Waiting for Santa? 6 Quizzes to Take on Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve! I know for some people this can be a bustling day and night of holiday cheer. I personally like a quieter Christmas Eve. A short day and long night of reflection, coziness, and anticipation of what’s to come.

If you’re like me and prefer a low key Christmas Eve, then join me in taking these cozy holiday quizzes. Cuddle up with a warm drink… maybe a cookie or two 🙂 And here’s to a Merry Christmas!

What’s Your Christmas Eve Personality? – As I mentioned above, I really appreciate a Christmas Eve that’s calm and cozy. What sort of Christmas Eve do you prefer? Take this quiz to see if you like a festive, hopeful, busy, or cozy Christmas Eve.

What Flavor Hot Chocolate Are You? – Christmas Eve is always one of the coldest nights of the year in my neck of the woods. And what better way to warm up than hot chocolate? Find out what flavor of hot chocolate you should be drinking tonight with this quiz!

What does your Christmas tree tell the world?

What Does Your Christmas Tree Say About You? – For me, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas Eve without a tree. Sometimes I have my own tree, but other times I just get out there to see a fabulous tree. What does your ideal Christmas tree reveal about you? Take this quiz to find out!

What Will Be In Your Christmas Stocking? – I don’t know about you, but I’m always wondering on Christmas Eve about what will be in my stocking. Don’t get me wrong, I love big Christmas gifts. But for me, there’s something extra special about the little goodies in my stocking. Take this quiz to see what will be in your Christmas stocking!

Which element of nature best describes your holiday style? Take this holiday personality quiz to find your holiday element.

What’s Your Holiday Element? – There’s something about Christmas Eve that is so evocative of the natural elements for me. The snow (hopefully), a roaring fire, wood in that fire… and so on. What holiday element best fits you? Check out this quiz to learn more!

What City Should You Spend Christmas Eve In? – Sometimes there’s nothing better than Christmas Eve at home, but other times we could all use a little escape. Take this quiz to learn where you should be spending Christmas Eve!

Happy Winter Solstice! 8 Quizzes for the Shortest Day of the Year

Happy solstice! In my neck of the woods, this is the shortest day of the year. And in my opinion, this is the perfect day to get cozy and take some quizzes. Check out these quizzes that I have found especially good to take on the shortest day of the year.

What Yoga Pose Are You? – To me, there’s nothing better than getting my yoga on during a cold and dark day. If you’re interested in joining me in a little solstice inspired yoga, if only virtually, then check out this quiz!

What Comfort Food Are You? – Let’s be clear… I think any time of year is a good time for comfort food, and that’s especially true on the darkest day of the year. Take this quiz to see what kind of comfort food you should be eating!

What Music Should You Dance To? – While I think this is a great day for rest and relaxation, I don’t want my energy level getting too low. If you also want to throw a little solstice dance party, then take this quiz to see what music you should play.

What Kind of Book Are You? – When the days are short and the nights are long, I love getting lost in a good book. Take this quiz to learn what sort of book you should read this solstice.

Are You Coffee or Tea? – In my experience, the shortest day of the year tends to be a cold one! I like to warm up with a drink… preferably something with caffeine. Want to join me? This quiz will let you know if you should be reaching for coffee or tea!

Are You the Moon or the Sun? – One of my favorite things about the winter solstice is that there is a little more time for the moon and the stars. Planning on doing some star gazing tonight? If so, check out this quiz!

What’s Your Spiritual Number? – Feel like digging into a little longer quiz? Then this is the perfect quiz for taking and reflecting on during a long night. Find out how you are spiritual, during which is a spiritual time for many.

What are you like in the winter?

What’s Your Winter Personality? – The darkest nights may be ending, but winter is just beginning! Take this quiz to see how you’ll survive and thrive this winter.

New Quiz: Are You a Brownie or a Cookie?

cookies and milk
Are you more like a brownie or a cookie? Take my latest quiz to find out!

Mmmm, can you smell it in the air? I’m not talking about late fall crispness, wood burning fireplaces or even holiday spirit. I’m talking about the smell of holiday baking. It’s that time of year everyone, and I can just smell the cookies, rolls, cakes, and other delights baking in the air. And since I haven’t started baking yet, these smells are mostly wishful thinking on my part.

As I’ve made clear, I love holiday treats, and cookies are foremost on this list. I like traditional holiday cookies like cutout cookies, but I also like more normal cookies as well as ones from foreign countries. However, I often wonder why holiday baking tends to begin and end at cookies – with the occasional fruitcake thrown in. Shouldn’t there be more holiday delights? Like brownies for instant.

Now that I’ve tipped my hat, let’s be clear: I love brownies! I don’t think they are given their due in baking culture, and this especially is true during the holidays. Peppermint brownies anyone? Maybe some gingerbread brownies too? Why not? If people can put ginger and chocolate together in fancy dark chocolates, then I think this could be a winning holiday combo.

