New Quiz: Are You a Hipster or a Yuppie?

Are you more of a hipster or more of a yuppie? This quiz will tell you the truth!

Here’s a riddle for you: what’s the difference between a hipster and a yuppie? I know that some people think that hipsters are just the new yuppies, but I disagree! I definitely live around a lot of hipsters AND yuppies, and I think they are quite different from one another. Perhaps two different breeds of the same species 😉

What I think is that yuppies and hipsters both tend to be urbanites, on trend, and very out there in the world. It’s super hard to tell them apart at first glance. However, I do think yuppies are more luxury oriented while hipsters are more authenticity oriented. But in this economy, they both cost money. The days of the working class hipster seem to be over – all that ethically sourced coffee costs good money.

So are you a yuppie or a hipster? (Or if you won the lottery, which one would you lean towards being?) Take this quiz to see where you land: Are You a Hipster or a Yuppie?

What did you end up with on this quiz? Is it accurate for you? If you would like to take even more hipster quizzes, I have a few you might like to check out:

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What do you think?

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