The Top 7 Online Quizzes that Everyone is Talking About that You Can Take for Free

Are you looking to take some online quizzes today? Well, I am definitely able to help 🙂 Blogthings has thousands of free online quizzes, so we have something for everyone. If you want online quizzes, we’ve got them.

For today’s post, I’ve featured some of the hottest quizzes people are taking right now. They are the quizzes your friends, co-workers, and family are taking in droves. And if they aren’t taking them yet, they will be. You can be the first.

Ready to get quizzing? Check out these fun and popular quizzes below:

Find out when your brain power really kicks in

What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have? – Have you ever wondered how smart you are? In my opinion, this is the wrong question to ask. We are all smart in our own way, and this quiz explores it. Take it to find out what kind of smart you are.

What color does your name exude?

What Color Is Your Name? – Does your name have a color? Heck yeah, it does. And don’t worry, you don’t have to figure out your name’s color all on your own. That’s what this quiz is for. Take this quiz quiz to find out what color your name should be… and then who knows? Maybe display it proudly in your bedroom or office.

What does it take to make someone like you? Find out exact recipe for your personality!

What’s the Recipe for Your Personality? – What is the unique recipe for who you are? This fun quiz will help you find out in a flash. Recipe online quizzes have been around since almost the dawn of the internet, and this is the most popular one by far. Take it with your friends to compare results.

Is your personality one of a kind or quite common? Find out how unique your personality is!

How Rare Is Your Personality? – Do you feel like you fit in or that you’re a bit of an oddball? It’s perfectly natural to feel either way. Some of us have more common personality types while others have a rare personality type. Which one are you? This quiz will let you know how rare your personality is.

Do you have the brain of a man or a woman?

What Gender Is Your Brain? – Are you a woman who thinks like a man or a man who thinks like a woman? This is something we all wonder about. If you’re curious about the true gender of your brain, then check out this quiz! It doesn’t mean you identify as a certain gender… it’s only about thinking style.

INFP or ESTJ? Find those four little letters to describe you.

What’s Your Personality Type? – Are you familiar with the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator or the MBTI? It’s a comprehensive personality test that gives you a four letter score like ENFP. You may or may not have taken this test in school, but here’s your chance to take an MBTI like quiz for free. And you’re going to want to compare your results to everyone else’s!

If you were born 80 years ago, what would your name be?

What’s Your 1920’s Name? – Have you ever dreamed of having a 1920s name? I have! They are so cool and classy. Take this quiz to figure out what your name would be in the 1920s.

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