7 Personality Quizzes to Take When You’re Feeling Lonely

Do you feel lonely today? I know that loneliness is something we all experience from time to time, and I am no exception. The only thing I can say about loneliness is that the cure for me is learning to be my own best friend. And part of that friendship with myself involves self-discovery through quizzes!

Today just happens to be Cheer Up the Lonely day, and while I’m not here to cheer anyone up, I thought it would be great to feature some quizzes that I think help with loneliness. Check them out, and remember, there are people just like you, right now, taking these quizzes 🙂 You may be lonely, but you aren’t alone.

What do your strengths and weaknesses say about you? Take this revealing personality test to find out!

The Strengths and Weaknesses Test – Being lonely can be a tough feeling, and I have found that I feel loneliest when I am hard on myself. Take this quiz to learn what your strengths and weaknesses truly are. I think it’s a great way to not be too hard on yourself while acknowledging ways to improve.

The work of art that best represents you, right now

What Famous Work of Art Are You? – I don’t know about you, but I have definitely found that art makes me feel a lot less lonely in life. Just knowing that we are all connected through certain works of art gives me a sense of community and peace. Take this quiz to see what work of art may help alleviate your loneliness.

What color do you radiate? Find out the color you truly connect with - and what it means for your life.

What Color Is Your Psyche? – Are you ready to get a little spiritual? This quiz goes deep, and it’s a great way to get to know yourself better. When I’m lonely, I often feel misunderstood – and what better way to break out of a loneliness funk then to understand yourself better.

What word be describes your life?

What’s Your Word Right Now? – Sometimes getting over loneliness means accepting whatever is going on in the here and now. This quiz gets you there with giving you a one word theme for right now. I promise it isn’t scary… and it will give you some insight!

What's the most important thing for you? Find out what makes you happiest.

What Do You Need Most? – There are plenty of reasons that we all feel lonely in life, and I know that sometimes I am lonely just because all my needs aren’t being met. If you suspect that may be the case for you right now, then this quiz will help. Find out what you need

Do you have a deep knowledge of the world? Or do you only know a few subjects?

Do You Have Gaps in Your Knowledge? – I have found that my love of learning has gotten me through the loneliest times in my life. Do you agree? Delving into a new subject can be so immersive for me, and it really helps me forget my troubles. Take this quiz to see what you don’t know… and what you could learn!

What time of day and year are best for you?

When Do You Shine? – Do you ever feel lonely during a particular time of day? I know for me a lot of loneliness creeps in both late and night and very early in the morning (before dawn). Maybe these just aren’t my times of day! Take this quiz to see when you shine – and when you may feel the least lonely.

What do you think?

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