8 Geeky Quizzes to Celebrate Your Geekiness With

Are you a geek? I’ll admit to being a geek, proudly so. I mean, I think anyone who writes for a living has to have a bit of geekiness ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a geek about so many things – reading, writing, movies, yoga, gardening… you get the picture.

Today is Embrace Your Geekiness Day (truly, I didn’t make that up!), and what better way to embrace your geekiness than to take a couple geeky quizzes? I have selected eight quizzes that will help you assess, understand, and embrace your geekiness. Let’s get started!

Are You A Nerd or a Geek?

– Are you more geeky or more nerdy? It’s a tough distinction to make but an important one! Take this quiz to find out if you are actually a geek… or more of a nerd.
What word best describes your thinking process?

How Do You Think? – We geeks are big on using our brains, as we all have fairly large internal worlds. Geeks are thinkers, but what kind of thinker are you? This quiz will help you figure that out!

Are You Geek or Chic? – If you ask me, being geek is chic! I don’t necessarily think the two are mutually exclusive, but for the sake of this quiz, find out if you are more geek or chic.

Do you have the mind of a genius? Take this quiz to determine your brain's power and potential.

Are You a Brainiac? – Almost every geek I know is super smart as well. Does this describe you? Take this revealing test to find out if you’re a brainiac or more of an intellectual slacker.

How Geeky Are You? – If you’ve gotten this far, then you definitely consider yourself a geek. But how geeky are you really? This test will measure your geekiness quotient once and for all. (I love saying “geekiness quotient” – it’s so delightfully geeky!)

How many classic books have you read? Take this quiz to see how far along you are!

How Well Read Are You? – To me, being a geek means doing a lot of reading. We geeks have deep and varied interests, and sometimes, only books can give us the intellectual exploration we crave. Take this quiz to see how well read you are!

Are You a Geek or a Hipster? – Not all geeks are hipsters, but in my humble opinion, most hipsters are geeks. I mean if you’re geeking out over cold brew coffee, vintage records, and funky fashion – then you’re a geek! Take this quiz to see if you’re more of a geek or hipster type.

What’s Your Introvert Strength? – I think that most geeks are introverts (or at least ambiverts). After all, we all have our interests and obsessions to take up most of our time ๐Ÿ™‚ Take this quiz to see what makes you a thriving introvert.

What do you think?

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