International No Diet Day

Happy International No Diet Day! I’m not here to discuss whether diets work or not…. let’s just agree that being on a diet stinks. Whether you’re against dieting like I am or simply taking a break today, let’s all enjoy some delicious food quizzes together to celebrate not dieting 🙂

If you were a cereal, what cereal would you be? Find out what you should be pouring milk on in the morning!

What Kind of Cereal Are You? – Every good no diet day starts with an awesome breakfast. While some of you may be thinking pancakes or waffles, my breakfast pig out food is definitely a big bowl of cereal. Do you agree? Then take this cereal quiz to discover your cereal personnality.

What scone should you be eating for breakfast?

What Kind of Scone Are You? – While I’m very partial towards cereal for a “cheat” breakfast, there’s something to be said for a scone. Especially if you’re up early watching a British royal wedding or something 😉 Just saying! Take this fun quiz to see what flavor scone you are.

What international breakfast should you chow down on? Take this personality quiz to find out.

What Country’s Breakfast Are You? – Craving a big breakfast? Hey, we’re not dieting today, so that’s your prerogative! Take this quiz to get a little big breakfast inspiration from around the world.

What do your hot dog choices reveal about your personality? Take this fun and delicious quiz to find out.

What Does Your Hot Dog Say About You? – Okay, breakfast is totally covered, so let’s move on to lunch. We’ll start with a favorite around the Blogthings household – a loaded hot doggie (or veggie dog). Take this quiz to learn what your hot dog preferences say about you.

What’s Your Pizza Personality? – Another favorite lunch option around here is pizza! Whether it’s homemade, frozen, delivery, or in a pizzeria, I’ll take pretty much any pizza anytime. If you’re the same way, then take this quiz to discover your pizza personality.

What do your cookie eating habits reveal about your personality?

The Sandwich Cookie Personality Test – Well, I think it’s about time for a snack! Do you agree? There’s nothing better than a sandwich cookie like an Oreo. This quick quiz will tell you your personality based on how you eat an Oreo!

What sushi roll are you most like?

What Type of Sushi Are You? – Dinner time! Who’s up for sushi? I am, but it’s okay if you skip this one if you’re not a sushi lover. For us sushi fans, take this quiz to see what type of sushi you’re most like.

What Kind of Fast Food Are You? – That sushi didn’t quite fill me up. I’m looking for something a little more hearty, and fast food will definitely do the trick! Take this quiz to see what kind of fast food best matches your personality.

What Shape Pasta Are You? – Are you still hungry after all that? Well, to be honest I am too. Nothing will fill you up like pasta though. This quiz will let you know which shape pasta you’re most like… definitely check it out!

What flavor cheesecake best fits your personality? Find out with this decadent quiz!

What Kind of Cheesecake Are You? – Okay, time for dessert! Don’t worry, we’re going to have multiple courses. Let’s start with cheesecake… a favorite in the Blogthings house. Take this quiz to see what flavor cheesecake you are!

If you were a cannoli, what flavor would you be? Take this sweet personality quiz to find out!

What Flavor Cannoli Are You? – Leave the gun – take the cannoli. Actually, no, leave the cannoli for me! This may be the most self-interested quiz I’ve ever written just because I like cannoli so much. If you agree, take it to see what flavor you are.

What Kind of Pie Are You? – In my opinion, no feast is complete without pie. No worries though, if you make too much you can have some for breakfast tomorrow. This quiz will match a slice of pie to your personality… simple and tasty as that!