The 20 Best Personality Quizzes Based on Pictures

Are you looking for a quick quiz fix? Then there’s nothing better than a quiz based on pictures – or as I like to say, an image quiz. The trick to these little quizzes is real easy : just pick the picture or photo that you like best. You’ll get a custom personality result that reveals a little more about you.

Not happy with your result? Just go back and pick another photo. These image quizzes are fun to take over and over again, experimenting with pictures and results. Ready to get started? I’ve selected the 20 best for you!

Deep down beneath the surface, who are you?

The Eye Test – Have you ever looked into your own eyes? There’s so much to see in each eye. I designed this test years ago, and while many people have passed it around and copied it… this is the original!!! Enjoy πŸ™‚

What about you can’t be denied?

What’s True About You? – Who are you on the inside? This quick picture quiz hopes to answer that by tapping into your intuition? Give it a go – you may find the results illuminating.

What kind of stripes do you rock?

The Zebra Test – I’m a big fan of zebras because they are all alike in important ways but all very visibly unique. If you think about it that way, zebras are a lot like humans. Pick the zebra pattern you like best in this quiz to learn about the dark and light sides of your personality.

Imagine your ideal day at the beach!

The Sand and Surf Test – In my opinion, there’s little more relaxing than a deserted beach. All the sights, sounds, and smells just take me away from my problems. Chill a minute with this photo based quiz, and learn more about yourself.

Where do you feel most at home?

The Homebody Test – Are you a homebody? I will fully admit that I am one πŸ™‚ I love making my home as comfortable as possible and hanging out here – writing quizzes and blog posts, of course. Take this quick image quiz to learn more about your personality and what home means to you.

What vintage sneakers best fit your personality? Take this quick image quiz to see how you stack up.

The Vintage Sneaker Test – I just love the look of vintage sneakers! They are so colorful and have so much personality… which makes them the perfect subject for an image quiz. Pick the one you like best, and learn a lot about your personality.

What heart tattoo represents you?

The Heart Tattoo Test – How do you love? Do you believe the heart you pick may tell you? I do, and that’s why I wrote this heart tattoo quiz. It’s very simple – select the image of a heart tattoo you like best. Then I’ll tell you all about your unique love style.

What does a funky t-shirt say about you?

The T-Shirt Test – Do you like wacky shirts? I love to wear them for fun, and I think they reflect a lot about the personality of the wearer. Check out this quick image quiz to see what your t-shirt says about you.

What makes you rock? Find out what the guitar you pick says about your personality and chances as a rockstar!

The Guitar Test – Do you feel like you rock sometimes? Whether you’re a real rockstar or a figurative one, pick the guitar you like best in this quiz. Then I’ll tell you why and how you rock this life!

What does your taste in roses say about you?

The Abstract Rose Test – When it comes to flowers, it’s hard to beat a rose. They’re all so unique and wondrous in their own way. To find out how you’re unique and wondrous, simply pick the rose that you like best with this easy quiz.

What does your favorite crayon color say about you?

The Crayon Test – Do you love to color? I dig it whenever I get the chance because it really brings out my inner child. Pick the color crayon you like best with this quiz based on pictures, and learn a little more about yourself!

What does the owl you pick say about you?

The Owl Test – I love owls. They are one of the few wild creatures left in the middle of the city, and each time I find one I feel closer to nature. My love of owls inspired this image quiz, and I hope that you find some wisdom from it!

What does your ideal garden say about you?

The Garden Test – I love gardens so much. I don’t get out in the wilderness very much living in the city, but gardens I can do πŸ™‚ If you find gardens as lovely as I do, then you will enjoy this quiz. Simply pick your favorite photo of a garden, and I’ll let you know what it reveals about you.

Order from the dessert menu and learn about your personality.

The Dessert Menu Test – Oooh, there’s nothing I like better than a dessert menu with pictures. I love pondering all my options before I pick what I’m having. This image quiz is just like that, except it’s 100% virtual. Pick your dessert, and I’ll let you know what it says about you!

What do the socks you choose say about you? Find out with this quick quiz.

The Socks Personality Test – Do you like to wear funky socks? I’m a huge fan of them, especially if I’m hanging around the house. I like socks that are warm, comfy, and fun! The socks in this quiz fit the bill! Pick the one you like best for your customized personality result.

What does your taste in pie say about you? Take this delicious image quiz to find out!

The Pie Test – I just love pie so much! A small slice is plenty satisfying, and there’s plenty to go around (unless it’s Thanksgiving). If you’re a fellow pie lover, make sure not to miss this quiz. All you do is simply pick the slice of pie you like best, and I’ll reveal what it means about you.

What does your perfect front door say about you?

The Funky Front Door Test – I love to check out front doors of houses as I travel a neighborhood. I feel like a front door can say so much about a house. And I think your front door preferences say a lot about you! Take this picture based quiz to see how well I can predict your personality.

What does the blot you pick say about you?

The Watercolor Blot Test – I love how expressive watercolor is. Even a little watercolor blot can be so deep and varied. If you are also into watercolor, then you can’t miss this quiz! It’s an art quiz, color quiz, and image quiz all in one!

What inspires you?

The Sky Inspiration Test – Do you find the sky inspiring? I sure do. Whenever I look up at the big blue sky, it’s like a mental reset. Get your own mental reset with this quick image based quiz.

What does your taste in modern painting say about you? Take this quick image quiz to find out.

The Modern Painting Test – Do you love modern paintings? I like some of them! I think they are so emotional, and each person’s taste in them is so individual. What does your taste in modern painting say about you? This quick image quiz will let you know.

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