9 Quizzes About Love That You Must Take Right Now

Whether you’re currently in love, single, heartbroken, or somewhere in between, love is a subject that interests us all. It’s difficult to be objective when it comes to our own love lives. It’s hard to know how we are in love, what we’re looking for, and what has gone wrong in previous relationships. These are the assessments that we need to do when it comes to love, but they aren’t easy. And this is where quizzes can help!

If you want to do a deep dive in to your love life, past, present and future, then check out the quizzes below. You’ll learn a lot about your own love style, as well as what is happening in a current relationship (or what happened in a recent one). These quizzes will tell you the truth – so get ready πŸ™‚

How do you act when you're in love?

What’s Your Temperament in Love? – There are two parts to your love style – one that’s dependent and one that’s independent. The independent one, your love temperament, is constant no matter who you happen to be in love with. Take this quiz to discover your love temperament and how it affects your love life.

If you had to do it all over again, would you still want to be with your significant other?

Would You Pick Your Sweetheart Again? – Are you the type of person who feels like the grass is greener when you’re in a relationship? I think a lot of us have been there at some point, and the problem is, sometimes the grass really is greener! Take this quiz to see if you’d still pick your partner today. If you are single, take it with an ex or crush in mind πŸ™‚

Are you hooked on falling in love? Take this love quiz to see if you are a romance addict.

Are You Addicted to Love? – Are you the type of person who always needs to be in love? This is more common than you’d think, and it is treatable πŸ˜‰ Take this quiz to see if you have love addiction and to learn what to do about it.

What word best describes your laugh? Take this personality quiz to find out!

What’s Your Ideal First Date Spot? – Each relationship has its own unique origin story, but those stories usually include a first date. First dates are such a hopeful time – you never know what will come of a first date. Take this quiz to learn which first date you should go on.

Is your love passionate like a red rose? Fresh like a white rose? Obsessive like an orange rose? Find out with this quiz.

What Rose Represents Your Love? – There is little more romantic than a rose. I always love receiving roses, and not just red ones. Take this quiz to learn what color rose represents your love and what it reveals. The results you get may surprise and enlighten you.

Do you think with your head or your heart?

Are You Romantic or Realistic? – Do you follow your heart or your head? It’s a classic question but still an important one. Do you evaluate romance analytically or do you go with your feelings? This quiz will let you know how you make decisions when it comes to love.

Is your heart open or closed?

Do You Find it Easy to Love? – Some of us fall in love so quickly and without much resistance. Others take their time and sometimes even struggle. Where do you fall on this continuum? Take this quiz to see how effortlessly love comes for you.

How would you like your dream guy to propose to you? On New Years Eve? On a private beach? Or would you like to ask him?

What’s Your Ideal Marriage Proposal? – Have you ever dreamed about getting married? Or maybe you’re already married but still have a dream proposal. Take this quiz to find out how you’d like to be proposed to. If your sweetie didn’t get it right the first time, you can always give it another go!

What is the root of your love? Find out exactly how and why you love the way you do.

What Is Your Love Based On? – Love generally doesn’t come out of no where… right? Sometimes it evolves from friendship; other times it evolves from passion or even admiration. This quiz will tell you where your current love came from and what it continues to be based on.

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