6 Emoji Quizzes to Celebrate World Emoji Day With

Happy World Emoji Day! Do you like to use emojis? (Actually, I’m not sure what the plural of emoji is… I’ve read both “emoji” or “emojis” could be used.) I use emojis a lot! I think they can convey such a sense of fun and whimsy. I have heard some people say it’s not professional to use emjois, but I don’t care! I’m not a very professional person anyway šŸ˜‰

Over time, I’ve come to believe that the emojis someone uses reveals a lot about her or his personality. For example, I had a friend who I didn’t realize was depressed until I noticed that all of the emojis she ever sent were frown faces. Or sometimes when another friend is hungry, all he sends is food emojis! I guess my point is that emotions and moods are definitely linked, and that’s kind of cool šŸ™‚

What Does Your Favorite Emoji Say About You? – Do you have an emoji that you use over and over again? I think we all do! Take this quiz to see what your most common or favorite emoji says about you.

What Emoji Are You? – You may think you know which emoji best represents you, but how can you be sure? As usual, a quiz to the rescue! Take this test to see which emoji you are most like.

What Emoticon Best Represents You Right Now? – Did you know that before we had emojis we had emoticons? True story! Take this fun and retro quiz to learn which emoticon you are. Pssst! It’s a lot like an emoji šŸ™‚

The Happy Smiley Test – If you’re anything like me, you use emojis mostly to indicate smiling! In fact, way back when some of us used to call emojis “smileys.” If you like to smile, then you can’t miss this fun quiz! Simply pick the smiley you like best to learn about your personality.

What Smiley Are You? – So way back in the stone ages of the internet, there were no emojis, I mean, not really. We internet cavewomen and cavemen had to do what needed to be done, and that meant inventing faces like “:-)” And yes, we did it a “smiley” – which is where the name for this quiz comes from! =)

What Japanese Smiley Are You? – While we Americans had our own symbols for smileys in the 80s and 90s, the Japanese internet was doing its own thing. And I have to admit, these Japanese smileys are a lot cooler than the American ones. Take this quiz to see which Japanese smiley best describes you.

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