9 New Blogthings Quizzes That You Should Totally Check Out

Looking for a little pick me up? I was too! So I fired up my quiz writing machine and wrote a few new quizzes we can all take together to lift our spirits. Check them out!

Are you too good for this world like a cinnamon roll? Take this accurate personality quiz to find out!

Are You A Cinnamon Roll? – Are you too good for this world like a perfect cinnamon roll? Take this delicious quiz to find out.

What music format do you gravitate towards? Take this quiz to learn all about your personal style of music.

What Style of Music Do You Like? – What music format best fits your taste in music? Take this quiz to find out. Lots of newer artists on this one 🙂

What character from the original Star Wars trilogy are you most like? Take this fun personality quiz to find out!

What Classic Star Wars Character Are You? – If you think the Star Wars original trilogy is the best trilogy, then you will love this quiz! Take it to find out which Star Wars character you’re the most like.

What color describes your energy? Are you fiery red, cool blue, earth green, or sunshine yellow?

Are You Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow? – What color is your energy? Take this quiz to learn if you are a passionate red or a cool blue. I wrote this quiz due to many requests, and I love this new personality framework!

Which cozy fondue should you cook up tonight? Take this delicious quiz to see if you're more chocolate or cheese!

Are You Chocolate or Cheese Fondue? – Which delicious fondue should feed your stomach and soul? Take this delicious quiz to find out!

How big or small are your hands? Take this quiz to figure out your hand size... and what it means!

Do You Have Small Hands? – People asked for this quiz, and I delivered. I have no idea why people want to take it, but I swear it has nothing to do with Donald Trump 😉 Find out if you have small hands … and more importantly, what your hands mean for your personality.

What sort of delivery food would make your cozy night in even cozier? Take this delicious personality quiz to find out.

What Food Should You Get Delivered? – These days I am extra thankful for delivery food. It’s such a treat, so I wanted to write a quiz specifically about our favorite food delivery meals. Yum!


How Bridget Jones Are You? – Bridget Jones’s Diary has been my favorite watch at home movie lately! Do you have much in common with Bridget Jones? Take this quiz to find out!

What are you like from you work from home? Super star or super slacker? Take this quiz to find out!

What’s Your Work From Home Personality? – Are you able to work from home these days? I feel very lucky that I am able to work on Blogthings from home! Take this quiz to learn your work from home personality.

What do you think?

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