8 Quizzes You Must Take to See How Others See You

Have you ever wondered how others see you? It’s a question that’s tough to answer. I don’t think anyone will ever tell you what they truly think of you. I mean, would you ever tell people what you think of them?

And similarly, I just don’t think you can figure out someone’s true impression of you. There’s just too many layers between two people to get to the truth. We can approximate how others see us, but we’ll never really know for sure.

While we can’t know how others see us 100%, quizzes can definitely help. I’ve written many quizzes that help you see yourself from others’ eyes, and here are the best ones!

What element do you charm with?

What Kind of Charmer Are You? – Are you a charming person? I bet you are! It’s hard for us to know in which ways we charm others, but this quiz will help. Take it to find out how you’re charming.

Are you an open book with people? Or do you keep your true self hidden?

How Open Are You? – Are you open minded and open hearted? I think we all like to think of ourselves as open to the world… but clearly some of us aren’t! Take this quiz to see how truly open you are.

How old do you really look? Only this quiz will tell you the truth!

Do You Look Your Age? – Do you look younger, older, or about your age? This is something people aren’t generally going to tell you, unless by accident. This very honest quiz will give you a glimpse in to how old you really look!

Is your fashion style all class or all trash? Take this fun quiz to find out!

Is Your Style Classy, Sassy, or Trashy? – Do you ever worry if you can pull off your style well? This is something I sometimes wonder about myself. It’s hard to tell how a look really lands, but this quiz will help. Find out if you look classy, sassy, or trashy with your wardrobe choices.

Do you go for what you want in life? Or do you sit back and live life on the sidelines?

Are You Bold? – Do you come across boldly? I think it’s so hard to know how bold any of us seem from the inside. It’s not hard to come across too strong – or not strongly enough. Take this quiz to see if others see you as bold.

Do you have the mind of a genius? Take this quiz to determine your brain's power and potential.

Are You a Brainiac? – Do other people think you’re a brain? I think we all think of ourselves as smart, but it’s hard to know if we come across that way or not. Take this quiz to learn if others see you as a brainiac!

Do you throw a fit when you don't get your way? Take this quiz to see how much diva is in your personality.

Are You a Diva? – Are you a high maintenance person? I think none of us want to be high maintenance, or a pain in the butt, but life isn’t that simple. Some of us want things the way we want them. I’ll fully admit to being that way 🙂

Are you a man or woman of mystery? Take this quiz to find out.

How Mysterious Are You? – Are you a mystery to other people? In my experience, the most mysterious people have no idea how mysterious they are! This quiz will tell you once and for all if you come across as a mystery.

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