15 Popular Quizzes to Take Today

Are you looking for some fun quizzes? Then look no further. If you are looking for quizzes to take right now, then I have you covered with fifteen quizzes that are currently trending on Blogthings. So give your fingers a stretch and get quizzing! Pssst! These quizzes are even better when you take them with a friend 🙂

Did you know that Kit Kats come in wacky flavors? Take this quiz to see what offbeat Kit Kat you are... or if you are original!

What Flavor Kit Kat Are You? – When I first learned that they were making different kinds of Kit Kats my mind was blown. If you’re as excited about flavored Kit Kats as much as I am, then you’ve got to take this delicious personality quiz. Learn what flavor Kit Kat you are?

Some psychologists say there are five components to living the good life. Which one are you?

How Do You Live the Good Life? – I know that you live the good life because you’re chill enough to take a quiz break 🙂 So now that we’ve established that you live the good life, let’s see exactly how you do it with this informative quiz.

What best describes your seduction technique?

What Kind of Seducer Are You? – Are you an incorrigible flirt? Maybe even a natural seducer? Take this quiz to see what exactly your seduction style is like.

Find your tres chic French name here!

What’s Your French Name? – Have you ever wondered what your name would be if you were French? Wonder no longer with this chic quiz! Get the French name you were meant to have.

Are you a new age girl, city girl, brainy girl... or another type of girl? This quiz will tell you what type of girl you are.

What Kind of Girl Are You? – Have you ever wondered what sort of girl you are deep down? This personality quiz will tell you the truth. Go beyond what sort of girl the world sees you as to find out what kind of girl you really are.

Find out what your name would be in the underworld

What’s Your Vampire Name? – Have you ever dreamed of being a vampire? I know many of the readers of this blog have! Take this quiz to find out what your super cool and scary vampire name would be.

What does your aura color say about you?

What Color Is Your Aura? – Do you have a color that you exude? Even if you don’t totally believe in auras, you’ll still appreciate this quiz. Learn what color vibe you give off to others and what it says about you!

What does your middle name reveal about your personality?

What Does Your Middle Name Say About You? – Have you ever felt like your middle name had special meaning? In my experience, some middle names are more carefully chosen than first names! Take this quiz to find out what your middle name is telling people.

Find you own 400 year old name

Old Fashioned Name Generator – Would you like to have an old fashioned name? I think we’ve all dreamed of having an old timey name every now and then! Take this quiz to find out what your old fashioned name should be.

If you were a pie, what pie would you be?

What Kind of Pie Are You? – While some people think of pie as a fall fruit, I think it really shines mid-summer when there is a bounty of fresh fruit. If you’ve been enjoying some pie this summer (or just dreaming about it), then this is the quiz for you! Learn which flavor pie you should be.

Do you really have an attitude problem?

How’s Your Attitude? – How’s your attitude today? I’ll let you in on a secret. I think it’s totally fine to have a bad attitude from time to time. I certainly do, especially when I’m caffeine deprived. This quiz will let you know what kind of attitude you have!

What your birthdate means for your life.

What Does Your Birth Date Mean? – Have you ever wondered what the true meaning of your birthday is, going beyond astrology? This quiz will give you a comprehensive and fascinating answer!

Pick a Japanese pattern, and find out what it says about you.

The Japanese Pattern Test – Do you like Japanese patterns? I think they are so unique and intricate. Pick the Japanese pattern you like best in this quiz to discover amazing new things about yourself.

What's the boldest aspect of your personality?

What’s Colorful About You? – Do you have a colorful personality? In my experience, some of us are very outwardly colorful people. But those of us who are more inwardly colorful are difficult to detect. Take this quiz to learn how you are colorful in your own way.

Is your name sexy? Find out what your name says about your sex appeal.

What’s Sexy About Your Name? – Have you ever wondered if you have a sexy name? What if I told you that you do have a sexy name? This quiz will show you what’s sexy about your name, even if you don’t consider it to be sexy!

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