10 Summer Personality Quizzes to Beat the Heat With

Whew! It’s hot out there. Can you feel it? It’s been around 100F and very humid in my neck of the woods, pushing the “feels like” temperature up to 106-108F every afternoon. But you know what? Pretty much everyone is feeling the heat this week, as a heat wave soaks most of the USA in sweat. It’s not pretty!

What do you do to beat the heat? I try to get outside early in the morning before it gets hot. And I stay cool with my favorite frozen treats. I also do a good amount of reading and binge watching during summer. And most of all, I write and take quizzes!

If you’re feeling hot this week, then stay cool with these summery quizzes I’ve selected. Take them from a pool or air conditioned room or freezer to really cool off 😉

What does your ideal sporty car say about you?

The Sporty Car Test – Everyone should drive a sporty car at least one day in the summer with the wind blowing in their hair! Take this quiz to select which sporty car you would drive, and learn what it says about you.

What does your favorite treat from the ice cream truck say about you? Take this quick image quiz to find out.

The Ice Cream Truck Test – Did you like the ice cream truck when you were a kid? I loved the ice cream truck each summer, and I would run out for a treat the minute I heard it. Take this quiz to discover what your favorite ice cream treat reveals about you!

Picture yourself at the beach. What does it look like? What you imagine reveals important pieces of your personality.

The Beach Test = – The beach is such a great place to escape the summer heat, especially if the water is nice and cool. This quiz has you imagine your time at the beach and lets you know what your beach choices say about you.

What cocktail should you sip while you’re at the beach? Take this summer fun personality quiz to find out!

What Beachy Cocktail Are You? – An ordinary day at the beach becomes a real celebration if you have a beach cocktail in your hand! Simply select the beach cocktail you like the best with this quiz, and learn what it means for your personality.

If you were a berry, what kind of berry would you be?

What Type of Berry Are You? – One of my favorite things about summer is all of the fresh berries available to us. I love fresh berries for breakfast and for dessert. Yum! Check this quiz out to see which summer berry best fits your personality.

What song of summer best suits you? Take this fun personality quiz to find out!

What’s Your Summer Anthem? – Have you ever had a summer anthem? I certainly have, especially when I was younger and loved to drive around and listen to the radio with my friends in the summer! This quiz will help you discover what your summer anthem should be.

Imagine you’re climbing a mountain

The Mountain Test – While the beach is a great place to escape the heat, I’ve always been partial to the mountains. I love that crisp mountain air. Imagine yourself on a mountain with this quiz, and see what your daydreams reveal about you.

How much do you like the sun?

What’s Your SPF? – Do you bask in the summer sun? Or is summer just not your jam? Take this fun quiz to see how summery your personality really is!

What season best matches the life phase you are in?

What Season Do You Feel Like? – Does summer make you feel at peace? Or is another suited more keyed into your emotional state? Take this quiz to see which season you are most compatible with.

What classic Beach Boys song best fits your personality? Take this fun musical quiz to find out!

What Beach Boys Song Are You? – As I mentioned above, there’s a lot of summer music that I love. But in some ways, no band says summer for me more than the Beach Boys! Take this quiz to learn which Beach Boys song you are most like.

What do you think?

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