13 Free Intelligence Tests to Measure How Smart You Are

How intelligent are you? You may have a rough idea of how smart you are, but it’s hard to know how any of us compare to the population at large. Intelligence can be measured in a variety of ways, and besides, not everyone who seems smart is smart. And some of the smartest people in the world keep their smarts to themselves.

While you can never know if you’re the smartest person in the room, you can get a better idea from taking intelligence tests. A lot of intelligence tests cost a ton, but these are completely free and very accurate. I will warn you that they aren’t easy, and they will take a while to complete. But if you want to know how smart you are, you have to put in the time!

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A Quick and Dirty IQ Test – Have you ever wondered what your IQ is? While a lot of people consider IQ to be an imperfect measurement at this point, it doesn’t stop everyone from wondering what their IQ is. Take this free IQ test to get an approximation of what your IQ is.

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How Observant Are You? – I think that observant people are intelligent people. Do you agree? I think everyone can work on being more observant, and it’s a great way to build your brain power. Take this quiz to find out how observant (and therefore intelligent) you are.

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What’s Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)? – Have you heard of emotional intelligence? It’s a different way of measuring intelligence, based on your emotional reactions to life. It’s scaled like an IQ test (100 is average), so give it a go and see how you rate!

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How Logical Are You? – I think logic and intelligence are inextricably linked. After all, intelligence requires reasoning and rationality. Fill out this test to see how naturally logical you are.

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What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have? – Have you heard of the theory of multiple intelligences? I love this theory, because it says we are all smart in our own way. Take this quiz to find out what your personal type of intelligence is.

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What’s Your Thinking Style? – Intelligence comes down to how you think. Are you a visionary thinker or a more experimental thinker? Give this quiz a go to see what your thinking style is.

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How Does Your Interpersonal Intelligence Rate? – Have you ever met a supposedly smart person who was terrible at relating to others? That’s a case of low interpersonal intelligence. See how your interpersonal intelligence stacks up with this quiz!

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How Does Your Intrapersonal Intelligence Rate? – While interpersonal intelligence is all about understanding others, intrapersonal intelligence is a different animal … it’s about understanding yourself! Take this quiz to see how your intrapersonal intelligence rates.

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What Kind of Thinker Are You? – Even if your intelligence leads to wise decisions and actions, your smarts begin in the brain! Take this quiz to see what kind of intelligence thinker you are.

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Is Your Brain Old or Young? – Despite what some people claim, I think both old and young brains are intelligent in their own ways. Take this quiz to ssee if your brain in young and fresh or old and wise.

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What Is Your Brain Good At? – As I’ve said many times, I think people are intelligent in their own ways. If you aren’t feeling super smart, then this is a perfect quiz to take because it shows you your intellectual strength. Take it to find out what your brain is good at!

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What’s Your Intellectual Virtue? – Do you think being intelligent is a virtue? I tend to think so. Of course, there is the intellectual capacity your born with which you can’t control, but the virtue part is all about what you do with it! Take this quiz to discover your intellectual virtue.

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Are You Book Smart or Street Smart? – I think everyone is book smart or street smart, but street smarts still don’t get recognized as much as they should! Which one do you fall under? Take this quiz to find out!

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