That’s not to say I like brownies better than cookies. Or maybe I’ll do. I’ll leave that up for you to decide. However, I do think cookies and brownies should be held up equally highly, so I decided to write a quiz about them both!

Let’s get down to it: Are You a Brownie or a Cookie? Yes, you may love them both like I do, but you can only be one. Let me know what you get on this tasty quiz and also if you think holiday brownies should be a thing 🙂

Quiz: What Kind of Candy Are You?

What kind of candy best represents your personality? Take this quiz to find out!

Do you like candy? I mean, we all do, right? I will admit to not liking every candy in the world, but if it has some chocolate (or enough sugar) in it, then I’ll probably like it! Of course, my favorite thing about candy is that it’s sweet. Beyond that though, I have to say that I really like how you can just have a piece or two of candy as a treat. Unlike something like a big slice of chocolate cake, you can have a little piece of candy every day. Or two. Or three. In my opinion 🙂 

It may be odd to talking about candy in December instead of October, but I consider candy’s season to run from Halloween to Valentine’s Day. I mean,  if you think about it, Halloween is just the beginning for candy lovers like us. There’s always the hope that there will be candy corn at Thanksgiving (not a favorite, but I’ll take what I can get). And of course, I consider candy in Christmas stockings a must. Believe it or not, candy is part of my New Year’s Eve tradition. Yup, I eat those chocolates with a bit of booze in them. And of course, Valentine’s Day should always be about candy, whether you’re single or not. So given all of this, aren’t we smack in the middle of candy season.

The candy quiz that I’m sharing today has been on Blogthings for quite a while, but it was definitely due for a revamp. The outcomes have been expanded a ton, and I think you’ll get a chuckle out of your outcome.  Take What Kind of Candy Are You? and let me know what you get. What’s your favorite kind of candy?

5 Holiday Quizzes That Will Make You Smile And Laugh

I love all the positive emotions surrounding the holidays. Compassion, gratitude, togetherness, awe… all good stuff. While this is a great time of year to go deeper, I don’t always feel in the mood to go deeper. A lot of the positive deep feelings that go with the holidays can be bittersweet. Sometimes I just want to keep it light!

What about you? Are you looking for a few laughs at this point in the holiday season? If so, I’ve got the quizzes for you!

What does your favorite holiday cupcake say about you? Take this delicious personality quiz to find out!
What Christmas cupcake are you?

The Christmas Cupcake Test – We’ve all heard of Christmas cookies, but Christmas cupcakes? Yup, these are so a thing too… at least in my book. Take this adorable and hilarious image quiz to learn more about your Christmas personality.

What crappy Christmas gift do you relate to?

What Crappy Christmas Gift Are You? – It’s happened to all of us. We’ve been so excited to open a gift, only to learn a total dud lurks beneath the wrapping paper! Have a laugh with this quiz dedicated to terrible holiday gifts.

If you were one of Santa’s reindeer, which one would you be?

Which of Santa’s Reindeer Are You? – I have to admit that I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Santa’s reindeer. Just by their names alone, they all seem to have unique personalities. Do you agree? Take this quiz to learn which reindeer you are most like!

What does your ugly sweater reveal about you?

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Test – Have you gotten into the ugly Christmas sweater trend? I have a fake ugly Christmas sweater and love it. I call it fake because it is brand new… not a vintage one from the 80s or 90s.  Take this quick image quiz to learn what your Ugly Christmas Sweater says.

What Elf Character Are You? – To me it’s not the Christmas season until I watch Elf. This is one of my favorite holiday movies, and it always makes me laugh a ton. Do you love Elf too? Than take this quiz to learn if you’re more of a Jovie or Elf 🙂 

Quiz: Who Should Paint Your Portrait?

picture by tamara de lempicka
What famous artist should paint your portrait? Take this quiz to find out.

Have you ever dreamed of a famous artist painting your portrait? I definitely have. I think it would be so cool to have an abstract or highly stylized painting of myself. Of course, in a few years, we’ll probably all have artificial intelligence available to make all sorts of funky portraits of us. Still, I prefer to do some old school day dreaming.

If I had to choose, I would definitely want a Picasso of myself. (Yes, I know he’s long dead, just dreaming here.) Or maybe a Warhol. Or even a Dali. Heck I’ll take all three! To be honest, I’d love a painting of myself by any famous artist (who wouldn’t???). But I do find something wacky or colorful to be the most compelling 🙂

I found the idea of a world famous artist painting my portrait so compelling that I decided to write a quiz about it. If you’ve been using Blogthings a while, you’ve already probably taken What Artist Should Paint Your Portrait?, but hear me out… this quiz is totally improved.  I did even more research on the artist’s featured, an d now the quiz outcomes are three to four times as long.

