8 Quizzes for Moms and Daughters to Take Together on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I have a fun idea of how you can celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom this year, and it won’t cost a thing. Ready? Take some quizzes together. I always recommend taking quizzes with a friend or loved one, because it’s so fun to compare results. This Mother’s Day, take a few quizzes with your mom to see where you are alike and where you differ.

I’ve hand selected what I consider to be 8 of the best Blogthings quizzes for moms and daughters to take together. These are some light and fun quizzes you and your mom can take together about style, makeup, travel, fitness, family, and more. They are mom appropriate, so no worries about revealing questions or outcomes. Enjoy!

What retro decade influences your fashion style the most? Take this personality quiz to see what sort of vintage look you like best.

What Decade Influences Your Style? – Pretty much all fashion is influenced by the past at this point, and it’s likely that you find your style from a particular decade – updated of course. Take this quiz to see if you and mom share the same decade for style influence or if you have a style generation gap.

How do you fit in or stand out in your family?

Who Are You in Your Family? – We all play a role in our family, and I mean roles besides the obvious ones of mother and daughter. Take this quick quiz with your mom to see if you’re the wise one, the unconventional one, the gentle one, or a different role.

What type of traveling best suits you? Find out how your personality shapes your vacation plans.

What’s Your Travel Personality? – Have you ever traveled with just your mom? Travel with your mom is a great bonding experience, but if you can’t travel together this Mother’s Day, do the next best thing and take this quiz! See if you and mom have similar travel styles or if you’re completely different travel wise.

What word best describes your happiness? Take this personality quiz to find out.

Are You Joy, Love, or Peace? – I love this personality quiz for moms and daughters because it’s so positive and strength based. This quiz is perfect for anyone who’s had a troubled relationship with their mom, because you can focus on the best parts of family – peace, love, and joy.

Are you going to be a hip parent? Or will your kids think you're totally lame?

Would You Be a Cool Parent? – I bet there was a point in your life (or let’s be honest, many points in your life) where you swore you would be a very different parent than your mom was. And now that you’re grown up, do you agree? Take this quiz to see if you are (or would be) a cooler parent than your mom – or if you have the same parenting style.

What should you change your middle name to?

What Should Your Middle Name Be? – How do you feel about your middle name? Whether your love it, hate it, or simply tolerated, your mom is ultimately to blame for it! Take this quiz with mom to see what middle name you should really have as well as what hers should be.

Which group fitness class best fits your style? Take this fitness personality quiz to find out!

What Fitness Class Are You? – Have you ever taken a fitness class with your mom? Getting in shape together is a fun mother daughter activity, but of course, you have to decide on a fitness class first. Take this quiz with your mom to see if you have similar fitness styles.

What Gilmore Girl Are You? – No list of mom and daughter quizzes is complete without a shout out to my favorite mother daughter tv show of all time, the Gilmore Girls! If you aren’t a fan of this show about mothers and daughters, then you should tune in with your mom today. And after that, take my quiz to see which Gilmore Girl you are most like.

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