12 Delicious Food Quizzes to Take Today for International No Diet Day

Happy International No Diet Day! I’m not here to discuss whether diets work or not…. let’s just agree that being on a diet stinks. Whether you’re against dieting like I am or simply taking a break today, let’s all enjoy some delicious food quizzes together to celebrate not dieting 🙂

If you were a cereal, what cereal would you be? Find out what you should be pouring milk on in the morning!

What Kind of Cereal Are You? – Every good no diet day starts with an awesome breakfast. While some of you may be thinking pancakes or waffles, my breakfast pig out food is definitely a big bowl of cereal. Do you agree? Then take this cereal quiz to discover your cereal personnality.

What scone should you be eating for breakfast?

What Kind of Scone Are You? – While I’m very partial towards cereal for a “cheat” breakfast, there’s something to be said for a scone. Especially if you’re up early watching a British royal wedding or something 😉 Just saying! Take this fun quiz to see what flavor scone you are.

What international breakfast should you chow down on? Take this personality quiz to find out.

What Country’s Breakfast Are You? – Craving a big breakfast? Hey, we’re not dieting today, so that’s your prerogative! Take this quiz to get a little big breakfast inspiration from around the world.

What do your hot dog choices reveal about your personality? Take this fun and delicious quiz to find out.

What Does Your Hot Dog Say About You? – Okay, breakfast is totally covered, so let’s move on to lunch. We’ll start with a favorite around the Blogthings household – a loaded hot doggie (or veggie dog). Take this quiz to learn what your hot dog preferences say about you.

What’s Your Pizza Personality? – Another favorite lunch option around here is pizza! Whether it’s homemade, frozen, delivery, or in a pizzeria, I’ll take pretty much any pizza anytime. If you’re the same way, then take this quiz to discover your pizza personality.

What do your cookie eating habits reveal about your personality?

The Sandwich Cookie Personality Test – Well, I think it’s about time for a snack! Do you agree? There’s nothing better than a sandwich cookie like an Oreo. This quick quiz will tell you your personality based on how you eat an Oreo!

What sushi roll are you most like?

What Type of Sushi Are You? – Dinner time! Who’s up for sushi? I am, but it’s okay if you skip this one if you’re not a sushi lover. For us sushi fans, take this quiz to see what type of sushi you’re most like.

What Kind of Fast Food Are You? – That sushi didn’t quite fill me up. I’m looking for something a little more hearty, and fast food will definitely do the trick! Take this quiz to see what kind of fast food best matches your personality.

What Shape Pasta Are You? – Are you still hungry after all that? Well, to be honest I am too. Nothing will fill you up like pasta though. This quiz will let you know which shape pasta you’re most like… definitely check it out!

What flavor cheesecake best fits your personality? Find out with this decadent quiz!

What Kind of Cheesecake Are You? – Okay, time for dessert! Don’t worry, we’re going to have multiple courses. Let’s start with cheesecake… a favorite in the Blogthings house. Take this quiz to see what flavor cheesecake you are!

If you were a cannoli, what flavor would you be? Take this sweet personality quiz to find out!

What Flavor Cannoli Are You? – Leave the gun – take the cannoli. Actually, no, leave the cannoli for me! This may be the most self-interested quiz I’ve ever written just because I like cannoli so much. If you agree, take it to see what flavor you are.

What Kind of Pie Are You? – In my opinion, no feast is complete without pie. No worries though, if you make too much you can have some for breakfast tomorrow. This quiz will match a slice of pie to your personality… simple and tasty as that!

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