So if you’ve ever wondered which artist should paint you, take What Artist Should Paint Your Portrait? You may be surprised to learn which artist bests would capture your personality. Are you more of a pop art or surrealist type? This quiz will tell you and possibly introduce you to your new favorite visual artist.

Give this quiz a go, and let me know what you think. Did you get an artist that you would actually like to paint your portrait? If not, what sort of portrait would you like?

6 Delicious Quizzes for Celebrating National Cookie Day

Happy National Cookie Day! As someone who loves both eating and baking cookies, this day was made for me. It even just so happens that my current favorite holiday song is “Bakin’ Cookies” by the Ellas. If you haven’t heard it, check it out. True story, I accidentally played it on my Alexa last year, and now I’m hooked.

Whether you’re going to celebrate National Cookie Day by baking cookies, eating cookies, or simply dreaming about cookies, I invite you to also celebrate by taking some quizzes. And there’s one thing I can promise you about these cookie quizzes – they won’t burn if you get too distracted taking them. Enjoy!

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Oracle
– It may be holiday cookie season, but my heart will first and foremost belong to chocolate chip cookies. In fact, they are often the first thing I bake at the holidays, because they are great year round. Take this quiz to see what your chocolate chip cookie style says about you.

What Kind of Cookie Are You?
 – Not a chocolate chip cookie fan? Not a problem! There are so many different kinds of cookies that there has to be one that you fancy. This quiz will tell you what type of cookie you are most like.

What Kind of Cookies Should You Bake?
 –  Are you ready to get some holiday baking going? Then this quiz will help you decide what to bake. It’s a tough decision, but I have a feeling that whatever outcome you choose will be delicious.

What Holiday Cookie Are You?
 – Even if you don’t bake any cookies this year, I just have a feeling some will come your way. I love those coworkers, neighbors, and friends who drop off a little bag of cookies just because. Take this quiz to learn which holiday cookie you are most like!

What Girl Scout Cookie Are You?
 – We can’t talk about cookies without talking about girl scout cookies. My mouth just waters thinking about them. I always want to say what my favorite is, but I love them all. They are smart that they don’t make a variety box, instead forcing me to buy every kind! Are you like me and unsure which girl scout cookie suits you best? Take this quiz to find out!

The Sandwich Cookie Personality Test
– Call them Oreo’s, Joe-Joe’s, Hydrox, whatever… I love those little sandwich cookies with the cream filling on the inside. And you may not know this, but there are quite a few personality theories about how you eat them. Take this quiz to learn what your sandwich cookie eating style says about you!

Are You Feeling Like a Grinch? Here’s 6 Quizzes to Lift Your Holiday Spirits

Is your holiday spirit starting to wane this year? I think we all struggle with keeping our holiday spirit high, and it’s especially tough when the holiday season is extra long like this year. (You have an early Thanksgiving to thank for that!)

I wanted to give some love to all the Grinches and Scrooges this time of year. I was feeling a bit Scrooge-ish myself the other day when I was thinking about all the Christmas presents I have to wrap. Even though there is so much to love about the holidays, we all have our pain points that turn us into Grinches at times. And that’s okay!

Want to lift your holiday spirits a bit? Then check out these quizzes below:

What Movie Is Your Christmas Most Like?
– Nothing lifts my spirits like a Christmas movie. Whether it’s a great one or one that’s so bad it’s good, these films help me relax and remember what I love about this season. Take this quiz to find out which Christmas movie your holiday is most like… and then go watch it!

What Stresses You Out About the Holidays?
– Sometimes we feel really Grinch-y without knowing why. I certainly have had my moments of bah humbug that went away on further reflection.

What Part of Christmas Are You?
– Now that you know what bugs you about the holidays, let’s figure out what you love. I’ve found that by focusing on what I like about Christmas (family time, chocolates, music) that I can ease the stresses that come with the holidays. Take this quiz to connect with the part of Christmas you are most like.

What Holiday Cookie Are You?
– Speaking of things I love about the holidays, cookies have got to be near the top of the list. Just a wild guess here, but maybe a quiz about Christmas cookies will turn the biggest Grinch into a jolly Elf? It works for me!

What’s Your Holiday Wish?
– I think it’s easy to focus on what’s going wrong during the holidays once we’ve lost our Christmas spirit. I like the idea of turning that on its head and thinking about what we’d like to go right. This quiz, which is based on holiday hopes and dreams, is almost guaranteed to give you a much needed boost.

What Holiday Cocktail Are You?
– When all else fails, I say hit the booze. This holiday cocktail quiz is sure to bring some instant holiday cheer to your day. And if you don’t drink alcohol, make it a mocktail!

