Quiz: Are You a Foodie?

table full of delicious food

Do you consider yourself to be a foodie? I think we all love food, but some of us are much more adventurous eaters than others. When I think of foodies, I think of people who love to cook new things, love to buy different types of food at the store, love to try new restaurants and dishes, and love to even travel for food. I think this notion of foodie challenges the traditional notion of foodie, which to me feels way too centered on eating out and travel. I don’t consider someone a foodie if they dine out extensively but can’t even cook toast in their own home!

By my own measurement, I am only somewhat of a foodie – a place I am happy to land. I do enjoy going out to eat, cooking, and yes, even grocery shopping (as long as the store isn’t too crowded). However, I am not the most adventurous eater of all time. Will I try a new appetizer or salad when out and about? Absolutely. But when it comes to my main meal, I do stick with what I love… and that’s not going to include fried crickets anytime soon!

What about you? Are you a foodie? Take this quiz to find out: Are You a Foodie? If you’re a longtime Blogthings fan, then it’s likely that you’ve seen this quiz before – but it’s been greatly improved! I added a ton more questions and longer outcomes. I felt like we food lovers needed a definitive and accurate foodie quiz 🙂

Comment below and let me know what you get on this foodie quiz. Do you consider it to be an accurate result? In which ways are you a foodie?

What do you think?

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