What Does Your Face Reveal? 6 Quizzes That Will Analyze Your Face

Have you ever wondered what other people think of your face? I think it’s something we all wonder about from time to time. It’s so hard to know how others perceive our looks. And I’m not just talking about how attractive we are to others. I’m also talking about how honest, approachable, intelligent, compassionate, and competent we all look… or don’t look.

We may never know the unfiltered truth about how our faces look to others. Luckily there are lots of studies on this subject though, so I’ve been able to write some quizzes about how faces are perceived. If you want to see how your face is read, then take the quizzes below. You may get a glimpse of how others see you and maybe even learn a secret part of yourself!

What Do People Think Of Your Face?
– What does your overall face tell other people? This quiz takes an inventory of what your face looks like and then lets you know what people think about it. Don’t worry – there is nothing harsh about this quiz! You may be surprised by what you learn though.

What Does Your Mouth Say About You?
– Some people believe that the eyes are the window to the soul, but I think a mouth is more expressive. Eyes can lie, but a mouth never can keep a secret. Do you know what your mouth is telling others? Take this quiz to find out.

What Does Your Nose Say About You?
– Do you dislike your nose? Or are you one of the few people out there who loves your nose? I love noses of all kinds – I think they give people character. What does your nose reveal about your personality? Take this quiz to learn what your nose is saying.

Do You Have a Trustworthy Face?
– Of course, we all would like to be perceived as gorgeous, captivating, smart, and interesting. However, I would just settle for a trustworthy face, and hear me out on this one. If you have a trustworthy face, it’s easier to get jobs, make friends, negotiate with others, and even fall in love. How do you know if you have a trustworthy face? Simple! Take this quiz to find out.

What Kind Of Smile Do You Have?
– Without drastic cosmetic enhancements, there’s not a lot we can do to change our faces. Well, except for smiling! A smile can make any face look more inviting, but not all smiles are created equally. Give this quiz a go, and see what kind of smile you have.

What Does Your Face Shape Say About You?
– While there’s a lot that you can change about your face, the shape of your face is fixed. You’re born with it, and you’re stuck with what you’ve got (until head transplants come along, haha). So what does your personal face shape reveal about your personality? Take this quiz to find out!

Feeling Chilly? 7 Quizzes to Keep You Warm on a Cold Day!

Brrr! Are you staying warm this season? We have had a colder than average fall, and I have heard winter is going to be even colder. I don’t love the cold, but I do love staying warm. I have been experimenting with new ways of staying warm this year, including drinking lots of tea and baking bread first thing in the morning to warm up the house.

This is definitely a lazier time of year, and I embrace it. It’s the perfect weather for cozying up with my laptop to write a few quizzes and blog posts. And it’s even better for cozying up with your phone, laptop, or tablet to take a few quizzes. Here’s a few quizzes I’ve written that I think are especially perfect for a cold day:

What Flavor Hot Chocolate Are You?
– While tea is my favorite everyday drink for warming up, nothing beats a nice cup of hot chocolate. Warm up with this hot chocolate themed quiz, and learn which flavor hot chocolate suits you best!

What Greek Island Should You Visit?
– I’m usually content to wait the winter out because the spring and summer are so warm here in Texas. However, in the very dead of winter, I start dreaming about a warm beachy vacation. And you know what? The Greek islands would do just fine! I’d love the food, the wine, the sunshine, and the amazing views! Do you agree? Take this quiz for a virtual cold weather escape.

What Basic Recipe Should You Make?
– As I mentioned above, my new favorite thing to warm up my house is baking homemade bread. But honestly, anything that turns on my oven or range is a great way to get warm. Want to do some cooking to get your house heated? Then this quiz will tell you what you should make! And the best part is the recipe is included in your result.

What’s Your Winter Scent?
– Sometimes the right scent can warm me up, at least in spirit. I think there’s really something to warming spices, and something about the smell of cinnamon in particular just makes me feel a little cozier inside! What about you? Could you use a winter scent boost? Take this quiz to see what scent might just lift your spirits.

What’s Your Thinking Style?
– I feel like winter is the perfect time to go inward a little. I love to write and take some more serious quizzes when I’m hibernating, and this one totally fits the bill. Ready to do some introspection? Take this quiz to learn how you think.

What Sort of Artist Should You Be?
– For me, the changing of the seasons can mean a changing of hobbies. I spend less time on gardening and long walks, and I spend more time on yoga indoors and artistic pursuits. My grandma taught me many years ago that arts and crafts are the best way to get through a long dark winter. Do you also agree that winter is a good time for art? If so, take this quiz to see what sort of artist you should be.

What Constellation Are You?
– I don’t make it a habit, but every so often I love to bundle up on a quiet winter night and look at the stars. I think I got started with this tradition growing up, because the stars in my hometown just looked a little brighter on those cold clear nights. If you fancy some winter stargazing as well, then take this quiz to learn which constellation you are most like.